Secret Of The Name You

Whether I say You, Thou or Thee, I surely address Almighty God directly. So naturally Iou is the very source Hebrew name of the Almighty; at least in the various texts we consider to be God's Word, spanning ages, to which IOUEL has responded accordingly, as determined by the sincerity of our devotion to the Almighty. For there is only One who sees all, hears all and knows all. Ever is He with us; we having been formed of his very substance, his very Being within us and through every part of our being. All creatures are comprised of the Nature Of God; and that nature being One.

Note the Leviathan in the sky sending the rain; he serves the Law Of The Light. Every creature in the universe is a child of the Light, comprised of the will of the Light, what spans the Universe, through the ether of space, to the ears of the one true LOVE, (IOUEL), the Holy Spirit! That Spirit can never be wrong or mislead the Children Of Earth. For Earth is the Below, but fed from above, She feeds all life in the place of order and circumstance. Where names and places are born and carry out their causes in the Light Of Day, the Law is always Immaculate! For the One is NOT a force, a frequency or a vibration, but the cause of vibration; the Immovable behind the frequency. He is the Unknown Nature, whom the initiates seek to devalue, as somehow less than their idol; He IS the Brain!

The One is not the One to be known, but the Light who sends him, always like the One, into the world at large. That Master, one with the One, has always reflected the Light, the way a child does, the way a lone soul does, the way a renunciate does, in his pursuit of the continuing truth; which truth remains fully hidden, neath the veil of night, drawn before the eyes of all. Only in part do any know the truth, for it is Formless. We should fear the truth enough to be found chaste and willing to endure the circumstances along the path to enlightenment. For that goal is the only True Goal, what is circumvented by a lesser version of it, meant to bring SOME light to the world; what lesser light may only be seen forever, as the Perpetual Light.

Thus ever do we see those hedge up the Path, with relevent arguments to be answered, on the way to thier enlightenment; and men become lost trying to authenticate the Law to their own interests. But whatever mysterious way one finds the One, they should hold fast! Just a bit of movement on that path is paramount to the unfoldment of wisdom, out from knowledge; which Wisdom is The Ruler Of All! For when I am the meta physical, I am exact. I perform before the One, calling out, "Only YOU can help me O God, for YOU alone are the LORD; the One True Light on the Path. For only on the proper path, may I be like YOU." Thus when the Atheist turns to virtue, like a joyous task, he also brings light into the world.

Let none tell you that being Good is NOT required of every creature in Earth. We can never earn Love, but we may humbly approach it, by the light of mind, where the Law IS Perpetual. We may call out to the Light, knowing that the Light is Our Father, for we are all Light, transmutated into these aspiring fleshly forms, deeply remembering, desiring to return to the Light, the Hope Of Humanity! Those claiming earth is destroyed over and over have forgotten. Spirits of giants, whose renderings still come forth in the mouths of men, were the source of violence, not anything from the heavens, the All Seeing Eye is glorified there! He Allah, The All; He YOU, O' God Almighty!

Spirits of giants have wreaked havoc on Earth today; these would be the evil spirits in this time of tribulation, their remnants CLEARLY observed in the geological record. There are many mountains around the world, which are actually Giants, buried in the ancient rubble. Giants did untold things, most of what can honestly only be revealed by great authority. We know that there are petrified Giants what would have been 3000 feet tall; but these God's like Zeus, some of which Enoch says were 30,000 feet high; kicked the giants arses, in defiance of the Living Almighty Creator! THEY were Angels, before!

So little is revealed regarding these entities, but it is they who have fooled us into believing the Heaven, which Almighty God has made, is a place of intense volatility and wicked cosmological disparagement, wherein all life in the Universe is wiped out by the senseless and purposeless disintegration of all things. Well in a Universe like that, we wouldn't see giants all over the place here in the below, or Angels, the God's, who were destroyed by the floods with them. They are seen all over the world. There is a hand in the Amazon, you could land a small plane on. Initiates don't like us knowing hidden things; they served the spirits of these giants, to compromise the Word Of The Lord and bring forth an horrific age of carnality

Certain spirits of those giants have been corrected and ascended to heights with the Almighty. They assist the Almighty now, bringing the clouds, to pour forth the rain, no more to serve the Wicked, who shall perish from Earth. Some may ask, "how could a Man, a Giant, or Angel, become a carrier of the wind." Enoch was taken to heights of the Spirit, given 1008 new names. The wind is the subtle expression of the breath of the Almighty. And we, comprised of the Light, are catalyst of any element, within the spiritual self; particularly water of the above, or Ether. His Creation is terrible, but He has promised us the Key Of Life and everlasting life here on earth, by the word of the Ancient Of Days.

