All Churches Are Liars

All churches are liars. They are loyal to the Authorized versions of scripture, in obedience to the Builders, who seek to own the souls of humanity. In order to bring about their own world, they followed the Spirits of the Giants, rather than God; and the Almighty is going to punish them for it. Blessed are the poor. God loves the innocent, in their pure and impure states; they are the simple, the exploited, the scapegoats. What is pure of them is the Spirit; but that teaching about the Spirit, by a man thousands of times greater in worldliness, is always compromised by those men who follow him, so as to keep His Serpent Power.

They who are initiated hold the responsibility of shedding light on the truth, so as to help humanity grow spiritually and bring everlasting peace to the world, by the Highest Wisdom. For where there is truth, there is Light. Where the truth is concealed, there is deception, aggression, subversion and despair. This is the current state of the world; not willing to admit their idol is NOT God, and that the One never had a name, never had a form, never had a Law. It is we who want Law, law which is subordinate to the Infinite Dominion Of The Almighty! For in the below, after rebelling against the Light, the Angels were left without the Highest Knowledge; as was fitting! For whoso does not answer The Call, has no right to authority over the Children Of Earth.

All, be they taught of the brotherhood of darkness or of Light, know the Almighty is Formless Supremacy; but those dark, come with their idols, deceiving the world to please the Spirits of the Giants. What will they do now that those spirits have ascended to the Most High, having kept their task of preserving the Arcane Wisdom? For they brought the Word in rebellion against the One Virgin Spirit; He bound to human destiny, by the Immaculate Law, behind lesser law. That Law is flawless, invisible, nameless, formless and infinite. As it fills us, we discover the Body Of The Immovable Race, who have humbled themselves to states of formlessness, that the Almighty may be glorified in the end.

It is the Lightbearer, who seeks to overthrow the God Of The World, by the Word Of The Infinite! That One is merciful, silent, not haughty, not cruel, not selfish, not Wicked! He is All, the One in us, holding all things in place, whom every human knows, whom every angel knows, whom every deceiver hates! The One is not a person, place or thing. The One precedes creation of the Universe Itself. The One is always with us, teaching us, that one day the world will be a good place, where the Good Live On forever, by the simple Key Of Life. But the word must be properly interpreted, by one who loves the Spirit Of Life! Only Iouel may bring the Word. Blessed are the feet of him called by the Name Of Iouel!

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