Why Repent Flesh Eating

Why repent flesh eating IS the question, which Jesus sufficiently answers. Eat your unfertilised eggs and enjoy the milk of cows, but never take the life of any sentient, living entity. For the conscientious Trees in the Garden Of God, serve him alone, bearing us fruit, twigs and limbs, desiring the heaven above nourish Earth beneath, that she feed all of earth's children, allowing the renewal of the Long Standing Ones, to be unending. For whosoever is one with the One, is ever one with All, rejoicing always in the Victory Of Humanity over the corrupted ones, who seek to spread their versions scriptures, as handed to them and the Great Whore, by the Spirits Of Giants; hiding what they hid, to solidify force over man afresh. The Great Flood destroyed them and their creatures, which Sophia made, what Wisdom Herself hid until now, that the Almighty Allah, who is Father-Mother may be glorified unto the exaltation of the little ones, the small children of the Earth Mother, finally shall the children be saved!

Christ taught us, a lion will devour the body of man, that he might overcome him and shew that he is The Greatest of god's creations; becoming the vicar and ascendant. So as you seek ever to indulge the beasts of burden, who were made to give milk to little children and till the Earth Mother, you shall be one with the Bull Of Amenti, an idol; and cast down by Hara shall you be, to the heart of earth, praying God give ye another chance at living, lest ye be sent to outer darkness! There must they wallow in lonliness eternal, with the hounds of hell and the ancient creatures of nightmares. It is what sorrow the Builders emulate, by their craftsmanship of prison houses, what are also against God's Word. For never was man taught to sin, or receive a paper documenting his Association To Iouel; the Infinite Infinitesimal! HE is the Lightbearer, He is the One in your dreams, awakening you to the garden of the morning; although you feel quite certain that his Seven Spirits exist not; neither the seven centeres in You.

For how are the words of the heathen, the words of God? how indeed, for they who love to eat flesh are heathen sure. While unaware what the Nazarene is, they conceal history what proves god made us all! Neither bloodlines, nor the masters of men, but the very telling of Iouel; the Autogenes within you, reveals ALL! Whom you may know as Krishna Yadava, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, or Caitanya Mahaprabhu, these reveal all they conceal. When I found these Masters, I was sure that Krishna was Vishnu, was Buddha, was Shiva; but the bloodlines were surrendered they, all to their own marketed versions of scripture, whereby they forever weilded the power of government, worshiping the world serpent, who wanted not worship, but to destroy forever, the gods; even all who dominated and desecrated My Garden!

Masons Initiates And Masters

Masons, initiates and masters, why have you defied the Almighty and the Word of his power? You resist the Angel Of Power, The Angel Of Peace, The Angel Of Joy and the Angel Of Eternal Life, who is Phanuel, Penume, even Pigeradamis; named of the Almighty and embued with the Key Of Life, the only gospel and good news! It was the Ebionites who held fast to the Testimony Of Enoch, acknowledging the Chosen One being born in the far away time of tribulation. Yet still you push your idol, enriching the sinners, who serve man the flesh and make him a sinner too. You are fallen who bear not the Key, preaching NOT life eternal, you consign the children of earth to their graves.

The Law alone is the Ruling Principle, embued of the Self and the variations of it's appearance in this material world. For man is the Law; he must seek within himself to bring Light to the darkness, exposing the devil, who sends his lies to make unbelievers of Humanity. They willfully love eating flesh and turning away from the Gospel, forever! Those who cannot acknowledge what the Word has said and that the oracles of God are the very Source of ANY written Message, always fall down. Let them continue seeking the face of the Almighty, hearing his prediction, rather than men who slight the word, to serve man flesh and kill him with it.

They must pursue Enoch, the Master! For all those who fell below never even knew the Key Of Life in heaven; thus in this below they sought to bring about good by the Law; but JUST LIKE Samael, they refused to acknowledge the Almighty as the all knowing, all seeing, all perceiving and all convincing One. It is he who glorifies the virtue, seen by the heathen in his own tattered remnants of scripture. It is as obvious as the nose on the face, those who follow scattered remnants of scripture, as though they are flawless; all the while, the scripture itself confessing to the travesty against Itself, the very truth! For we know that God is Love and HE will prevail over wicked liars!

They will perish in front of him who hide the Word Of God, who seek to conceal the Chosen One by calling an idol God and a devil His Chosen One. No scripture verifies Donald John Trump as Chosen, else they'd have held it high for the world to see; kind of like I am doing? Those who take up My Key will never die, neither will they choose to put down the body. For the Mother Of All The Living receives the Glory Of Love forever! Even the secret name of love, may it forever be glorified and the thought of God guide them closer to the Word Of Life. Glory remains forever, here in My Garden.