Those Living In Fear

Those living in fear, should know that fear is the stunted awakening of courage and boldness! All have stumbled, even committed wrongs, what we call sins, but God placed us in a natural world, which WE define and which circumstance refines. Thus should I say what I am, who I am and what I believe, never deterring from exactly that, in the honesty of faith and surrender to the Law. For even the most righteous man will find himself unable to judge the virtuous atheist, who always does more for the Good, than a thousand pastors hiding what Youel has said, condemning all. He is aware of their inconsistencies regarding the teachings of their own Master.

You will hear me say this a lot, he is a law unto himself, rooted in the Law, what imposes it's will in every circumstance, and circumstance shooting us down at every turn; whether we are happy or sad about it, elated or defeated, it will bring the results of the very actions carried out within the space of it's own good purpose. And what is that Good Purpose? For what is space time and the continuum of it's cause? Was it not spontaneous result, even from the First Cause? Cause and effect it would seem are paramount in this natural world, as the source of any horizon of events. Thus, in your lifetime bring forth only good causes!

Nothing in the universe continues without a cause. Thus seeking that Cause leads ever unto the continuing good purpose of life on Earth; and because The Law is Formless, it is able to manifest itself, to the understanding of all peoples, in every place of the world, world without end! There is NO child of Light, what has not it's source in the Law Of Life. We were formed by the Law, even within the womb, were we shaped and brought forth to fulfil the good purpose of life. We cannot be separated from the Good, we must ever seek the Light, so as to punch through at that hour of redemption, making all things right.

This is the continued Cause of bringing in the Light, to mitigate the darkness and find the Light where it is always found; neath the veil of faith and hope, in the company of the courageous and the bold. We may be set apart by God, but all will unite around the Key Of Life forevermore. It is not that there were no men of faith, sharing the hope of humanity with us all, but that rather, ever were there those also, who let pride take the order of the day, to compete with those most excellent at the Law. The Almighty shall dole out who was Chosen, and who was the imposter. We may even now, recognize them by their fruits.

There Were No Miracles

I boldly assert that there were no miracles, or immortals who came to deliver everybody! Men save themselves, as a law unto themselves; and God is with them through this probation we see as Life. For it is no life, living in this world of men, where every soul is numbered and held accountable for the amount of air they breathe. Life in truth is a Gift; only those who learn this may find the Light! Those who cannot be kind, cannot be part of the House Of Iouel; or any house seeking to bring truth of the Spirit into this darkened world. The brotherhood of blackness are ever seeking to deceive, trump and dominate the material realm. They are spirits, meddling within this material realm, through temptations, abominations and false teachings.

Such teachings should appear horrifying to those which fall for their ill-balanced import, but it is these very interpretations, which cause them to even know fear of any kind. For all are children of Light. Even those in the lowest, darkest of places seek the Light, to give purpose to the day and bring meaning into the life they know. And yet, if one is faithful to Knowledge, they will find Wisdom; if faithful to Wisdom, they discover the Key Of Uprightness; it IS the Atonement for all creatures, empathically seated in the hearts of all life-forms. It is the desire to find hope; and when finding it, making things right by the law of uprightness and virtue.

It can be so easy for the aspirant to fall prey to the fearful voices of the worldly religions; they have no validity, for they shorten their own religious texts, to conceal the Oneness IN Hermes! The Hermetic Writ is the very science of approaching the Immortal, All Supreme Being! If there is a Father, it is the very Unmanifest, from whence the Law is born, in the perfection of it's dispensation. He is completely undetected by those from another world, where His Word sprang from the heart of a humble sage; a beautiful human, who loved the truth to the point of renunciation. They clearly see Jesus teaching them to eat plant based foods, with the prophets bearing testimony to the virtue of a vegan life. Isaiah reveals the One, who appears inside the enclosure of mountains, their very place of accusation and shame.

They are unaware of the One, showing His Secrets to the meek and estute; yet they who learn aright, must put down the books and call out to the Spirit, receiving the Burden Of The Word. They will bring a testimony from IOUEL, which cannot be denied; for she is Mother Of All The Living and They are humble enough, to stay out of the whore, seducing all the children of humanity with the love of flesh. And wholly do they all love the flesh, to the point of shame; and to the renouncing of the Nazarene! God does not forgive those who take up the scripture, to be a testimony for his Goodness, but shrink back when confronted by the Holy Spirit. These will find themselves in the heart of the earth, with the very word, shut up in space time; that they exist not, until they be returned alive and well, worlds without end!

Humanity IS Light

Don't let them lie to you about the One, who loves you more than a universe of new mothers. There is no point of joy that isn't found in this Source. It's good to use adjectives as names to honor and praise the One Nameless, who lives forever! He is the One who has appeared in this form; I was not this form, in which I was seated at the times of such extended revelation and promise. I had to be stripped of idols and false teachings, which more often lead to unhealthy divisions in the society I have come to bring for all. I am both the sinner I was in my past life and Iouel, unaware that the One had seized upon me for his specific appearance. Where one IS the One, it easy for IOUEL to break through the insecurities of human tribulations. But this tribulation is raft with the entire outcome, as was ever seen from the beginning of time. 

