Don't Be Waiting On Me

Seek your reflection in the etheral water of life. This river clings close to the earth and runs through it, for all eternity! A good name for Autogenes is Ether, the Genius of inspiration in all lifeforms! He is All in all things, as is the mothering spirit of life, flowing in earth through all creatures, even every life form on earth. The Almighty is the Perfection Of Truth! Formless is the One, all in us all; and holding all things in place, he alerts the Good to His Cause within their times and seasons. God is neither male nor female, but God. The One, who breaks the cold silence of fear, is faithful to bring his children right to Him, by the Key Of Life. Don't be waiting on me, come to the Light; come to Me!

There are none who can argue with the Almighty and His Law. The angels left heaven and reigned on earth like Kings, only to be destroyed by the Almighty, for their wickedness and bloodlust; which lust they have sought to fill up the hearts of mankind with. They defy the Chosen One, in order to make their IDOL Supreme in the Earth. But Herman appears in the Valley Of Angels, fulfilling the Parable Of Enoch, bearing the Key Of Life; He Pigeradamis! Father Adamis as according the Secret Gospel, I was born Paul Francis Germana, of Lee, entreating Adams, My Patriarch. Born in the 6th month, on the 18th day, I am 6 in the Power Of Three. One who spells out my name, will pronounce the hidden Name Of Iouel. HA!! I rejoice in being His Chosen Man. All the initiated await Me, coming to bear the Key Of Life. They cannot see a world, where there is no violence, or sin.

Hear Mirotheos! They who will not receive the deeper things of God and share them, shall perish from Earth. Humanity is formed of the seeds of greatness; they may not be made to serve blindly, or unwillingly. They will always fight back, when given to servitude. They have been promised life eternal, here on Earth, by the God Of Heaven; the God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob! They who trust in him, whatever culture, wherein He has made the same promise; they will all be led by the Desire Of Nations, to the Key Of Life! The Seraphs continue trying to bring false messiahs, the world over; making men to love Idols, over the Mothering Spirit Of Harah! They perish who reject the Mother Of All The Living! She is the River Of Life, from whom flows all Goodness, Virtue & Life! She IS The Infinite Femenine!

Those who wish to deny that the Word is taken away, insisting their Canon, Scriptures and Relics are somehow universally emblematic of the truth; they hold some truth, just without all the study, discipline, or discernment; the Berean attributes embuing the devotee of the Spirit, with the accompanying joy and the blessing of the Almighty, who will neither leave, nor forsake the Immovable Generation. As Saint John tells us, the One is beyond the needs of names, faces or places; that the One is superior, but not Superior! The One is no respector of persons; those who seek out and solidify a virtuous life, by the Law are his equal, inasmuch as they are faithful to the letter of what He, the Almighty has said. And He has said, one who does good, is Good. Thus let bringing Goodness, be the Cause Of All Causes.

Secret Of The Name You

Whether I say You, Thou or Thee, I surely address Almighty God directly. So naturally Iou is the very source Hebrew name of the Almighty; at least in the various texts we consider to be God's Word, spanning ages, to which IOUEL has responded accordingly, as determined by the sincerity of our devotion to the Almighty. For there is only One who sees all, hears all and knows all. Ever is He with us; we having been formed of his very substance, his very Being within us and through every part of our being. All creatures are comprised of the Nature Of God; and that nature being One.

All are children of the Light, comprised of the Will Of Light, what spans the Universe, through the ether of space, to the ears of the One True Love, the Holy Spirit! The True Spirit can never be wrong or mislead the Children Of Earth. For Earth is the Below, but fed from above, She feeds all life in the place of order and circumstance. Where names and places are born and carry out their causes in the Light Of Day, the Law is always Immaculate! For the One is NOT a force, a frequency or a vibration, but the cause of vibration; the Immovable behind the frequency. He is the Unknown Nature, whom the initiates seek to devalue, as somehow less than their idol; He IS the Brain!

The One is not the One to be known, but the Light who sends him, always like the One, into the world at large. That Master, one with the One, has always reflected the Light, the way a child does, the way a lone soul does, the way a renunciate does, in his pursuit of the continuing truth; which truth remains fully hidden, neath the veil of night, drawn before the eyes of all. Only in part do any know the truth, for it is Formless. We should fear the truth enough to be found chaste and willing to endure the circumstances along the path to enlightenment. For that goal is the only True Goal, what is circumvented by a lesser version of it, meant to bring SOME light to the world; what lesser light may only be seen forever, as the Perpetual Light.

