Drawing In The Light

In Emerald Tablet 6, Thoth advises we seek out a place bound by darkness, stand up with arms extended out to the infinite space and draw in the Light; yea what Light is sentient, infinite, full of hope and of Love. We should ask THAT Spirit to fill us with the Spirit of Light & Life; who is IOUEL, or "Lord God". We may accomplish this by always worshiping THAT One Being and enthusiastically rising each day with the Eternal Sun! Shout to the heavens and rejoice by the Infinite All, what is our true protector & defender from wickedness, which attacks us from every side. What is required of us? Pure faith, reverence for the Truth and the expectation of a better world, what is more sure than even the deliverer who comes bearing the Key Of Life. That Self, of Whom I speak is within you and is the very Self that you are. This can be very difficult to embrace without the dear affection of the Spirit Of Life; IOUEL, Mother Of All The Living!

We should not think of this Force as Limited or Less than the All; it is All In Us All, the very formative nature of things, within us and through us. We Are That, but only in Unity may we see it; one with each other and the One Helios! He is Hermes, what is Father Mother, being descended into the below, by the Infinite Arm of the Word. It is everywhere, in everything named and unnamed. It cannot be superceded or ignored; it will only be reformed and brought more clearly into the light of understanding. The Burden Of The Word is infinite and perfect, thus must the books be opened and glorified in their glorying. For the Chosen One appeared in the Valley Of Angels, travelled north and fulfilled the promise of Enoch around the Everlasting Garden. It is Eve who saved him; She the Mother Of All, while he was less than a man; he was hidden, rejected, scorned and unable to share what IOUEL has hidden from them all. He alone reads the scroll. He prayed the oracle Beka and stopped the Atmospheric River, Leviathan.

He alone sees that we are all of the One, yet unable to be more than what is efficient to our circumstances, or what is to the benefit of all; thus we need insight and Wisdom, to overcome the world and find the Garden Of Life. Whoso aligns his bed northward and worships the Infinite Iouel, never ever dies! The Head of the Body is come, to shine HIS countenence on them, that they may take up the Key Of Life and put on Infinity. For when one sees the Way, he throws out everything he ever thought to be of any value and focuses on the Key of Life and sharing it with all of the world. The One who hears will follow, without jealousy, personal predjudice or inflated ego, knowing that the Key Of Life is the promise to all of the world. That ONE will share the Key with the little children; they will all live on endlessly and the world will never become overpopulated again!

The Day Of Atonement is at hand! Oneness with the All is freely extended to the believer; and if he will follow Adonai, with rejoicing and cheerful hope, he will match the Attitude Of Eve! She is the Light Of Days and the Way! That they may know it; IOUEL are Father Mother. It is only those who deny the Spirit, that are unaware of her Divine Power, She Harah! She Kali, perpetually in Communion with Kalki; He who cannot appear until she does. Without Her, he was only a man of sin; but by the Word she is ALL to him; strengthening him that he may clarify the Word and finally shine forth, Child Of The Child. Let the false prophets continue with their assault on the truth. Iouel is come to bring the children of the Earth Mother into the Light.

Never Grow Old

When I was young, I drank so much soda at work, I lost a lower left molar. I still have the flaw and look like a weirdo when I cock my jaw. We all have flaws, which follow us neath even the light of perfection. For just to observe perfection is to ask, "how perfect?". We ask time and again, "how much does God love me?", but we all know the truth. The problem becomes the dissatisfaction of not sensing the Lord's blessing right now, rather than in his time; this is where we sin. We have the nerve to think of IOUO, up in heaven, keeping tabs on every little wrong we do; HE cannot be up there. If he commanded us to forgive and forget 7 times 70, wouldn't it make sense that HE, the Almighty lived by that rule? He does! You are the One who forgives ...but how perfect were you at first, or when the next time comes? Iouo has already forgiven every wrong I have committed, now and in the future, no conditions! He will always be there and I will never assume there is a place too far from him. Should I assume he'll forgive anything, because a person wants forgiveness, rather than punishment? Yes! In such instances, many people find favor and live surrendered to the merciful will of the One; the Law!

Still there are those unfruitful, simply because they never wanted to be understood or make any restitution for their mistakes in life. And yet, if none will hear their penance, Iouo does; HE is the Law and the Judge! We should not see relationships with HIM to be anything more than the human experience! For if a person seeks what is right and conducts himself with kindness toward others, he is afforded dignity and acknowledged publicly, even times documented into a continuing record, bearing his willingness to live a moral, productive and fruitful life. In fact, they who are pursuing such things, even by no name at all, these still pursue the Divine with a fullness, better than the evil, religiously fashioned lemmings in the House Of God. For as much truth as there is in religion, ever is it twisted to lies, damaging all, that all may assess the truth in the end. We the human race are more One than we could ever know, being one with Earth! We know we are lied to, but the white lie of a giant takes down a nation; thus I stand poised before the Rule Of Law!

Those who think of Law as a boring matter or a thing of outdated interests, understand not. They think law will be gone someday and they'll float around on a cloud with Jesus. But if they floated not the clouds in life, they'll not float them in Hell. For that is the Restful Haven they acheive to, as their spirits are reconditioned in God, to be reborn at a later time; and embrace this Key Of Life. It has always been available to the Stars Of Heaven! Before we were rationing human beings, we were pure sentient beings, obedient to Law, the Supreme Star & Sentient Source of all that lives, breathes and thrives. As children in our pure innocence, we were naturally obedient to the pure light of reason, we have only forgotten; how much more were we pure, pre mortally? It is who we really are beneath the distortions of what we ALL know to be the real truth. For even the lowest of sinners, who denies the child within, remembers the light of hope, extended by his teachers; even those who gave him life and those who taught him to appreciate it. Iouo forgives him and everyone, but we cannot be forgiven openly, until we forgive all. We will not be excused, until we excuse all else. Mercy IS Causeless and full of infinite acceptance and patience!

