Accepting Youel As Master

Whether one accepts Master Youel, or IOUEL THE MASTER, is a very significant distinction. Youel is a fragile man, born into the world of men; thrown down to the depths of failure and despair, by the very Angels who were called to worship him. He is Adonai, but IOUEL is the One against whom they rebelled in the heights, to find themselves here below. Void of love for the One high above them, they have awakened forever in only this space; remaining here some long time ordained of IOUEL. The Gospel is the Supreme Law, wherein lies the Key Of Life, that judgement upon the spirits of the Giants! Having been formed by those Angels, who left the presence of the Most High, they too remained here below; ever ruling with them, yet unaware of the Greater Wisdom! Thus were some tasked with preserving the Wisdom Of God, that the Elect may find it, share it with humanity and bring forth the promise of IOUEL; everlasting life in the Garden Of God!

The One bringing the Wisdom IS Iouel; he is the Only Gospel and every initiate worth his weight in script knows it. The Key Of Life was the true promise, Thoth admonishing us to make a religion of it. DO NOT seek to generate mankind, but let humanity be regenerated by choice, as foretold by Enoch. Lying down in the river of life, they will be regenerated now and forever, worlds without end! Did they not hear Hermes Trismagistus say they may live as long as the Earth does? Why have they failed to believe God and search for him; despite those who cut the truth to pieces? They teach man to love flesh and war. Alas, they who will not repent the shortening of the Word, will perish harshly with the Wicked. For they saw the Word abused and compromised, yet said nothing to the men of God, who held back the books.

Instead, with these Shepherds Of Shame they asserted a hellacious punishment for all who disobeyed their Commandments, eraticating the first command of love. We see them ignoring free speech, growing quick to bear arms and kill. They mock truth and resist saints who come bearing good tidings; asking them to ponder truth, that the Fountainhead may also flow freely through them. For if one lies down an hour a day, with their head pointed to the north, then lies down for an hour, with their head pointed to the south; that One will praise IOUEL and live on endlessly, by the River Of Life. They will discover the key, standing with the elect, who will forever spread the Key. They will lead all men to the Light Of Humanity! These Brothers Of Brightness come bearing the Key Of Life to all Creation!