Thus ever do we see those hedge up the Path, with relevent arguments to be answered, on the way to thier enlightenment; and men become lost trying to authenticate the Law to their own interests. But whatever mysterious way one finds the One, they should hold fast! Just a bit of movement on that path is paramount to the unfoldment of wisdom, out from knowledge; which Wisdom is The Ruler Of All! For when I am the meta physical, I am exact. I perform before the One, calling out, "Only YOU can help me O God, for YOU alone are the LORD; the One True Light on the Path. For only on the proper path, may I be like YOU." Thus when the Atheist turns to virtue, like a joyous task, he also brings light into the world.

Let none tell you that being Good is NOT required of every creature in Earth. We can never earn Love, but we may humbly approach it, by the light of mind, where the Law IS Perpetual. We may call out to the Light, knowing that the Light is Our Father, for we are all Light, transmutated into these aspiring fleshly forms, deeply remembering, desiring to return to the Light, the Hope Of Humanity! Those claiming earth is destroyed over and over have forgotten. Spirits of giants, whose renderings still come forth in the mouths of men, were the source of violence, not anything from the heavens, the All Seeing Eye is glorified there! He Allah, The All; He YOU, O' God Almighty!

Spirits of giants have wreaked havoc on Earth today; these would be the evil spirits in this time of tribulation, their remnants CLEARLY observed in the geological record. There are many mountains around the world, which are actually Giants, buried in the ancient rubble. Giants did untold things, most of what can honestly only be revealed by great authority. We know that there are petrified Giants what would have been 3000 feet tall; but these God's like Zeus, some of which Enoch says were 30,000 feet high; kicked the giants arses, in defiance of the Living Almighty Creator! THEY were Angels, before!

So little is revealed regarding these entities, but it is they who have fooled us into believing the Heaven, which Almighty God has made, is a place of intense volatility and wicked cosmological disparagement, wherein all life in the Universe is wiped out by the senseless and purposeless disintegration of all things. Well in a Universe like that, we wouldn't see giants all over the place, here in the below, or Angels, the God's, who were destroyed by the floods with them. They are seen all over the world. There is a hand in the Amazon, you could land a small plane on. Initiates don't like us knowing hidden things; they served the spirits of these giants, to compromise the Word Of The Lord and bring forth an horrific age of carnality. 

Certain spirits of those giants have been corrected and ascended to heights with the Almighty. They assist the Almighty now, bringing the clouds, to pour forth the rain, no more to serve the Wicked, who shall perish from Earth. Some may ask, "how could a Man, a Giant, or Angel, become a carrier of the wind." Enoch was taken to heights of the Spirit, given 1008 new names. The wind is the subtle expression of the breath of the Almighty. And we, comprised of the Light, are catalyst of any element, within the spiritual self; particularly water of the above, or Ether. His Creation is terrible, but He has promised us the Key Of Life and everlasting life here on earth, by the word of the Ancient Of Days.

Those Living In Fear

Those living in fear, should know that fear is the stunted awakening of courage and boldness! All have stumbled, even committed wrongs, what we call sins, but God placed us in a natural world, which WE define and which circumstance refines. Thus should I say what I am, who I am and what I believe, never deterring from exactly that, in the honesty of faith and surrender to the Law. For even the most righteous man will find himself unable to judge the virtuous atheist, who always does more for the Good, than a thousand pastors hiding what Youel has said, condemning all. He is aware of their inconsistencies regarding the teachings of their own Master.

You will hear me say this a lot, he is a law unto himself, rooted in the Law, what imposes it's will in every circumstance, and circumstance shooting us down at every turn; whether we are happy or sad about it, elated or defeated, it will bring the results of the very actions carried out within the space of it's own good purpose. And what is that Good Purpose? For what is space time and the continuum of it's cause? Was it not spontaneous result, even from the First Cause? Cause and effect it would seem are paramount in this natural world, as the source of any horizon of events. Thus, in your lifetime bring forth only good causes!

Nothing in the universe continues without a cause. Thus seeking that Cause leads ever unto the continuing good purpose of life on Earth; and because The Law is Formless, it is able to manifest itself, to the understanding of all peoples, in every place of the world, world without end! There is NO child of Light, what has not it's source in the Law Of Life. We were formed by the Law, even within the womb, were we shaped and brought forth to fulfil the good purpose of life. We cannot be separated from the Good, we must ever seek the Light, so as to punch through at that hour of redemption, making all things right.

