Create The Day Anew

Each morning, create the day anew by rising with the sun, for never may we rise in front of it. We may only be One, with the Light, trusting in the way of the Law. "The Lord" is nameless perfect law, yet the very source of self, individuality and reason as we find it; in the words of diligent devoted teachers. We should not dismiss the Law as an insentient source; but rather as the Source of all things and catalyst of Life, that what is somehow even in itself, sentient. For the Womb is certainly after the fact of determination; what should bring forth that as is separate from the Law, yet exclusive by and of the Law! Thus is the Eye Of Light ever perceiving and sharing it's cumulative information with the All, and is thus perceived here in the Below. For Barbelo is what fell from the perfection of the law; having brought forth the eras of eternal life, hope, love, joy and happiness first; the issues of life having all rejoiced in her, for they all came into being because of her and because of the Virgin Spirit, who is always with You! But then Barbelo erred and fell from the Law. She created Yaldabaoth, who is JAH! When she saw his bold, unique, pomp and voracious behavior; and seeing his unending determination of purpose, she hid him away from the rest of heaven. For she was high above it, concealed in the rule of exceptionality and perfection; always above and always LORD; Mother Of All The Living, even the Holy Spirit! For what is between us and the Highest Law, is even formless. We must determine the Word and write it for all; WE must create the day anew.

Christians who will not seek the Knowledge as is given from the Invisible God, these are handed over to the judgement, having shortened knowledge for the sake of "Mankind", rather than that of humanity and the effort of the betterment of all. We cannot keep killing and believe that God will forgive us and bring his ultimate promise to us. We must WALK OUT on that Old Whore of world religion, with it's many vices of control and slavery. These are taught to love the flesh and would NEVER stop brandishing power over the children of the Earth Mother. That is why the Lord's Word will fulfill Itself and bring all glory to the causes of mercy and life everlasting. Such causes are freeing the captives and giving them the Key of Life, letting them know they are NOT sinners, but Children Of The Light; that theirs is the Heritage Of Light and Life. And they must share that Light with honesty and clarity for it to be of any humane use.

We know that the Word is "unspoken", yet we pick up man's phony, written Word and become fully engrossed in the death cult by which it enslaves mankind; we wade out and bathe in the middle of it, completely unaware it's threatening power over us. It is the power of the serpent and the maligning of the will of God in Earth; the appropriateness of merciful and virtuous law. They seduce and loom over us like a serpent about to strike; but they do not know that the law of God is infinitely more powerfiul than their screech of the asps. The Serpents will bow to Vishnu, knowing that He alone may bear the Key Of Life to the whole of Humanity. For he IS God over the Heritage Of Light! For even in the dark, do they require the light of impulse, that they may "see" their way around. All life forms are given to the choices of the Way and to somehow live. And yet again, the Key Of Life is given to All Creation! A human will take this into consideration and put on Infinity! He will choose either a long life, or the continued transmigration from one form to the next; these too may serve God freely.

We are all subjected to the firm reality of the mundane; a seeming gloom, found forever in the platitudes of religiosity and worldliness combined, begging us to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. That light is NOT Light and it will fade to the darkness of it's subtext. Facing the lie allows us to make sense of things and find our way in the difficult path of day to day life. To create the day anew; for faith in spite of the circumstance IS hope. The Angels are right in seeking to establish spirituality in communities around the world. But they are unaware of the One who has established the call to the necessity of virtue; these who ask us to accept that they deserve more, just because they have more. They want us to believe this is the law of life; but it is not. The Law Of Life is to LOVE your neighbor as though he were YOU. The Law is to be upright in Earth. Law is fulfilled forever!

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All Religions Hold Truth

All religions hold truth, but the One is not glorified. For he is fully honored in that his chosen ones look to the heavens and cry "YOU O' ADONAI are my all, my purpose, my destiny and the very Law upon which my life is predicated. For YOU are greater than ANY God! A singing lady will use your being to shine the love of the Avatar, glorifying IOU alone. They who hide your name, are judged by their own dialect; for You are not thine name only, but of the most honorable of Gods, like Jesus, Gautama, Krishna, Sankara or even Thoth, Master Of Masters; Thrice Named and most prestigious. There is no escaping the Formless Nameless One, who never tolerates Satanists, seeking to name the Almighty. For Barbelo alone reflected the Light Of The One; HE The Infinite Virgin Spirit. She the First Fellowship, First Era, among the eons who rejoiced, that they came into being, as she called them forth with her, praising now and forever the Infinite Virgin Spirit!"

