The Only Gift Of God

The only gift of God, is the Key Of Life! For while there are many gifts bestowed, blessings endowed and achievements completed through Almighty God, it is not because you prayed to any one name or the other; it is because of the One! If you want to pray a name, pray to IOUEL, the Lord Of Israel; the Autogenes, whereby the One uses illumination of your own form, to verify all he has revealed about Himself; showing YOU to be at One with the One, even to infinity's end! If you have never reflected on this, you are still that. Life holds us all in the balance of youth, regenerating us over and over, surprising physicians by the power of healing. But later, we find the lifeforce draining, more often depleted. We sometimes wonder if God is even real as we see death, seemingly all around us.

Rejoice then, the Gift Of God is the Key Of Life, giving life everlasting to the believer in God, or the very truth; for THAT will show ITSELF to be God and all will know Him! Align your bed to the north, so that you may hold the positive pole of your Star in a continued state of alignment. Then make sure to lie down and rest, with your head pointed toward the south for one hour, everyday! It's okay to miss once in a while due to obligation or mishap, but never abandon The Rest, you owe it to yourself and IOUEL, the One! Whoso will bathe in this River Of Life which I here describe, shall never die! He will find the Word verified and the One, whom he served well in life, lovingly guiding him to it.

Then will the world be made right by the One, who never let us down, who never forgot us and who also never, ever dropped us. Let them know that when the One upends this world, they shall study war no more, they shall use money no more! And there shall be no danger from the heaven, where the Almighty is seated, forever! They shall put on the Key Of Life, enter into the promised rest and live on forever; lying down and rising up, with that One who came sharing the Key, forever! Whoso shares the Key Of Life worships God. He describes how he is able to sense the current of the Lifeforce, flowing through him and regenerating him to the state of youth. I implore you to enter the rest by the River Of Life!