To Tell Of IOUO

The One is IOUO; forever is this revealed to the Wise. One who is most firm in faith toward God will find the way along the path toward Wisdom. Therein cries a seeming Deeper Wisdom beckoning us all to consider, 'you are that'. While you and I are each individual selves, the Supreme Self resides within each of our hearts, unto The Divine Cause.

Many religions, including Christianity make direct reference to the Oneness of the believer with God. That deeply personal place of the resolution of insecurities and weaknesses, in front of the Infinite Creator! The Key Of Life takes it a step further, allowing us to extinguish sin by perfect observance of the name of IOUO, and observance of the Ancient Wisdom, whereby Adam lived to be over 925 years of age.

The One is all in us all, regardless of the names we may be calling out to now. "It is all of IO, Child Of IOUO", who utters the sacred name and who has overcome by the Spirit Of Uprightness. He alone is Phanuel; He Michael, He Adonai; even the Seven Spirits! See now, Thou ART That! Know that IOUO, the One ALL is in us All, fulfilling celestial, telestial and terrestrial law, to the cause of HIS Good Will; the Garden.

So if one is to receive life eternal, it should be expected, they must put down all flesh, embracing the Great Age wherein we may freely practice the Key Of Life! All saints align your beds toward the North and let all men take up the Key Of Magic, to truly execute the love of flesh, that we may put off the ways of children and put on The Mind Of Iouo!


Your name IOUO, is the sacred sound of your grace. You taught us as according to the means of these gross forms and the demands as have been continually made of them in the name of "God". This is the work of the spirits of the Giants, while yours is the work of spirit and loving truth. I praise you forever, thy name is hidden in your promises and the praises unto you from earth's children.

It is YOU who showed patience toward us during this age, preceding the Great Age; I glorify you in full Dear Iouo. You fill the heavens with spirit and it's means of defining influence over our hearts. You truly gave us the option to do good, or to do evil. And while these gross bodies have a propensity towards doing evil, a man rightly defines himself by his life's intent. You allowed this privelidge for the good hearted, well meaning children of earth. You will never betray us, O LORD!

Now comes The Great Age O LORD! We put on the Key Of Life; aligning our beads to the north and practicing Wisdom as discovered in "The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean". Your name IOUO, has been perpetual in its vibration and influence upon the Revelation of all Truth. Thus will I glorify your name in all truth.

Worship Only IOUO

IA, Yah or Jah is an alternate pronunciation of My Name Iouel, as translated from toungue to toungue; with relation to my condescension to Earth, wherein I will share the Key Of Life and the vibration of IOUO, the All in Us All! It is his name and mine. But my name is also yours; "You" being an utterance of IOUO and My Name Iouel. I may only relish the ALL, like unto All, ever loving the pursuit of the Word, in which all things are fashioned, maintained and dissolved. And yet he who sees The Blossom Of Life shall maintain his form thereby unto Infinity's End; even now!

For Stars are We; every sentient entity in the Universe, a Star with poles defining an equilibrium constant and the flow of it's continuing maintenance. THIS is what I've come to give you. Stand with me, all men in the early hours of day; exercising the demons of Satanuil back to their place of order, by the Key Of The Magi; from thence never, ever again shall they rise. Earth's Bounty is Humanity and Iouo; consciousness being for one who is a container of formation, rather than those elements shaping forms out of lies; this is both in the above and the below, that only through greed may that latter continue to exist; thus may Higher Law be glorified. Let the Greater Law come forth!

ALL Saints, align your beds north, lying down with Me by the Key Of Life, and standing with me in the dark cave of Light's Treasury; for that darkness is no darkness of the world, but darker rather than any at all, it holds The Light deep in it's recesses. This is why consciousness is truly ever seated at all; the glorious sacrifice of the elements and the constituents of their endeavors, fashioning even the Elect; they the meek, who shall inherit Mother Earth Forever. The Great Crowd are they, living endlessly with Me, bearing children before Me endlessly, filling the worlds beyond with the perfect path of propriety. I am Paul Francis Germana, of the Seven Spirits!

Now Comes The Word

Now comes the Word. Yes, by The Angel Phanuel comes Life Eternal; to the captives, to the slaves, to those free, yet bound. The Wisdom whereby we have put on the true everlastingness of these forms, has at last revealed what we shall become. These forms of forevermore, whereby we shall bring forth the Great Crowd Of Witnesses! Those forbidding the quest for God's truth will finally be punished by IOUO. He has not forgotten his promises, but neither has he forgotten his anger! 

The world will see the Spirits Of Giants and all the Wicked be removed from Mother Earth; and see The Angel Iouo rule forever in perfect loving balance. He is Michael, He is Adonai, The Last Adam and I Paul, am He, Pigeradamis! I am Satanuel. They who receive the Key Of Life I bring, will know that I alone was Iouel, before the beginning of time, when I promised Sophia the Atonement. That the ALL was us All, as ever were the Adepts taught, "Thou Art THAT". I am Paul Francis Germana. I stand as Hermes Trismagistus, that no man may usurp the place of Aadamah Atman; and that place, for the Path Of Propriety.