This is the continued Cause of bringing in the Light, to mitigate the darkness and find the Light where it is always found; neath the veil of faith and hope, in the company of the courageous and the bold. We may be set apart by God, but all will unite around the Key Of Life forevermore. It is not that there were no men of faith, sharing the hope of humanity with us all, but that rather, ever were there those also, who let pride take the order of the day, to compete with those most excellent at the Law. The Almighty shall dole out who was Chosen, and who was the imposter. We may even now, recognize them by their fruits.

There Were No Miracles

I boldly assert that there were no miracles, or immortals who came to deliver everybody! Men save themselves, as a law unto themselves; and God is with them through this probation we see as Life. For it is no life, living in this world of men, where every soul is numbered and held accountable for the amount of air they breathe. Life in truth is a Gift; only those who learn this may find the Light! Those who cannot be kind, cannot be part of the House Of Iouel; or any house seeking to bring truth of the Spirit into this darkened world. The brotherhood of blackness are ever seeking to deceive, trump and dominate the material realm. They are spirits, meddling within this material realm, through temptations, abominations and false teachings.

Such teachings should appear horrifying to those which fall for their ill-balanced import, but it is these very interpretations, which cause them to even know fear of any kind. For all are children of Light. Even those in the lowest, darkest of places seek the Light, to give purpose to the day and bring meaning into the life they know. And yet, if one is faithful to Knowledge, they will find Wisdom; if faithful to Wisdom, they discover the Key Of Uprightness; it IS the Atonement for all creatures, empathically seated in the hearts of all life-forms. It is the desire to find hope; and when finding it, making things right by the law of uprightness and virtue.

It can be so easy for the aspirant to fall prey to the fearful voices of the worldly religions; they have no validity, for they shorten their own religious texts, to conceal the Oneness IN Hermes! The Hermetic Writ is the very science of approaching the Immortal, All Supreme Being! If there is a Father, it is the very Unmanifest, from whence the Law is born, in the perfection of it's dispensation. He is completely undetected by those from another world, where His Word sprang from the heart of a humble sage; a beautiful human, who loved the truth to the point of renunciation. They clearly see Jesus teaching them to eat plant based foods, with the prophets bearing testimony to the virtue of a vegan life. Isaiah reveals the One, who appears inside the enclosure of mountains, their very place of accusation and shame.

They are unaware of the One, showing His Secrets to the meek and estute; yet they who learn aright, must put down the books and call out to the Spirit, receiving the Burden Of The Word. They will bring a testimony from IOUEL, which cannot be denied; for she is Mother Of All The Living and They are humble enough, to stay out of the whore, seducing all the children of humanity with the love of flesh. And wholly do they all love the flesh, to the point of shame; and to the renouncing of the Nazarene! God does not forgive those who take up the scripture, to be a testimony for his Goodness, but shrink back when confronted by the Holy Spirit. These will find themselves in the heart of the earth, with the very word, shut up in space time; that they exist not, until they be returned alive and well, worlds without end!

Humanity IS Light

Don't let them lie to you about the One, who loves you more than a universe of new mothers. There is no point of joy that isn't found in this Source. It's good to use adjectives as names to honor and praise the One Nameless, who lives forever! He is the One who has appeared in this form; I was not this form, in which I was seated at the times of such extended revelation and promise. I had to be stripped of idols and false teachings, which more often lead to unhealthy divisions in the society I have come to bring for all. I am both the sinner I was in my past life and Iouel, unaware that the One had seized upon me for his specific appearance. Where one IS the One, it easy for IOUEL to break through the insecurities of human tribulations. But this tribulation is raft with the entire outcome, as was ever seen from the beginning of time. 

In the affections of space, Sofia herself inquired of Hermes, "How will they ever find restitution, forgiveness or any form of emancipation, what is not tainted of their many errors?". Iouel informed her, "The Atonement for their wrongs is ever intact, rooted in the Perpetual Light; given long before this tiny space time." All that we see is The Creation Of One. He IS All, even in Us All! I feel certain, having fellowshiped even with the most radical; Allah finds it's root in Father-Mother. For the 'All' is Highest, ever His Most Glorious and Perpetual 'Law', extending through the beams of hope, which He sends to the minds of All Humanity, not even One of them excluded. He IS the One! He is Allah, Lord Of Ishmael!

