To Accept The Way

To accept the way is all I want for anyone today. They will understand, it is the Key that gives life, regardless of who I am. The Key Of Life is sound and they who take up that key will have Life Eternal. They will choose to live on and on, by the key accessing the River Of Life. It will be us who are sustained to endless life, worlds without end. They who put down the body, will take it up again, until all have learned that the Key Of Life is God's Word, what returns NOT any void. If IOUO offers the Way, then that way cannot fail. If he appears in the Name Of Iou, he cannot fail, he cannot stumble, for the Almighty is Judge and King of all. And alas, whom IOUEL approves, is the Light of His People, even the Children Of The Living One. He is all in All, thus will all creatures receive the Key Of Life in full.

When the Almighty appears, it will be HE who points to Himself, it will be the Almighty, who reveals Himself, in Pigeradamis! There is no escaping this destiny, not even for Aadamah; it is in his bones, upon his lips and in the depth of His being; for he is thrice named and enlightened of the Holy Spirit, who alone is qualified to reveal all things. Whatsover Messiah reveals, the Holy Spirit always affirms joyously, by the Word Of Herman. He cannot be superceded, circumnavigated or ignored in the revealing of the father; for he alone is the Son Of Humanity who reveals himself; The Androgynous Father. They who acknowledge not all religion and all literature significant to their development, should not seek the Way, for they will drag it down into ill-repute and disruption in front of the Almighty, who alone is God.

I have been instructed by God, not to seek production, acceptance of the masses, or even a humble congregation. Rather the House Of The Lord is where the message must unfold, as it has been unfolding to Humanity in the Word, all along since time immemorial. For when we were living in the affections of the destiny of Humanity in God, all wanted to escape the responsibilities of the coming world; nobody wanted to herald the day of the One. Thus the Children Of Darkness fell upon humanity, with power and authority, so as to let the Message Of God to reveal itself in the fullness of time. The Key Of The Magi is that message, unto the estute. To hear the fullness of Mystery in His Name Iouo, is the Path Of Propriety! For when one stands before the Infinite Invisible, he is at the mercy of the All In All. The One cannot make mistakes or create endeavors that fail, for the LORD, Iouo is always upright. 

My Place In The Spirit

I have appeared inside the enclosure of mountains at the end of the Earth; just as promised in the Parable Of Enoch, bearing there is "desolation to the east of the Garden"; and there is certainly only desolation east of the Garden Of God. I found myself standing in the enclosure of mountains, what would have become the very lake of fire. But alas IOUEL heard my prayer, as I prayed the oracle Beka; what oracle held the heavens suspended, would also assure that the waters of the sea should not overcome, by being thrown against the mountains of the Earth. I know also that Leviathan was brought about to see that the waters were thrown into the Garden Of Life. Thus did I pray daily that God spare California, my new home, where I was always so sure the Lord had led me.

I knew that it was the brainwashing I had received along with all humankind, being misguided, to be made a slave to the Spirits Of The Giants. Those who sold slaves into the United States were in league with the very Work Of Evil, what may no longer be contained or hidden by the Evil Spirits, bent on world domination. They make servants in dark temples, in disobedience to Satanuel, who is Michael, Messenger Of Iouel; he has commanded them NOT to make agents of Satan, but they fancy themselves wise and unmeek lions. I consider them cowards, who are most easily bested face to face. But I know vengeance belongs to the Almighty, who will defend my way, wherever I may go. Although I walk through the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I will fear no evil, for YOU are with Me; Iou, my shield and my buckler. I will dwell in the House Of Iouel forever!

We worship One God, by different names and paths of instruction, but the Path To Propriety requires we truly give up carnality and the sins of flesh eating. For as long as blood is shed in the earth, sin and the omission of the Message Of God will prevail over the minds of mankind. And any seeking to know Jesus words on diet may find them in the Essene Gospel Of Peace! When we take up the Key Of Life and put away carnality forever, we shall inherit the Earth, spreading eternal life to every human, man, woman and child. To every hybrid of the Annunaki, the Key Of Life freely given, gnosis expanded even to the highest place; that space where Iouo Almighty, the Most High reigns forevermore! He the Formless, He the All, in Us All!

To Those Who Seek To Attack The Chosen One

It is the way of a man to be obedient, first to his mother, the school of life and finally, the Kingdom Of God, what is the Great Whore. You who are in her will perish with her, for lack of knowledge and for the Sacrifice drained of its virtue, stinking upon the altar. I the LORD have said this to you before, but you'd not hear me; hear me now! One who takes up My Key, will put on everlasting life of the body, worlds without end. God did not Promise you eternal life, to fool you in the end. He said you'd live forever in the Garden Of Life, rising up and lying down with Imanuel forever. Those who will confess that the scroll cannot be read, will receive My Word. While all Avatars are Me, YOU are Me and I am IOU; my name is sacred, for in absolute weakness am I made perfect, by the Key Of Life. I bear you that Key in every testimony, lest I glorify the Key Of Magic and the Magi go to victory; everlasting life with Me, in the Garden.