In the affections of space, Sofia herself inquired of Hermes, "How will they ever find restitution, forgiveness or any form of emancipation, what is not tainted of their many errors?". Iouel informed her, "The Atonement for their wrongs is ever intact, rooted in the Perpetual Light; given long before this tiny space time." All that we see is The Creation Of One. He IS All, even in Us All! I feel certain, having fellowshiped even with the most radical; Allah finds it's root in Father-Mother. For the 'All' is Highest, ever His Most Glorious and Perpetual 'Law', extending through the beams of hope, which He sends to the minds of All Humanity, not even One of them excluded. He IS the One! He is Allah, Lord Of Ishmael!

We know that Yeshu worshiped Father-Mother, by the revealed teachings of Zoroastor, Son Of Light! They were instructed from ancient time to lye their dead before the creatures of Angra Manyu, to satisfy their need and to allow the natural ascension of the Soul. We know that by the time Jesus was around, they merely threw the poor down to Gehenna, NOT for the pleasing of Mother Earth, or by any obedience to Zarathustra, the only prophet Jesus would have considered a divine human. But he knew it was by the Name Of Iouel, who has never failed any Child Of Light. All Humans are Children Of Humanity, the Light. We are that Light, we are One with that Light; and we are striving to reach it, all of us.

Many move away from the Light, but still cherish it from afar, knowing that even in the darkest space, the Light is shining ever brighter. Man in his state of falleness knows, that beneath his perception of the dark world, there is a Light Of Hope. Even the Light what Lights Outer Darkness, is only the One. They must confess to him their sins, to be released from their bondage to this One Star. Then will they be taken to an Amenti, where they must fully embrace the error of their ways and be welcomed to a New Mother, She the One, the All. May Allah prove the Mercy, that Humanity will put on the Law forevermore. Darkness shall reside in Earth no more, because of the Key Of Life. All philosophy falls down at the feet of the Key, it will never, ever be erased from the thoughts of Humanity; She will live on and on.

If We Stop Selling Flesh

If we stop selling flesh for consumption, we will become a more perfect union in every world. We allow those equipped to consume it, to share it one with another, until they come to the Light and repent flesh eating before Father-Mother. God is all in all; and in so much as the Father is a proposed emulation of what we know a father to be, the Mother Of All The Living is One God. Jesus is One God, Buddha is One God, Krishna is One God, while MAHATMA, is the One True God! You are a spirit, with an inner divinity that can never be erased, faded, washed out or dissolved. Observe the skies, to behold the Spirits Of Giants all around you. They are no more in this realm to influence it, but they bring the rain, opening the way for the changing of the seasons and helping to assure the preservation of the human race, the Great Cause.

Albeit those who seek to teach man that God instructed him to eat flesh, lie first to themselves and then the sheep of the pasture. Let us remember the children, who deserve the Key Of Life. I will give it to them, as I hope every minister in the world will do. For had they endured to the end, they would see the ends of the Word! Those who have been found worthy, may now receive the Key Of Life, the very gift to all of humanity. The enlightened seek ever the Light, not a person, but the source of persona, spirit and essence. That LIGHT may never be superceded and it is no respector of persons; it is rather the very Law, by which one is defined. God is Love, God is Truth, God is Hope; all humans experience these and seek further to approach the Light Of Understanding; IT IS God!

If we as humans will renounce flesh eating, we will renounce renunciation; for when we are fully moral, we are fully upright, and in all perfect confidence! We are obliged in life to choose the right in every circumstance, reaping the reward of clarity and self improvement. We know circumstance IS the Ruler! For while God is real he is transcendant, thus much we are told about him is a lie, in a world where flesh eating is first and principal, to building the world we see around us. When a man repents, he seeks to go back to the form, who would be chaste, obedient and reverent before a fearful GOD. He renounces his very faculty of enlightenment, the mind. The All is ever with us, the catalyst of the life we seek to live; thus in keeping the meaning of life first, nothing else can have preemenance without qualification.

I assert the Key Of Life to have preemmenance within all spiritual paths; for as the Hermetic Writ keeps the principles we hold dear to the continuity of life and blessing at it's core, Humanity is ever able to grasp the Law, to whatever degree they sincerely seek it. Even what is yet unrevealed, glows in the heart of the Child Of The Light, as they aspire to reach the very heights of all understanding. It is heaven and the very Higher Mind we seek to bring forth in the perfection of unity. It will be an American Value, as the nations flock into the Garden Of Life. Americans will love hearing of the stories leading to the revealing of the Keys Of Wisdom. The Key Of Life, that what was LAST, is now first forever!