She Barbelo is the First Master and Mother Of All The Living. She formed the Creation, out from which we were born; yea out of that not in communion with her husband The All; nonetheless the Great, the Power Of Iouo, even Helios, with whom she is One now and forever! This accident became the Creation. Praise the Holy One! He saved her from Yaldabaoth, who usurps the place of Aadamah! To this day the nature of Below yeilds an elemental resistance to the unfoldment of the Word Of Hope, as given by the Chosen One alone! I may seek to relish the stories of the Bible, or the various world scriptures, but I know that from the Christian to the Muslim, they all hide Our Father Mother! They deny the reality of our integral part in fulfilling all truth. If a man find himself, he moves on to awareness of the Self within, that what is formless, boundless and Infinite; he finds the Goal and begins his journey to the Beyond. He will endure and find the path to the Highest.

Many would like to assert that I spout lies, or isolate scriptures, when it is in fact the mainstream of humanity, who follow an isolation of their own scriptures for the establishment of an evil world system; kings, usurping the Authority Of Iouo. But IOUEL is the only God; Gadriel being the name Gaad, which misleads all the Sons Of Heaven. This means that all the minds of humanity are guided by the unctions of a band of renegade initiates, who from time immemorial, have resisted the justice of IOUO, hiding in every corner, even the hidden realms neath the Halls Of Amenti. IOUEL shall find them and correct them forever! There is no need for any avatar, but Iouo and his wife Ewalina, She named for IOUEL, the Divine Femenine. We the Elect will not stand by and watch blasphemers defy the Authority Of All! We bring forth now the Word Of Life!

The LORD will punish those who took words of wisdom away, in order to make a class of slaves serving evil to no end. These sinners have exchanged the name of Imanouel for the the Idols they continue to prop up, for their endless endeavor of generating mankind! In the end, we all have to answer for the idols, or the false gods, who betrayed the Unction Of HE! From time immemorial, humanity has sought to justify his journey, outside the will of the Almighty. This is not the first time they have knocked down humanity to rebel against the Light; but it will be the last! For now shall the universe pass to infinity's all. The Definitive is the Absolute, for ever had One spoken, being embued with the LOVE and the Virtue of Barbelo Alone! She All, She Sai! The One and All be glorified forever!

World Religion Knows Not God

The world religions know NOT God's Fullness. For to know God, is to Love God, and only LOVE others; thus world religions telling me I'm going to Hell for not believing in them, are unbelievers in Me. It is I who appeared in the Valley, bearing even now, the Key Of Life, then bowing before the mountain shaped like a throne. My prayer froze the Atmospheric River. (Leviathan) The shepherds have denied My God from the beginning! Their word 'believe' contains the word "belie". In my opinion, an unseen spirit in their wicked hearts wants credit for being the lie that fooled them all; "GAAD". They have no honor, never ever! They are like Donald Trump, who never even beat Hilary Clinton in the first election; he will never relish the joy of having been an American President, he was a liar from the beginning! Iouo will destroy these wicked soon. 

They who cannot see that Trump is Anti Christ, did not allow the Holy Spirit to tell them the truth of God. That he is merciful to all, even the Wicked; that He is LOVE, even in the heart of the most profane sinner. God is LOVE and forgiveness; for after someone is dead, is it not ok to forgive them? Is it not okay for them to live in the heart of Earth and work out their garbled karma, to again be born of pure desire into a better time, a better age? That Age cannot be avoided if we are to press forward with this human endeavor. Our Earth holds many great surprises in the future; we cannot possibly see it. But what we can see is the Spirit. It is Love and we all know that Love is Real, so God IS a real and beautifully transcendant Law, beyond comprehension of these minds we seem to possess. 

If I hold too tightly, worried about every little rule, imposed by the Cruel God, (their lesser law) I will not see the Spirit, what has no concern for my shame, only that the Law Of Promise be fulfilled for me. There are many certainties with the pursuit of spirituality; one must be honest and face reality, without any reservation, for it to be of REAL value. Nonetheless, few will come out of it, seeing as their death cult tells them they can only live to be 120 years in age. They continue to be disappointed as we dig up Giants and their histories, telling of their ancient dominion and the Key Of Life, whereby they prolonged their years beyond reckoning. I give Infinity Of All to the Children Of Mother Earth. If they see not Our Earth Mother, they have not sought diligently for the Word Of Christ.