We know that Yeshu worshiped Father-Mother, by the revealed teachings of Zoroastor, Son Of Light! They were instructed from ancient time to lye their dead before the creatures of Angra Manyu, to satisfy their need and to allow the natural ascension of the Soul. We know that by the time Jesus was around, they merely threw the poor down to Gehenna, NOT for the pleasing of Mother Earth, or by any obedience to Zarathustra, the only prophet Jesus would have considered a divine human. But he knew it was by the Name Of Iouel, who has never failed any Child Of Light. All Humans are Children Of Humanity, the Light. We are that Light, we are One with that Light; and we are striving to reach it, all of us.

Many move away from the Light, but still cherish it from afar, knowing that even in the darkest space, the Light is shining ever brighter. Man in his state of falleness knows, that beneath his perception of the dark world, there is a Light Of Hope. Even the Light what Lights Outer Darkness, is only the One. They must confess to him their sins, to be released from their bondage to this One Star. Then will they be taken to an Amenti, where they must fully embrace the error of their ways and be welcomed to a New Mother, She the One, the All. May Allah prove the Mercy, that Humanity will put on the Law forevermore. Darkness shall reside in Earth no more, because of the Key Of Life. All philosophy falls down at the feet of the Key, it will never, ever be erased from the thoughts of Humanity; She will live on and on.

If We Stop Selling Flesh

If we stop selling flesh for consumption, we will become a more perfect union in every world. We allow those equipped to consume it, to share it one with another, until they come to the Light and repent flesh eating before Father-Mother. God is all in all; and in so much as the Father is a proposed emulation of what we know a father to be, the Mother Of All The Living is One God. Jesus is One God, Buddha is One God, Krishna is One God, while MAHATMA, is the One True God! You are a spirit, with an inner divinity that can never be erased, faded, washed out or dissolved. Observe the skies, to behold the Spirits Of Giants all around you. They are no more in this realm to influence it, but they bring the rain, opening the way for the changing of the seasons and helping to assure the preservation of the human race, the Great Cause.

Albeit those who seek to teach man that God instructed him to eat flesh, lie first to themselves and then the sheep of the pasture. Let us remember the children, who deserve the Key Of Life. I will give it to them, as I hope every minister in the world will do. For had they endured to the end, they would see the ends of the Word! Those who have been found worthy, may now receive the Key Of Life, the very gift to all of humanity. The enlightened seek ever the Light, not a person, but the source of persona, spirit and essence. That LIGHT may never be superceded and it is no respector of persons; it is rather the very Law, by which one is defined. God is Love, God is Truth, God is Hope; all humans experience these and seek further to approach the Light Of Understanding; IT IS God!

If we as humans will renounce flesh eating, we will renounce renunciation; for when we are fully moral, we are fully upright, and in all perfect confidence! We are obliged in life to choose the right in every circumstance, reaping the reward of clarity and self improvement. We know circumstance IS the Ruler! For while God is real he is transcendant, thus much we are told about him is a lie, in a world where flesh eating is first and principal, to building the world we see around us. When a man repents, he seeks to go back to the form, who would be chaste, obedient and reverent before a fearful GOD. He renounces his very faculty of enlightenment, the mind. The All is ever with us, the catalyst of the life we seek to live; thus in keeping the meaning of life first, nothing else can have preemenance without qualification.

I assert the Key Of Life to have preemmenance within all spiritual paths; for as the Hermetic Writ keeps the principles we hold dear to the continuity of life and blessing at it's core, Humanity is ever able to grasp the Law, to whatever degree they sincerely seek it. Even what is yet unrevealed, glows in the heart of the Child Of The Light, as they aspire to reach the very heights of all understanding. It is heaven and the very Higher Mind we seek to bring forth in the perfection of unity. It will be an American Value, as the nations flock into the Garden Of Life. Americans will love hearing of the stories leading to the revealing of the Keys Of Wisdom. The Key Of Life, that what was LAST, is now first forever!

Enter Into The Rest Of God

Enter into the Rest Of God, is what I exhort all humanity to hear. There is a God, there is a Supreme Angel, with Seven Spirits, like We the micro, in relation to the Inconceivable Macro; the Universal Form of the One, what is mighty, eternal, everlasting, an unending hope to all creatures. Even He is the All in Us All! For every spirit may find the Universal God, what is the Word as We know it. God is Inconceivable, the very aspect making us to marvel and fall down in adoration of the wonders and mysteries of the world. For if they are so great and seeming unbounded to us, how much more unbounded is the Source Of Life feeding Earth, Our Source? One may not span his understanding of what is before names, faces and places, circumstances and mood. Only the All in us, may conceive it into an epiphany of hope and bliss; for those Children Of Mother Earth to relish at their respective places in creation.