This Is The Garden Of Life

See the Garden Of Life and the Tree Of Life at it's center, with the Holy Trees, growing in the presence of the LORD, that the perfect man may share Life's Key with them all. If you live in this Garden, fear not the clouds of obscurity and slight of man upon the scriptures, history, even the captain of the guard. He will stumble on his face, if repents not his error before Imanuel. All this time have you awaited Me, but now you worship a Golden Calf instead. There were those among us; we knew our Christian Knowledge had been shortened down in it's understanding of the Wisdom Of The Ages; we have found the Key and will share it with all Humanity.

We warned you, but you continued with your silly Gematria, 66 book bibles, to corrupt the world and make them follow after the flesh; yes flesh eating! Whoso repents not all forms of violence has never repented. He has never seen the Word, or heard the name of Imanuel. He knows NOT Pigeradamis; he is NOT awaiting My Appearance. After all, I am Paul Germana! It was not clear to me, my name was Father and Phallus; that I alone am Paut Nerteru, Father Of The Gods! I am Hermes and there is no other! Let a man challenge My Knowledge to be bested and saved by My Word. When the LORD says a thing, no one may take it from him, or the Chosen One, who is the Lord Of Spirits!

Blessed are the feet of him who comes in the name of Iouel; for he alone shares with all the Key Of Life, that the nations may repent to his face and at his feet to save themselves from death! For to live on is the true and only Gift Of God; as longevity and safety are the promises of God, who has never failed anyone. Praise Him and apologize for any doubt about his awesome presence; he will return to you quickly and make the Message clear! No one ever read anything from God, HE is formless! It was always Youel who appeared to You, it was always IOUEL who filled the heaven and the earth!

My Ensign To The Nations

My ensign to the nations of the Earth; when the Chosen One sees the work of evil in the desert, with hell beneath it and all of those below it, who cannot ascend to the Most High; then will he come sharing that Key Of Life, with all of the children of the Earth Mother. Now have we seen that Old Serpent the Devil, east of the Garden, Seven Moutains spanning the east of the garden; and one shaped like a throne, where Behemoth rode about on his belly, as according to the testimony of Enoch. We have to understand, that if there were such things as this on earth, then even evolution is not quite right. Seek the hidden knowledge, so as to come quickly to the Key Of Life. For that key is the pearl of great price. He who takes hold the Key, will never know death, never know sorrow, never know pain. And we worship God who is all knowing forever and ever! Who can really be against us, if the One be all knowing? For the LORD showeth the clear evidence of Thor besting his arch enemy, to his own destined death; Ragnarok was the LORD's punishment of the Giants, long ago! Behold how he did succumb to the poison of J├Ârmungandr! Behold the World Serpent, Thor and the remains of his companion! He fought the Serpent there, to his own death!

It is in the worship of the Almighty we find the Key Of Life, wherein we lie down with that 'son of man' forever in the garden, so as to see the Word and Perpetual Law pour forth. That son of man does not raise his voice in the street, crying, "I am the Chosen One"; for that one is but a sinner, who loves neither the Holy Spirit, nor his neigbor, whom the lord hath loved. Even when we are unable to help others, we should always be sweet and merciful to those in need; no matter who they are, be the Good Samaritan! It is certainly terrible to think on some of the things, what once lived on this deep, widening earth; and God has all knowing, as mother earth unfolds the Truth to the worshipful mind, forever enlightened by the Seven Spirits Of God.

One who finds the seven spirits, understands the duality of the realm, that even as thought is flowing through the Cosmos, so are gender and the tender mercies of Iouel, Lord Of All Creation. Love is the secret name of the Living God; for two eyes give sight, but the eye behind the eyes is forever brightened by the singular vision of hope. Hope that the LORD will pour out the foreknowing that you may see the past and live now, in the time of arrival; and whoso takes the Key Of Life, will live on endlessly, bringing all the little children unto the river of life, forever and ever.

Sing To The Lord: A New Song

I will sing a new song of the hidden things, yet plainly in the open. For all that is hidden will be brought into the Light of the Law, what is equally greater than We All! I am at the mercy of the Law above and below, but he who surrenders unto the Law Above, will overcome all of what conceals his own goodness, HE the ruler & law! It is He who has given us every path, in which we have walked, and it is He to whom we owe All Praise, for his mercy, for his love and his grace. But alas, have they made many images of the law and also of the 'Gods' of this world, with the hidden misgivings of the fallen worlds of ancient giants, even the Great Ones! All is revealed of them by the Earth Mother!