I am human and could want only that; let this take you to the place of the new wine, in new skins. For they who lie down with the whore, will fall at my feet in the Valley Of Angels, where God promised I would appear. First in the south, then north, to measure out the Garden Of God. At The Three Sisters, I wept at the foot of The White Throne; unaware that in the Parable, Enoch was the Chosen One, telling about the Chosen One. We know that Michael says, "I cannot vouch for the virtue of the people in that place"; while the parable says that Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are one and the same. When one who lives in the Garden understands that Enoch is a parable, they are set free, yet I had not sight of that luxury at first. All I knew was, I was in California, with this book telling Me, "the enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the earth, shall fill up with water, splashing over the sides and be set on fire". Well, one who understands that the flood is sin, with omission and a poison following in it's path, sees how blood cries out from the Earth and how the Valley Of Angels has become like a furnace, where he punishes the angels, initiates and the Great Whore in their midst. I declare such words meaningless, but allegorical rather, in light of the truth. One who is in the Light Of Truth may know, there is no such thing as evil; it is a creation of man. We are not sinners, but children of the Light Of All.

For all the religion we know is based on stories what are a fortelling of the truth, as if told in the past, so as to put away the knowing of the future. For none may know the appearing of Messe, so they must accept an Avatar, a Seer, a Visionary, or a Prophet, in place of the coming Proper Path; what New Path is foretold by the Burden Of The Word. Many assert this a way of dismissing truth for one meandering opinion, while all path revert back to the One. What of a man who calls out to the LORD and receives answer from the Almighty? He will invariably be associated with a treatise, epistle, scroll or writing, which diverts from the IDOL, exuding the pure message of the Universal Formless; by the words and inferences of a stranger to the truth, as one might already know it. But alas there is One Truth and One Light Of Mercy. For when they find the Key Of Life, they will take up Infinity! They who are not ready, will be reborn and receive the Key, to behold The Mercy, Upon All. All that was lost will be found. And God will have mercy on every creature, restoring all things to the Light Of Hope.

Peace Be Still

I call all to peace, knowing the Message Of Goodness is the most powerful force in the Universe. We do not write it, we discover it, replete in it's formulae, statements, assertions and inferences; approving it's conclusions in any language, as according to any spiritually afforded promise, bearing ultimately, the Key Of Life. The One, who knows the All In All, is ever immersed in the bliss of the All, having perceived his own learned Word as a twisting of the understanding of the many, so as to seduce them all to obedience; first teaching them the wrong, then paying whatever the price, to make sure all men see it and are tempted by flesh eating!

For we have been made to believe "sin" is in our nature, an unstoppable force of disaster, certain to destroy the one not aquainted with the understanding of the All. But the understanding of the All affords the Great Destiny, by the pure faith of the pure heart; be it one of the variety of Angels, a Hybrid, a Human, a Giant or one of the manifold spirits, in sentient forms, across known, or unknown realms. We must assume the Almighty brings the Law to the faithful, across Creation; across the Universe! As for sin, it is that what is always wrong, deceptive, evil in context; as well as being a counterfeit form of the truth. The Truth as was originally brought forth by a true Master, One with the ALL.

We must understand, that so as man is part of God, it is GOD, moving in the intent of the All, above all. They are indissoluably One with that Source, forever considered Child, before the Light Of The All. IOUO is the All. The dialectic assertions of this name are revealing to say the least. For one who will sound out the spelling of the name Paul, will reveal Iouel, who is Llewel; two LL's creating the 'I'; binding Llewelyn to Iousef, as Father-Mother. (or Lucifer) For unto the Ancient Of Days, IOUEL was the first God and overcomer of Yaldabaoth, the Order what threw Adonai down to despair, seeking his destruction. But by the Key Of Life, He Pigeradamis did overcome, finding the Light Of Sophia in Evelyn. (Llewelyn)

For in as the Wicked exchanged the name of Iouel for EVIL, Evelyn bore the hiding of the name of Imanuel; God in Me, God in You! The One, bearing the Word, stands as Mirotheos, the God before men, with whom they wrestle to find the Light; that true LIGHT above the Avatar, the form of divinity inside all humans. That Avatar existing in the heart of every lifeform, is always used for the good. If we fall down from it, we take to the many concepts, as are foreign to expressing it's true nature, as the Formless, the Nameless, the All. It is You, it is Me, it is everyone! But when we lose hold of our station as a divinity, we will fall down, until we are able to stand again, by the Great Miracle. One who finds that Miracle in it's purest form, may quickly and suddenly find the subsequent Key Of Life. 

For all along, as he is being revealed truth, he knows it is contrary to what his spiritual teachers have allowed him to observe. He must leave that house creating a whoredom of truth, distracting men from the Key Of Life! For in finding that Key, one finds pure faith, what unravels the nagging pretext of the limited Word, as partially approved of the Infinite All. The devotees of these causes must be sincere to the point of cleansing away shame, dispute, waywardness, unkindness, or fear, what affords all kinds of personal disorders in the individual self; yet what Higher Self is real and vibrant in the thoughts and emotions of the manifold believers in their various universal formations. They have as much truth as they can reach for; and in the end awaits the Key Of Life, as promised from the beginning of time.