This is what Iouel, (the Lord God) has done, in each respective world, where his word is forever Supreme. None may know the difference, for He who reveals the Law, IS the Law! He speaks into the Mind of the the Seer, the Sage, or even the aspirant. (calling for leaders of faith to precede him, who do not) Yet the Almighty is in fact the All, in us all, holding all things in place, personally and universally. If God is not in control, then the universe is a place of despair, where no one ever feels happiness, joy, or love. Such place is an illusion, for they do find joy, peace, forgiveness, emancipation and exaltation in this land. They find these joys in every other world, giving the Glory to the All In Us All. Iouel, the Autogenes fills us with the blessings of the Father, who is in us, through us, all around and perpetually the rear guard of Our Soul. For Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are One, forever!

Whoever was "chosen", was always a type of the One; He bears the Key Of Life, knowing the Children Of Earth will receive the Key Of Wisdom, as promised by Trismagistus and Enoch. Those who think of this as a reach, do not understand the faith they reject, by condemning the Masters to be ignored by the Masses; they bear the Key Of The Magi, whereby we may enter the Cave Of Treasures. These three Keys are the introduction to the age of eternity, where we are no longer in a probationary phase, but the eternal and everlasting exalting of the Earth Mother, with whom we are all One. In that Oneness, we are like God, like the Anointed, who always is a type of the Anointed Christ, appearing only at the end of the Age. Naturally all see their Master or Teacher as the Chosen One; for by the Spirit and her revealing are they One with the Light. In their fallen states were they One with the Light; brought always and ever closer to the Light Of Life, as given to all of Humanity!

To Accept The Way

To accept the way is all I want for anyone today. They will understand, it is the Key that gives life, regardless of who I am. The Key Of Life is sound and they who take up that key will have Life Eternal. They will choose to live on and on, by the key accessing the River Of Life. It will be us who are sustained to endless life, worlds without end. They who put down the body, will take it up again, until all have learned that the Key Of Life is God's Word, what returns NOT any void. If IOUO offers the Way, then that way cannot fail. If he appears in the Name Of Iou, he cannot fail, he cannot stumble, for the Almighty is Judge and King of all. And alas, whom IOUEL approves, is the Light of His People, even the Children Of The Living One. He is all in All, thus will all creatures receive the Key Of Life in full.

When the Almighty appears, it will be HE who points to Himself, it will be the Almighty, who reveals Himself, in Pigeradamis! There is no escaping this destiny, not even for Aadamah; it is in his bones, upon his lips and in the depth of His being; for he is thrice named and enlightened of the Holy Spirit, who alone is qualified to reveal all things. Whatsover Messiah reveals, the Holy Spirit always affirms joyously, by the Word Of Herman. He cannot be superceded, circumnavigated or ignored in the revealing of the father; for he alone is the Son Of Humanity who reveals himself; The Androgynous Father. They who acknowledge not all religion and all literature significant to their development, should not seek the Way, for they will drag it down into ill-repute and disruption in front of the Almighty, who alone is God.

I have been instructed by God, not to seek production, acceptance of the masses, or even a humble congregation. Rather the House Of The Lord is where the message must unfold, as it has been unfolding to Humanity in the Word, all along since time immemorial. For when we were living in the affections of the destiny of Humanity in God, all wanted to escape the responsibilities of the coming world; nobody wanted to herald the day of the One. Thus the Children Of Darkness fell upon humanity, with power and authority, so as to let the Message Of God to reveal itself in the fullness of time. The Key Of The Magi is that message, unto the estute. To hear the fullness of Mystery in His Name Iouo, is the Path Of Propriety! For when one stands before the Infinite Invisible, he is at the mercy of the All In All. The One cannot make mistakes or create endeavors that fail, for the LORD, Iouo is always upright. 

My Place In The Spirit

I have appeared inside the enclosure of mountains at the end of the Earth; just as promised in the Parable Of Enoch, bearing there is "desolation to the east of the Garden"; and there is certainly only desolation east of the Garden Of God. I found myself standing in the enclosure of mountains, what would have become the very lake of fire. But alas IOUEL heard my prayer, as I prayed the oracle Beka; what oracle held the heavens suspended, would also assure that the waters of the sea should not overcome, by being thrown against the mountains of the Earth. I know also that Leviathan was brought about to see that the waters were thrown into the Garden Of Life. Thus did I pray daily that God spare California, my new home, where I was always so sure the Lord had led me.