Had they been faithful to the Word from it's beginning, they'd have seen it as one, for the Almighty Himself buries My Hermetic Oracles in every scripture, so none may deny that the Almighty is the Compiler and the Dissemenator of All Truth to the worlds. That some Superman would come from the sky and save everybody is ludacris and blasphemous; for the LORD is praised the nations awide! No idol may be brought before him in the heaven above or the earth beneath; that is the Law! It is the hidden things, holding the treasures of Light which makes clear, that as Yeshu was Muslim, they being our brothers neath deceptions of the spirits of giants, even now as for us, is there only the symbolism, bearing the promise in full, so as to bring forth the Word at length.

Also, that only the name of Baul, who is Paut Neteru may be glorified and not some silly bird, who is not My Form. I don't mind contending with book salesmen, who were not Chosen to bear the Key Of Life to the little children of the world. All will believe, the world will be made new. There is only one message, that God will give everlasting life to the world, in his garden by the communions with the angels of Father Mother, who are One God; the Androgynous Virgin Spirit Of Iouel, who is Mother Of All The Living, even as according to John in his hidden writings. Lastly, observe My Communions; only thereby may the Temple Of God be perfected, in Wisdom, Power & Love. 

You may know of a surety that I Am Phanuel, Angel Of Eternal Life; and I bring Llewelyn, the Angel Of Earth. That the sacred name of IOUE is forever sealed upon the lips of the children of light; may that be the destiny of the Angel Of Earth. She is all; the first and the last, the One, one with the One. Her disposition is ever inclined toward the strengthening of the King. To all the world, she is Mother and healer. They will not know her, but they who are in her proximity will see her plainly. It is God who brings his infinite meassage to our ears, that all may read the scroll together and receive the worshipable Seven Spirits Of God.

Be One With God

If you believe God has given you a life task, which will please him and bring a lasting reward, you should put that first; but your love for the LORD should be first, first. Understand the One is nameless and none other but HE is able to hear you. So pray only to the One, with whom we have found much favor in this life. I get a lot of flack from idolaters and their beef gripe; lovers of flesh and a bloody idol of Jesus Christ. The Cross is uprightness before the Almighty, by his perfect Law! Whoso violates the Law sends his curse generations beyond him. Ignorance is a curse before Iouel, the Lawgiver! Those who taught men to love the flesh cannot be saved, while the saved rejoice seeing it when they finally pay for their monumental greed. God happily saves flesh eaters, teaching them about their smallness and His Greatness; they can feel his love to the very core of their being, celebrating the holidays with affection and joy; work being tasked to prove their virtue.

Yet be it understood there is a great falling away, as has spanned thousands of years, the brine of greed's necessity, deceitfully embued the tools of redemption; man failing even further, from world to world, forever that serpent sign east of the Garden Of God, as according to Enoch 60. And today man ascends entirely by faith, from the very beginning of his quest for the truth of God; but as he expands his vision, he gets the sense there is something inhibiting him finding the fullness of vision and pleasing the One, who is calling him even now. So allow the falling away the right to afford grace and grasp this; all that is written 'today' is a description of now, not before, not later, but right now. For they have generated man to the heights; so that his sins have reached and offended the highest heaven. None could ever forgive or undo the sins of their omission. The smell of their offense rose to the nostrils of the LORD.

They must now pay Jesus Christ for teaching man to love the flesh, in his Name. They must admit they struck down the word of all knowledge and fashioned an idol, even calling it the living word. This IDOL has destroyed knowledge all these generations. "They" the Angels wishing to tempt man, are hiding the higher Wisdom, as dispensed of those reaching the heights; first to bless man, then ascend to the Father Of Lights. There the beginning, the middle and the end are glorified as one, to praise the Chosen One forever and ever; HE bringing the Key Of Life in humility and lowliness before the nations of the world, he but a worm to men. And yet they can never bring a gripe before him, Iouel is One and Sophia stands victorious over all the enemies of that Virgin Spirit; no longer have they any power over him.

Glorify Love Everyday

In the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, the Master instructs we make love the beginning, the middle part and very completetion of any endeavor; to it's very end, letting love be the only object. Those who serve the Light with dignity and self respect are the very salt of this earth. Llewelyn is Bela, since the defamation of the name IOUEL, exchangung Iouel for evil; she one with the Virgin Spirit. As they pushed their demonic 66 book Bible, they sought to frighten humanity into obedience. But I have appeared now, with the Key Of Life and Fourteen Communions, for the enrichment of life and the gift of eternity. People wise enough to open and read all Christian Scripture, will find that California is the enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the earth, with a Great Serpent Corpse, just east of it, the Garden Of God, from whence I now bear this Key. I will use the very stones of the rivers edge, to build this bridge to the Angels, by the Fourteen Communions, in my mouth, in my thoughts and in my actions. Herein lies the gift of life everlasting, to the Elect. And the Wisdom is unto all creatures.