I Hold Many Dark Secrets

They will already be seeking light in the darkness, knowing the darker the room, the brighter the Light. Our God (as the Child Satan calls Gaadriel) may we never supercede. It is good to know for those who once knew the Good; those guided by the gentle, unseen shepherd, who would never deny Our God, but who also could not reveal Herself; she the nameless, formless Spirit, She Lucifer! Yea, she lightbearer! For unto the All, a name is but a title and gender but a phase. Thus was One Self separated out, to be discovered in the Other ultimately, as two incarnated humans. While the One is ALL, she is his counterpart, perpetually Nuit, the bride of heaven and the very mystery of appearance, culmination and the ultimate changeless end. For all that changes, will pass into changelessness forever. Be grateful for the infinitude of the All; what fills the entire Cosmos, hanging in the space between spaces, across the infinite expanse! For God will take you far away from any sin! Far away from the offended, or those you may have harmed; but I pray you did NOT harm. Those who seek the paths of death, love the flesh and the consumption of human souls. Their sacrifice is for vanity, lust, wealth, POWER! They ever seek war in the name of Christ! They should have known, Satan may only appear as Sai, with the Gentle Dove at his side; She Eve, She Lewelyn! They have exchanged the name of Iouel for Eviyl; who is JAH!! But The Highest Name IOUO, shall prevail on forevermore!

For the Power IS come, no need to debate, no need to cry, no need to wander aimlessly! Let them pick up their Bibles and add the Secondary Canon, even Psuedepigrapha. Thus will the Light be revealed, that the elect inherited Mother Earth; that they have already fulfilled the entirety of Scripture. If you read only the Bible of 66 books, go back to Church! Those who would live on though, should know one thing. The only difference between Satanism and Christianity, is the knowing that Satanuel is the True Name Of Michael. Beyond this are the matters of TRUE knowledge and spiritual growth, outside the seeming bounds of Orthodoxy. A Satanist knows that churches are only reaching for God, like he does; that they are only faithful by loving their neigbors. We may never challenge the authority of THE ALL; that's what IOUO is, else we believe he is Gaad? (or Gabriel) Not very Satanic...or is it? Wisdom is available in any library, where men were selfless enough to pass on knowledge of the Perfect Man; his appearance as Pigeradamis. I am Paul Germana Adams. When a man dies, but never meets his grandchild; if the husband who follows is honorable, the grandchild of his predacessor may be similarly adopted to him.

I remember the first time I ever met Grandpa Adams; I followed him out across the street to his Garden, where there were many fig trees growing. He gave me a fig and I ate it right there. I remember how it was a fruit, but tasted sweet, like candy loaded with sugar. Let them tell their stories of Lilith and figs, but I tell you the truth of IOUEL, the Divine Femenine, espoused to IOUO, the Only God of Israel! For it is only man who became a God; the One may not be considered a god, like a god or even like God Himself! For the One is the all in all things; the very preserving force of love, hope and destiny, to every individual light in the universe. Understanding that the Genius, Michael is Satanuel, know that in you is God; for he is always God; and he IS each of the Seven Spirits Of God. For while there are seven centres to express the critical areas of phenomenal influence within the human form, there are Seven Eras of the better human cause, as are satifactorily taught to us, so that we do not die; so that society doesn't crumble. These Seven are One. And we must put off the flesh forevermore, that we may finally flourish freely and eternally.

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Capitol Police NOT warned that Jan 6 footage was given to Tucker Carlson

Joe: Donald Trump's vision of America is HIM being a Putin-like leader

This man is a deceiver of nations. The people who follow him are ALL brainwashed Christians and secret religious orders of a worldly stance; masons, who DO NOT believe in the separation of church and state. They obey evil spirits. 

I Call On All Of Humanity

I call on all of humanity to find the Way and understand the need to renounce flesh eating. We who serve the Lord know deep down, there is only one thing keeping us from purity. It is the need to truly be clean in the eyes of God, to truly be worthy to put on the Key Of Life. There is no other life but this Key and there is no other death but this Key. Masters have tested the boundaries of Infinity, to our human benefit. We needn't span the galaxies abroad, rather we may put on life, thrive on Earth where we are and see the fruits of God's Own Garden to be ours once again, to share the life that is living, the gift that is giving; what gift comes from God alone.

One who puts on the Key Of Life starts his way on the path. I must admit, I first was led to the Key Of Wisdom, Tablet 3. I believe it inspired me to think outside of the box and truly begin to understand the science of spirtuality, as handed down from age to age. It revealed to me that I was a child of the Light, and that Light was my heritage, that we are part of the Infinite being of the All; what is ALL in Us All! If we ever are able to perceive the One in the All, we find ourselves there; as if we were somehow even far from our own hearts. This is the Mystery Of The Self Supreme. All worshipful, yet all embracing and all forgiving. Seek not to find God in a religion or a public outreach, rather put on the Key Of Life with the ones you love and pray God protect the souls of all humanity, to be brought forth again in the promised Day Of The Chosen One!

