Master Of Humanity

What is a Master? One who has mastered ego for the sake of others, and whose continued balance is that very self mastery; earned and relished in either the perfect abandonment of results, or the complete enjoyment of an eternally long life. This is the Promise Of IOUO, who spoke from above saying, "This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

He promised through the Prophet Enoch, the Chosen One would appear west at the ends of all the Earth; in the south (California) where they did harm to Humanity, then north of that Valley, sharing The Greater Wisdom with them all. They will live forever by this Key Of Life. The Ancients passed on to us this Key, whereby Adam lived to be over 900 years of age. 

Master Thoth preserved this Wisdom in the Immortal Books, sealed away from sinners and wherever Wisdom may not be shared. Enoch foretold the Elect One sharing the Crown Of Life in Oregon, west of that Serpent in Duidan; even in that green Valley, the Garden Of Life.

Seeking Wisdom's Peak

To understand how it is Wisdom approaches us for our inquiry into the truth of God, is to understand how water turns to ice; a language what commands the elements to be harnessed for the causes of Mother Nature. We should see Earth as Our Mother. She provided us with understanding as to how we may become ONE with the LIGHT after this probationary time. Who is higher than Nature, Knowledge & Wisdom; THAT is IOUO, The True Ruler Of Israel, Judge Of The Nations! IOUO is The Name of The Supreme, all knowing Creator!

The Almighty Allah is Truth Forever! We should have no qualms about the descendants of Ishmael knowing the ALL by the Mighty Name, given by Reason & Destiny. IOUO is ALL in us All. We must surrender, despite any weakness, lack of understanding of higher mysteries, for the LORD makes the mystery of the Self within us to be very clearly understood. We are even a bright part of His Being, by which we  discover The Highest! Idols are for the time of the probation. Should I be mindful that art is only the work of hands, but a finite symbol of the Almighty Invisible AIOUO! (The LORD)

We who sanctify his name are the Elect, sharing the Knowledge of the Stars, that the little children may live on forever before Iou, The Chosen One! We are all children of the Divine IOUEL, who created consciousness within Herself, yet apart from her Eternal Consort, IOUO! This accident became the world we know. Whatever the age or cycle, the Lord is always known as He who brings all things into existence. He is The One; we find Oneness with Him by grace, then Mercy; even The Wisdom!

Come To The Light

Come to the Light My Children. You knew I would come, you knew I would give Eternal Life to the children of Earth. Point your beds unto the north, allowing reflection upon the heart, the mouth and the mind; even as the Heart, the Mouth and Mind Of AIOUO! (The LORD)  That is the ALL in us all; IOUEL.

Gentleman, allow the Key Of The Magi to heal your anguish with regard to right and wrong. Do as I say and you will be healed, even as I was healed on the Cross Of Light. All sin dies there, for all Humanity, all the Angels, even for all the Seraphs and all their forms. The Key Of The Magi, destroys all evil in all beings!

Call me Paul, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh or Vishnu, I am Sai, the Messenger Of Heaven. Those who live by the Keys Of Wisdom, will never die, bringing countless children to fill Earth and the Universe Forever! Those honoring Me know the Almighty in full.

For while I am One with THAT, it is All in All; the least is the greatest in my world, in My Garden. Understand My Children, Thou Art That! One with The Child, knowing that as I overcame shame on the Cross Of Light, so too will YOU put away all shame, all pain, all fear and even death, by the Key Of Life!

Stand Firm

Stand firm on the Key Of Life! One who finds and shares it, is most favoured in the sight of AIOUO. Who sanctifies the Name, even IOUO; he Aiouel, is the LORD'S Chosen! The Key Of Life is all that matters. We must renounce all desire for flesh and take up that Eternal Key, by which the righteous will put on Eternity Forever!

O Thou Righteous Ones, align your beds to the north and men, execute your sin on the Cross Of Light, by the Key Of Magic. Therein are the four directions revealed to your form, that the Seven Spirits may guide you by the will of the Great One! For IOUO alone is the God Of Israel and of all the nations. He is patient with the righteous forever; but merciful to his elect forever and ever; they die not.