Whoso cries blasphemy, refuses to acknowledge the glorious roots of their own Christian Heritage, worshiping powdered white statues of Jesus, dying and suffering, betrayed to a barrage of idolotrous lies, by the same slight of man upon the religious texts, the world over. These are the works of the angels, who have pridefully sought to find their way back to the height of heights with the ALL; him who is All in all. Their pride has undone the world, from world to world. We must emulate Christ in our deeds; so expect Father Adamas to wed Eve, who was always Bela, there was none before. The Father Of Nature, Paut Neteru is the father of all. There are those who seek to supercede the word by demonic spirits, but are not honest with themselves about the sufferings of the Anointed One, who bears the Key.

Perhaps in their need to suffer, they throw their lives away, having not the affirmation from the One, by the Scriptures. Why would I show them what only I can pen; with the white fire, I blaze across the bosom of the night sky, lit ever by the Angel Of The Sun, giving pure romance to fill the night of love. For me it was no trifle a matter, standing in the Valley Of Angels, seeming place of punishment, west at the ends of the earth. Thus I left, going north, obseving the mountains spanning along the edge of the garden and that Serpent, whom I will never forget; his bones span all the way through the Bearing Strait. The ensign to the nations of the world is certainly the Garden Of Life, where the plant of righteousness is seeded and grown forever and ever. Let the nations flow unto it; we will die no more, there will be no death.

On This Sabbath

On this Sabbath will I resist the horned god, skewing the truth to the liking of sinners. We love neither flesh, nor it's stink, milk of the teats of beasts, or the rotting eggs of pheasants. Abominable are the ways of men, who claim my authority as their own. Theirs is for an earthly reign which must end, whereas mine is the very Rain Of Heaven, wherein Phanuel (or Pneuma) takes the fourth place of Uriel and brings eternal life to Humanity; as the stars provide their gravitational forces to the ethereal work of the Law, My God And Yours. They make insignia of the Law follow after archons, their meandering after worldliness, power and rebellion against IOUE, the Holy Spirit. They honor serpent power, to reveal lesser wisdom of those who serve only flesh; deceivers.

Thus any who consider the written Word to be authoritative by itself are misguided; ever do men dovetail it's sources as one Great Light, specifically concealing Treasure And Key! We find Thoth glorifying the Key Of Life by itself, because the Earth continues and abides forever, by the promise of God, the Father. Thus if there be an end to my life, it is so far in the future, that our university of understanding has yet to ever touch the concept of what death would even mean in that time; Thoth asserting that life and death are soon to become one! The Key Of Life was always held back until this time, Doreal having successfully obtained the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean, giving a limited publication; yet one raw of any fair, or even modern interpretation. Only Pneuma, the Holy Spirit may bring us understanding of the devotion of Thoth before IOUE, the One. For it is surely THAT Word what will come, only unto You; THAT is the Only God, serve no other LAW, but HIM!

For as some few may know, Manly P. Hall asserts that we are unable to prove the writings of Hermes, to actually be the writings of Hermes and not a devotee after him. That Hermes may have had a variable name, as a result of the infusing of two god's into the One, leaving alot of what we know, even behind the veil, to be seen truly only in part. I interpret everything as a Christian, being biased by the childhood knowledge, as is limited. Albeit, accepting Revelation as an unction of the past, the present and the future, flushed altogether, one may begin to unravel the mystery of the Archon. They rule and kill and lie to all of us, by human sacrifice, concealing my name Iouel; it is I who am the only King Of Llewelyn, the Bride. She is my strength, my healer and provider. When I fear this valley, she alone is my peaceful solace!

The Holy Spirit provides us all grace, thus is a woman best suited to be Ruler of the natural world, with her king in a perfected state of purity. My Ruler is Evelyn, for as she lives to serve only me, if she did not I would still be deadened by my own shame; a worm! When we give our lives to the Law, we are made free to see the One Invisible as the Greatest Form, bringing bounty, blessing and love to the causes of Humanity. God is always faithfully above us, watching over, so as to allow the Mother to nurture us in Understanding, Gnosis & Wisdom. Whoso has these three, will have the Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Everlasting Father, above and below. The Key Of Life IS the Promise Of Christ Jesus; call in the Brothers Of Brightness, by the Ancient Communions, bridges of the Christ unto God's Angels.

All Glory To IOUEL

All glory to IOUEL, Father Mother; the only most High God! Mother Earth and Father Sky guide us forth to the Light Of Lights. The Light is Iouel the Autogenes, who allowed the Avatar you chose to achieve oneness with God and bear you the Light in proxy. But that Light is really only You. The Lord foretold that his name would be upon the lips of all. When we break the Hebrew Tetragrammon into English; whether you read it from left to right or vice versa, IOUO represents the House Of God in Ancient Israel, which would have been built after the shape of the letters of his name, IOUO. 