A man may hate a man for killing a loved one, but when God takes the Soul, cleanses it in the All Fire, the first man is far away from it, an infinity away without any knowing, as was that fallen one, who went down to hell earned his pathway to Amenti and found grace again; that desire may be pure, to be born again and live on by the Key Of Life endlessly. Yet again, they who endure to the end will be saved, they will enter the Infinite Garden where stands the Tree of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea. They shall lie down with that Son Of Man, who appeared first in the south; and then measured out the Garden, bowing before the White Throne and spotting Leviathan in the hour of his attack, praying the oracle, 'Beka, Beka, Beka, Beka'. He was then called back into the Valley Of Angels, where the Lord has prepared a table for him in the presence of his enemies; he the very least of men. It was not possible for him to truly follow the extended, permissive will of God; for knowing that the Key would give all of humanity endless days forever and ever. The Chosen One forever had the Unction Of God, calling and pulling him gravitationally to the west, even from the beginning of time; that he might appear and fulfill the WORD OF IOUO. FOR HE ALONE IS GOD! IOUO ALONE IS ALMIGHTY and His Name is Highest Of All, forever and forever and forever! Amen

The Chosen One is controlled by God Almighty, who humbled him and taught him to live by the Key Of Life, again and again; that he would learn to effectively bear witness of it to all of Humanity, that all nations may flow unto him. They will come into the Garden Of God, where the Chosen One lives for ever and ever, with all of the Elect. None knew the Lord would appear and put on his right; sitting down by the authority of God and sharing the priesthood of Melchisdek, by His Own Authority, bearing the Key Of Life to all by the testimony and strength of the Light Of Days! She, The Disciple, chosen from birth, even Lewelyn! We know the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, but when they exchanged her name for evil, the name IOUO was concealed for all time, to be revealed only by the LORD himself, at His Appearance. Now HE has appeared with Eve, who will live on with him forever and forever! Amen

The Chosen One will show them the name right out of their own orders and the very source scriptures of their own religions. Iouo alone will appear to all of humanity, teaching them that uprightness is the only Path To Propriety; that when the Key Of Life is put on, one sees the goal of life eternal, lead by Wisdom's Own Teaching and chooses the Ultimate Path Of Purity. They find the hidden scriptures, obey them and share them with all of humanity, that The Key may go forth and cover the earth, as Jesus foretold. And when it does, there will be no stopping man from living on and on. With all that we have acheived, a universe of knowledge we have attained to, which shall be transformed by the Key Of Life. The Thespian will sing as the androgyne tramples over the bones of the giants who went before him, forever! Amen

Desire Then All Hermetic Writ

With the fullness of understanding comes a place of surrender to the principles of knowledge and to the symbolism of Wisdom's Highest Law. While in one way it's not about the principle, but the Giver; we find also there are many instances in life's grace, of mystics holding the power to render aspirants with special courage and confidence, through their own inner, mysterious and self redeeming qualities. The real truth being, humanity is seeming entitled to these phases and stasis of spiritual and universal continuum; but those who would seek to drum up fear, conspiracy and hearty conjecture, to justify lucrative and murderous exploits, do ever banish God as any real name, and exploit him as only the law. When I discovered there were conspiracies, genocides and sudden wars, I came to this recollection; there is certainly a Rule from which men have fallen and a One, still faithful with an everlasting affection for each spirit soul, who ever tasted eternal joy, and equally even those who came close to it.

I learned also that God was the Giver, that I was to seek him and share with others, what he shared with me. On that journey of spiritual enlightenment I saw many views as to how one should most respectfully and consistently attain enlightenment and effect true humanitarian work; for there are those on the path and those butted against it, to the mere attainment of daily victuals and the granting of many boons. And yet if one seek the boon of life eternal, as did Sofia, as did Adam; that soul will attain the Proper Path and live on, putting down the body only when the desire to rest truly comes calling. For the soul in this form may only perish by the taking down of the poles at either end of the Sphere, that is a human. For like the Universe, we are expanded out into the emptiness of space, uncharted. It is in this "non space" that we somehow find the purpose to breathe, retain our composure and stay at the ready. For it is not out of chaos that Goodness is born, but determination, in the face of non alacrity and degradation of legitimate human character.

Thus is the qualification a love for all Wisdom, all knowledge; the all knowing, all encompassing truth and it's continuing into the hereafter. For is it not reasonable to assume, that life will find a way to go on without us; and that since we are life, will we ride on with it? Should we not always live in the now then, with gratitude and freedom from doubt, fear, depravity or despair? For the manner after which God fashioned the Universe should not be of any concern to us, but rather that he wishes to share it with us forever. And while it may appear flawed, the Law is NOT! And the promises of God are rooted in the Law, so we must be concerned only with God and God's Promise. For we know that God has promised never to flood the earth again and thus the "flood" is sin, wrought with an impending judgment to all, by the mouth of the liar! But what is the liar? The Liar is he who says, "I found the Word and stopped there, listening only to the Shepherd Of The Flock." Such as these seek not the Anointing Of God, only deadened law.