The Essene Gospel Of Peace

People never give a thought to the Word outside their bible, including the secret scriptures, thousands of treatises, epistles, letters and books, making an entire library of all the Ancient Wisdom, handed down from generation to generation; some 15 or 16 times, as according to Zoroaster. To be a "Christian" literally means to be upright, infact the Cross is always the symbol of uprightness, cleanliness of spirit and the extension of immaculate life to all. I cannot tell a man how to bring forth a modern mechanised society, but I can say that the Earth provides all that we need. We needn't breed animals for consumption; plant based foods, which are advised by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, extend 8 times more protein to your body than flesh. "And Jesus said 'Let your diet be plant based.'"

People who don't take this seriously, refuse to acknowledge the Library Of Wisdom found among the Essenes in Egypt. They held the Book Of Isaiah pristine, so the Chosen One will not ever be mistaken for Jesus Christ, the Master! The Master is One, he is all in the heart of the servant, as well as the youth at study. There is a beautiful expanse of life inside the aeon, wherein IOUO watches over his every inclination and his every intent. Meanwhile the man of God is closer to his judgment before IOUEL. (the LORD GOD) God knows exactly what you are thinking. The Almighty is One and is merciful to all in his OWN right. There is no one as great and worshipful as the Almighty, for he needn't be named; he needn't be named, justified, explained or vouched for, He is Almighty Forever!

Those who admit that His Path has stood in ill-repute before humanity, may approach the Spirit, by an upright cause or sincere spiritual path. He will prove to them that He alone is All and NONE may ever hold him in disregard. For if I call myself the All, I accept the sins of all lifeforms into myself and plan to resolve them, by the infinite Mystery Of Grace. I'd love to see them do that. I watched them deny his word all along, only to betray it in the end for the Harbinger. "There will be no forgiveness to those among them, who hope not in Me, saith the Almighty. For I have spoken from Heaven, that men may be guided of my spirit, what is Above and Below." This is literal and symbolic. For the below is as subjected before reason, as she is mystified before the dark order; but this does NOT make them One with Creation.

It is they who have displeased IOUEL, the mothering spirit of the Almighty, in the Above and the Below. For as we have heard Christ is a father a mother, a sister sand a brother, so the Almighty is Father-Mother, all things being of One Nature in the Most High! He cannot be denied, he cannot be subverted, he cannot be ignored! And yet the believer is like a seed, what springs forth from the ground and tastes life from within and without. From the place of favor, to the place of scorn, he resucitates all that creation pours into his Consciousness and gives himself to the Light, not a person, place or thing. The One is before all of that; and while the Master always appears like the One, it is HE who rules by and is the Law we serve.

That father will always be father and the holy spirit will always be mother; for the One is an Androgynous Realm, with 5, 10 and 24 helpers of the body. One who stands in the dark before Sunrise, spreads his feet sparsley apart and extends his arms to Almighty God, will find the Light Of The Mind; what never ever fails to bring in the cool of revealtion, to the simmer of karmas fire. THAT Fire Of Judgement may only be quenched by the Key Of Magic. Whoso will understand and receive the Wisdom the Almighty has preserved; he will live on and on, changing only as Earth changes, at One with her. She Nature; She All.