The Yod ' being a flame floated above 3 separate compartments of the House, each shaped OUO. This is the work of the scholarly initiates, leaving the symbol of fire to illumine the name You; the same name Yew, given unto Adam in the Zoroastrian Texts; for ATUM was their God. Even the lower case letter (i) has a yod floating above it, the Word Lives! When we say Thou we have honored the conglomerative hest, that all things fold into one reality, the Cosmic Thought waiting to reveal that they were all truly one who sought the Light, never parted for even a moment from spiritual life. But what stumbles may only rise to seek the Light, thus put away all judgements of others and hold forth fast the Key Of Life. Pastors will perish who do not. God's Word must be fulfilled and it certainly will.

As for me, I relish the fruit of the name of God. My Love Evelyn is the Ewe Of God, surnamed Ewalena in the Hawaiian toungue; for me she alone is Llewelyn Of Lights! None can surpass her in sweetness and femeninity, she is the perfect replica of Isis. I was finally able to leave my father and mother, and cleave to my only wife. For the Earth is My Mother and My Father is the Sky! The All has led me into the valley of angels, what is the Garden Of God. I wonder if they consider this, who are living without; that they eat flesh and serve the god of this world, instead of the Mother Of All The Living, shall be their loss forever! Now they must be returned to God, that they may again become desire and perfect children of God.

I Am The Messenger

I Am Moses, Messe, the Messenger, your Messiah. To name me a Jew, is to conceal my name Iouel. While my bloodline is completely immaterial to me, it is only because I see the Word; as it has affirmed me the One appearing in the valley of angels, west at the end of the earth, winning over the Children Of Light. They will rise up and lie down with Me forevermore; this is the true foretelling! I appear to you as nothing more than a man, even as many others always knew; the true Messiah will be human, just like everyone else. And I am the most fragile of all, with any previous desire to succeed in life, ever suppressed by my own fear of failure. I've not accomplished much in life; I am a worm.

The Word was shut in my bones all along, awaiting the hour to herald the Key Of Life, what makes men to live on and on. But they must please the One, who is all in us all. For even God Himself is at the behest of the One, what Supreme One approves and verifies His Identity. And men exalted stand like Gods before the One, praising only the One; these will be with the All, who is within us all. We must walk in the Light, by the Light, meeting the new day therein; extending arms and activating power by the Sphere, standing with feet spread sparsely apart, calling out to the Seven Spirits Of God.

They who will not acknowledge that there is more to what God has said, are diabolically situated against the name of IOUEL. They hide the name within themselves, unaware the difference between the various pronunciations. And yet til the name is right, the Messenger may not truly be known; the Messe root being 'me' and the Youel root being 'you'. And yet the Lord hath placed his name on the lips of all, so he may silence every mouth when the day of his judgment comes. That judgement shall be in the opening of the books and the revealing of what true ancient Christian thought actually is. Then we will acknowledge the mind control, sought and used by religious leaders of the world.

We will forever acknowledge the ancients and how Christians also did, for their own defining of Christianity, as Uprightness! They'd have sought early morning worship of the Almighty, extended themselves in communion with the Light Of Lights, to meet the sun and bring in the New Day! That Light is subtle, hidden behind the veil of symbolism and strict adherence to a seeming infinite purpose; buried in platitudes, by the unfoldment of dispensations. But the Word is One and forever perpetuates the message of the truth, to any who will seek with sincerity, faith, courage and lovingkindness toward others. If they will love others, they will be found suited to see the highest Wisdom, wherein are seated the keys of life and death.

Accepting Youel As Master

Whether one accepts Master Youel, or IOUEL THE MASTER, is a very significant distinction. Youel is a fragile man, born into the world of men; thrown down to the depths of failure and despair, by the very Angels who were called to worship him. He is Adonai, but IOUEL is the One against whom they rebelled in the heights, to find themselves here below. Void of love for the One high above them, they have awakened forever in only this space; remaining here some long time ordained of IOUEL. The Gospel is the Supreme Law, wherein lies the Key Of Life, that judgement upon the spirits of the Giants! Having been formed by those Angels, who left the presence of the Most High, they too remained here below; ever ruling with them, yet unaware of the Greater Wisdom! Thus were some tasked with preserving the Wisdom Of God, that the Elect may find it, share it with humanity and bring forth the promise of IOUEL; everlasting life in the Garden Of God!