False Christians

Never to say what a person worships is wrong, but rather the actions they seem to feel necessary in the name of their Avatar, prophet or god. These false christians, who are so jealous by their own lack of knowledge and utter disdain for the High & Almighty Wisdom, do scowl at women, wish them ill, ensuring them danger and imprisonments. Jesus Christ Himself taught us to love one another. We'd like to think this means only believers, but it doesn't. Zoroaster instructs us to love National Unity and show reverence towards the spirituality of all; seeing it is surely God who gives them their own blessed station before Him. Those who hate other religions hate God. Now if you don't know about Zoroaster, then you have been listening to men who would have you believe that God only speaks to one people, by one book, leaving all the rest to hell, everlasting misery and punishment. I guess if they told you to go jump off the empire state building or attack the US Capitol, maybe you'd do that too. Learn to love knowledge, before it's too late.

Believers don't like admitting they're human; where we learn and grow, respect the views of others, walk in the Way as WE know it, and find the dignity we deserve as individual Children Of Light. To sit down and eat with people who deny as such degrades oneself. No one respects the views of other people here in America, because they're Christians who have stopped short teaching their flocks the higher knowledge; where small children put on the Key Of Life, put off flesh to never turn away from the Garden Of Life. They will make food, clothing, the necessities of life from the Garden alone. Technologies of the future, will come into one Cause Of Humanity, not "MANKIND". For the Shepherds have stopped short, blinding the Children in the name of God, or Gadriel, as foretold by Enoch. Generating Mankind is a sin according to Enoch, who renounced the verifying of spiritual growth with written documents. Truth comes from within and it is God who speaks, revealing truth necessary to satisfy the need for uprightness in the hearts of humanity.

When the angels fell from heaven, we were left to fend for ourselves spiritually. They guided us here in America for a short time, then left us on auto-pilot, denying us the truth of things; archons with their deceptions, by the scriptures we think of as inspired. How we could ever think such things! We all saw the religions, with their little written testimonies, which testimonies "all the world have fallen from and are in such desperate need of". These, they are the Greatest Of Men! The one who has ears, keep listening. They all blindly accept their own narrowed views of the Way and believe lying men, forbidding them the Wisdom found in Libraries all over the world. It's why Africa thrives, while white demons tell lies about them and the histories of Mauritania, what IS Atlantis! Now that knowledge has prevailed, the sinners of this world will die, leaving us the Key Of Life, freeing us from sin and shame, so there is never impurity in Earth again; ever! We will live on and on, by the Key Of Life, given us by Thoth, the Ancient Of Days. I am sharing it here now, in the Garden Of Life, just as foretold by Enoch.

I Am The Ruler Of The Earth

He who speaks the True Message Of Iouo, rules the Earth. He is sent from above as none else will hear the word or admit it is subverted before the Almighty. Instead they band "mankind" together in a lie against Gadriel and his children. Now all are his children and that can never be undone, ever! He has appeared as the very least, but for the ears of the carnal and lovers of this world. One might accept that the governments of the world are corrupt and continue seeking acceptance and approval from as many as will give them power. We can't empower people because we like them; but rather we must shun irresponsible world leadership, having seen it time and again, brandish power as a means of enrichment to the few, rather than the bounty of Earth for all. This is because they love to slaughter animals and disobey the exact advice of the Nazarene, whom they claim to worship, but they do not worship him. Those who break away from the horrific lies of the cross and breach the veil of Wisdom; these may find the way to life eternal. I advise NOT the Key Of Death, but only of Life. For what have I of death, but the faded things, which will be remembered by all! Like the appearance of Pigeradamis; for they who sheilded and preserved the Word, it was only by the miracle of God, may the Chosen One have ever obtained the Key Of Life, for they who protected it, to be revealed, do conceal it still from the very "sheep" of their own fold.

And there is only One Ewe who has pleased the LORD; Ewelena! She alone protected the Chosen One when his family wished him dead, when they called him a homosexual and infidel to his children. While they became wicked and hated him, Eve loved Paul. They who come to serve that Son Of Humanity; they are the meek who inherit Earth, while the lot else of men fall into the mire of lies, left out of memory. But even they are to be born again, at an unseeming time and be saved from this age that consumed them; God will be merciful to them and to all. Those who shorten down wisdom and Knowledge, seeking to take up power over a People; these are the worst kind of human beings. They are going to be corrected by God, for the Shepherds deceived the Nations and Iouo has NOT forgotten! He will punish the Wicked in their beds, as they pay the price for their adulteries and luxuries before the One Strong & Mighty! I have come to take their lampstands, forever; it's why they cry, "Satan, the evil one". I Am Michael, their Judge!

There is only One Desire Of Nations; his name is Iouo! They who cannot understand that he is Adonai, cannot understand that he is born in the end, to take up the Crown Of Life and reveal himself as Pigeradamis; proving himself Osiris The Scribe, Ani. For men seek to struggle against the Word Of Truth, defying scriptural Canon and fashioning "bibles" after their own likings and convictions, to make men serve them and die in their pitiful excuses for religions. They are death cults, nothing less. God Almighty promised the Key Of Life and has now delivered, without reservation, without need for publication or distinction. For if a Child Of Iouel will align their bed to the north and continue praising IOUEL, the Holy Spirit Of God and Mother Of All The Living; these shall have life everlasting, with love unending!