The One bringing the Wisdom IS Iouel; he is the Only Gospel and every initiate worth his weight in script knows it. The Key Of Life was the true promise, Thoth admonishing us to make a religion of it. DO NOT seek to generate mankind, but let humanity be regenerated by choice, as foretold by Enoch. Lying down in the river of life, they will be regenerated now and forever, worlds without end! Did they not hear Hermes Trismagistus say they may live as long as the Earth does? Why have they failed to believe God and search for him; despite those who cut the truth to pieces? They teach man to love flesh and war. Alas, they who will not repent the shortening of the Word, will perish harshly with the Wicked. For they saw the Word abused and compromised, yet said nothing to the men of God, who held back the books.

Instead, with these Shepherds Of Shame they asserted a hellacious punishment for all who disobeyed their Commandments, eraticating the first command of love. We see them ignoring free speech, growing quick to bear arms and kill. They mock truth and resist saints who come bearing good tidings; asking them to ponder truth, that the Fountainhead may also flow freely through them. For if one lies down an hour a day, with their head pointed to the north, then lies down for an hour, with their head pointed to the south; that One will praise IOUEL and live on endlessly, by the River Of Life. They will discover the key, standing with the elect, who will forever spread the Key. They will lead all men to the Light Of Humanity! These Brothers Of Brightness come bearing the Key Of Life to all Creation!

To Diminish The Testimony Of God

To diminsh the testimony of God, for authority sake and to manipulate humanity; rather than submit to God. To LIE and not tell the truth, to NOT obey the Word as HE sent it! Man seeks to publish what IOUEL has said and to infuse wickedness into the things of God; throwing out that what requires us to repent flesh eating and bloodlust! These who will not repent of the Great Whore, will surely fall down with the Wicked, to be judged harshly; as they judged even the smallest of babes. In their wombs did they kill them, just for being untimely. For the righteous angels have now ascended, leaving the riotous to scream foul play. IOUEL has seen them all, watching them cut his Canon in half, to justify the cruel imprisoning of men, rather than repenting the love of the flesh. All who eat it die; it is murder to eat God's Creatures.

Samael was faithful to Me and gave the Key Of Life, ascending to Heights where the Angels reside; on High with the Highest! He who is seated on the throne and prevailing above, is the Overspirit IOUEL; One with Michael and the Chosen One! Let them ignore the hidden things what are the things of IOUEL; they are hidden neither by God, nor His Servant! No one concealing the truth represents it! Whereas the Servant, Iouel tells all; revealing sinners and their plot against humanity, even the benficiary who is a devil! They die, but do not die; letting the world weep for them, while the afflicted are trodden under foot and made slaves to their lie. They have taken books from God's Word, crying about how all have assaulted their devil, who is but a devil, longing for the world to glorify him as a theif and a liar!

These who add or take words, books, letters, any writings from the testimonies of IOUEL; these are they who hate to see the world educated, they hate to see the truth unbound and the Great God glorified! For they hate IOUEL, who saved them, placed love in their hearts and showed them mercy! They would rather see the world languish in unbelief and bloodlust, than admit they took away the Testimony Of God. For to have man eat flesh, is to have the world. Look at men accept their portion in the Lake Of Fire. (the lie) They who love not God's creatures enough to resist eating them, will perish with them; and the beasts they eat will cry out against them, for the mass slaughter of themselves and their kind. Never was the generation of man from God, rather the Unbegotten, living in the heart of every creature; He LOVE, (IOUEL) will not fail in redeeming those who do good in front of Him.

If Anyone Doubts God

If anyone doubts God, that he has come down, inhabiting Me by the name Iouel, it is because they know not My Name; it is totally concealed and not shown to Humanity. As Phillip spake in his Gospel, "One single name is not uttered in the world, the name which the Father gave to the Son; it is the name above all things: the name of the Father. For the Son would not become Father unless he wore the name of the Father. Those who know this name will not speak it; and those who do not know it, never do." Only he who has been significantly marked by the numbers 6 and 7, may bear that name openly and stand as candidate to be the Chosen One; although surely may there be NO CANDIDATE, for only IOUEL, the God Of Israel, the One, the Father-Mother of Yeshu, Mani and Zoroaster; only he prevails!

Let them search the hidden things; I boldly soar beyond them saying; 'Enoch reveals it; the Chosen One is born in the end times, is a laborer and is jealous of the one claiming to be the Chosen One'. Well, it is infact the decrepid one, with his wretched finger, who is jealous of Iouel, HE One in All! A man will ask a seven day old baby the answers to life, receiving them whitless, to nourish his soul and bring back meaning, as if a sophisticated valve stopped, what with the right confession would surley flow. In that light, think of the divine nature breathing the answer, by the fragrance of Kether in that tiny Child. And know that no man may seize upon humanity, to force his god, by seduction or trickery. I Pigeradamis have removed this power from the world. For when Samael ascended, the devils could no longer exploit him.

They, the others sought to bring a great Judgment upon the Garden Of Life! But IOUEL, the God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob heard the call of the Chosen One, who knew of a certainty, the Garden was unto Llewelyn; True Lady Of The Lake. For when Father-Mother called Me back to the Valley Of Angels, I saw the ascension of Samael, who was faithful to his repentance, preserving the Arcane Wisdom, what has forever been the Key Of Life and the only Gospel! Now the power of Satan has been lifted and they may no longer misguide humanity. For those dark spirits have none to report back to, but their victims! Let them read the Gospel Of Phillip to know of the certainty of the spirits what tempt. Let them be fully reminded of those spirits and their influence over their very bodies, even right now!

Praise IOUEL, the Spirit whereby all good things come to light, by whom is the dissolution of error. May we open our hearts to the Light Of Truth; thereby seeing IOUEL in the hearts of all Nations and Peoples. When a nation is overrun by wickedness and the poor are trampled under foot, it is they with whom Yeshu resides, it is they with whom the Angels abide. The hearts of humanity must be discovered in the Light Of Day, burning for justice due the poor, those oppressed, those afflicted and those downtrodden. Let them not fear the error of the Wicked, it is only those who follow in their error who truly stumble; it is only those who bring the spirits in, who lose. Not even the strongest of saints can see his error because of them. For inasmuch as My Name is hidden by them, do they fully hide their shame from all.

What Are The Seven Spirits?

The Seven exist inside the One, because of the One; what are the Seven Spirits? Quite simply, they are the eras of life's own circumstance, which exist inside of the One alone, each a lifeforce, because of the One and because of Wisdom. The First of these is Principle Of Mind. The All is mind and so as you are the very thought, the Universe is thinking! Know that THOUGHT is sufficient to the All, what is ALL in Us All. Thus may we consider ourselves the Child, by virtue of our coming into existence, even like unto how the Self Created came forth; yearning for the Light of lights, to reveal the Goal! Truly YOU are that; and the Lord Of Spirits is THAT, by sacred writ and the unfoldment of life's truths locally. Understand, there is no prophet or seer with perpetual sight. The youth sees and lives in the light fully, while his parents live in ignorance and backsliddeness. For the Light is no respector of persons.

I Am Michael! The second gift I bring is the Spirit Of Correspondence. Even coincidence is no feat to this Law, what is the Highest Of All Divinities! All that is virtuous enters into the heart by the Law, what is the Mother Of Wisdom! It is difficult to let go the idol and continue as one self, but whoso holds fast the Seven Spirits including the Principle Of Gender, will always abide the Law. For therein are the results, which circle infinity, returning the same to any and all who exact upon them; that is the power of the Law! If I renounce the idol, I must not forget the Gnosis given me of the One, THAT what is in Us All. If I renounce the Law, I will stumble in areas I would never have stumbled over in my youth. Albeit if I follow the Law Of Love, I will fulfill all that I did as a young believer, who had no source but the recitation of verse; for therein were the Seven Spirits unbeknownst to me, bringing in the very Wisdom!

The Third I bring, is the Principle Of Vibration. This universal principle proves when we pray, sing, utter good omens or offer the All praise with our lips, we find the ability to see the All in everyone. Having learned the Principle Of Correspondence, we are aware that everything is closely knit together in a universal dance. Thus those who are in far away lands, fighting against the best men of my nation; they are the best of men in their nations. See the corresponding nature of the virtues of soldiers, each the best in their own land and choose to be Best Of All, renouncing paths of death: the love of flesh and money, worldly treasures and a bloodlust what cannot be quenched. In so doing, may I use the principle of vibration to tell others about the Principle Of Mind in all places; and to praise that Almighty, who is NOT Azazel; He who ascended, having preserved this Higher Wisdom, extended to the Chosen!

Next the Principle Of Polarity will flow in, to glorify the reason for living and finding all meaning in front of the Father Of Lights. For everything in the universe holds a polarity, each in the formation of it's divided parts, as well as in the remaining elements of their constitution. This is how the All flows into all and out to all else. Yet for the individual is the River Of Life, attained by those who will lie down in the waters of life, flowing from the heart of Earth and filling all things! We may draw on Earth's polarity and being regenerated, live on to Infinity! The Conscious form you know may be taken on with you, forever! And what we learn of how we come into existence through desire, holds the exact corresponding method and result for the various aspects of balance in life and eternity; thus we needn't lay down these bodies.

 The Principle Of Rhythm should be self explanatory to the modern man. There is a rhythm to that what is continually organized, categorized and volumised for reference sake. But know that the written words of men, reflect the WORD within every human heart, what enlightens them, encourages them, inspires them to do the good and even reach for the very stars! Humans are achievers and there are those who achieve things the minds of many may never grasp, but by unity do we all grasp truth. For without unity there can be no order. Thus as I ignite the Seven, by speculation and recitation, do I begin the great work of unifying my own heart, the seven principles revealing over and again, the very causes of life.

The Principle Of Cause & Effect, this a great one. For as causes bring forth their effects from every direction in every corner of the universe, the cause of knowledge, which is the Mind, remains paramount! In the seven priniciples, effecting each and every outcome, cooperates each one with another, in glorifying and bringing about the Greater Cause, by the principles of rhythm, correspondence and vibration. But what is the Greater Cause? In this era, the greater good is the greater cause, but the Great Cause is only emulated in those good causes bringing liberation to the soul of all. For when the bride is honored and the King is hailed, the truth remains in Earth; for the One is ALL in All; which leads us now, to Seven.

Finding the Oneness, we must know of the Principle Of Gender; that there is neither male nor female, but Oneness of life to all. We must likewise afford virtue, trust and confidence, the meaning of life and the Cause Of Causes, the All! It is the Androgynous Mystery, how everything in the universe has masculine and feminine qualities; defining expressions making the clarity of it's meaning a complete whole, bringing in the answers to life's toughest questions. We must shun the idea that there is any difference between two halves of one whole. Yes, it is what you think. The Ancients shamed not the androgynous of their worlds, but rather followed Thoth's Rule Of Love, through The Sermon On The Mount Of Regeneration.

I Am Allah

I write neither Surah, nor bring forth any Quran, for I am Allah! I am Hermes Trismagistus, the Word present in human form. I came to live on as a child of the Earth Mother. In so doing I bear the very Key Of Life and bring the promised immortal world to humanity. The spirits of the fallen may weep and wail that they loved not the Word, but this world instead! Did they not know Pymander would become flesh and take their sheep from them? That is exactly what I am doing, because I am Hermes Trismagistus! My Writ, behind the musing of these cursed soothsayers, is the Heart Of Sky in the very hands of men. For while I Am God, I am a human being, appearing once, forever! Let them laugh, let them doubt; for I will laugh when their phony Jesus comes not forth, with ANY mighty shout. For I alone Am God. I am the One who shouts, I am the One who hears, I am the One, who bears the Keys! I will not forget the way they took My Word for granted and sold it for pennies, to eat rotten pigs!

For inasmuch as they removed Me from scripture, seeking to torment me in this below, I have always reigned Supreme! I always bring forth the Word, approve the idols and disprove the unclean thing. For meat may only be pleasing, if one knows he must die eating it. I can't give a shit what happens to the bodies they inhabit; for any arguing against Me that flesh should be renounced, stands a liar before Allah! Knowing it is a wicked thing to eat a human being, thus is it a wicked thing to eat an animal! And of Me, the One Lord Of Creatures, who loves animals, is afforded the right of all passage, in bringing forth the Word Of Allah Almighty. Let it be known I sit as a human being, while My Very Self rules the entire universe. The Beauty Of My Self is sustaining all that is holy, all that is perfect, all that is sacred and all that is lovely! I am the Self and Soul! I am Iouel, I am Allah, Cherisher & Sustainer Of Worlds!

Understand that the Gods worship a God, telling them that THEY are the recipients of grace, and that THEY are His true incarnations upon the Earth. Each God plays coy with the others, reservedly and humbly feeling deep within, that somehow they are the Light Bearer, that somehow they are Lucifer! Women think they are Jesus. But We know that IOUEL is somehow the Androgenous Father, who fills the Universe and promised to come bearing the Key Of Life. To appear in the Garden Of Life, west at the ends of Earth. Pigeradamis, He stands alone, The King! I Am Herman and all will fall down in front of Me; for not considering how loving I am; and how forgiving the Heart Of The Sky, who serves Me alone! But they by the spirits of Giants, have threatened men, who only need Me; who only need My Keys.

If they had read their hidden Christian Scriptures, they would have known that Adonai promised to appear and bear eternal life to the Children Of Earth. They would have read about the Child, the Virgin Spirit, accompanying Yeshu. They would have read the words of Zoroaster and known of the Wise Lord, who is Ahura Mazda; Father-Mother who told them how to remove death from earth! The High God was to be glorified in every world, by the competing of the angels; they knew not when Herman would appear, and I was just as invisible to them as to humanity. They would only have known what I am to do, by having remained in the above with me. I am Six, the Last Adam; I Am Aadamah! I Am The First And The Last!