I knew that it was the brainwashing I had received along with all humankind, being misguided, to be made a slave to the Spirits Of The Giants. Those who sold slaves into the United States were in league with the very Work Of Evil, what may no longer be contained or hidden by the Evil Spirits, bent on world domination. They make servants in dark temples, in disobedience to Satanuel, who is Michael, Messenger Of Iouel; he has commanded them NOT to make agents of Satan, but they fancy themselves wise and unmeek lions. I consider them cowards, who are most easily bested face to face. But I know vengeance belongs to the Almighty, who will defend my way, wherever I may go. Although I walk through the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I will fear no evil, for YOU are with Me; Iou, my shield and my buckler. I will dwell in the House Of Iouel forever!

We worship One God, by different names and paths of instruction, but the Path To Propriety requires we truly give up carnality and the sins of flesh eating. For as long as blood is shed in the earth, sin and the omission of the Message Of God will prevail over the minds of mankind. And any seeking to know Jesus words on diet may find them in the Essene Gospel Of Peace! When we take up the Key Of Life and put away carnality forever, we shall inherit the Earth, spreading eternal life to every human, man, woman and child. To every hybrid of the Annunaki, the Key Of Life freely given, gnosis expanded even to the highest place; that space where Iouo Almighty, the Most High reigns forevermore! He the Formless, He the All, in Us All!

To Those Who Seek To Attack The Chosen One

It is the way of a man to be obedient, first to his mother, the school of life and finally, the Kingdom Of God, what is the Great Whore. You who are in her will perish with her, for lack of knowledge and for the Sacrifice drained of its virtue, stinking upon the altar. I the LORD have said this to you before, but you'd not hear me; hear me now! One who takes up My Key, will put on everlasting life of the body, worlds without end. God did not Promise you eternal life, to fool you in the end. He said you'd live forever in the Garden Of Life, rising up and lying down with Imanuel forever. Those who will confess that the scroll cannot be read, will receive My Word. While all Avatars are Me, YOU are Me and I am IOU; my name is sacred, for in absolute weakness am I made perfect, by the Key Of Life. I bear you that Key in every testimony, lest I glorify the Key Of Magic and the Magi go to victory; everlasting life with Me, in the Garden.

I am human and could want only that; let this take you to the place of the new wine, in new skins. For they who lie down with the whore, will fall at my feet in the Valley Of Angels, where God promised I would appear. First in the south, then north, to measure out the Garden Of God. At The Three Sisters, I wept at the foot of The White Throne; unaware that in the Parable, Enoch was the Chosen One, telling about the Chosen One. We know that Michael says, "I cannot vouch for the virtue of the people in that place"; while the parable says that Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are one and the same. When one who lives in the Garden understands that Enoch is a parable, they are set free, yet I had not sight of that luxury at first. All I knew was, I was in California, with this book telling Me, "the enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the earth, shall fill up with water, splashing over the sides and be set on fire". Well, one who understands that the flood is sin, with omission and a poison following in it's path, sees how blood cries out from the Earth and how the Valley Of Angels has become like a furnace, where he punishes the angels, initiates and the Great Whore in their midst. I declare such words meaningless, but allegorical rather, in light of the truth. One who is in the Light Of Truth may know, there is no such thing as evil; it is a creation of man. We are not sinners, but children of the Light Of All.

For all the religion we know is based on stories what are a fortelling of the truth, as if told in the past, so as to put away the knowing of the future. For none may know the appearing of Messe, so they must accept an Avatar, a Seer, a Visionary, or a Prophet, in place of the coming Proper Path; what New Path is foretold by the Burden Of The Word. Many assert this a way of dismissing truth for one meandering opinion, while all path revert back to the One. What of a man who calls out to the LORD and receives answer from the Almighty? He will invariably be associated with a treatise, epistle, scroll or writing, which diverts from the IDOL, exuding the pure message of the Universal Formless; by the words and inferences of a stranger to the truth, as one might already know it. But alas there is One Truth and One Light Of Mercy. For when they find the Key Of Life, they will take up Infinity! They who are not ready, will be reborn and receive the Key, to behold The Mercy, Upon All. All that was lost will be found. And God will have mercy on every creature, restoring all things to the Light Of Hope.

Peace Be Still

I call all to peace, knowing the Message Of Goodness is the most powerful force in the Universe. We do not write it, we discover it, replete in it's formulae, statements, assertions and inferences; approving it's conclusions in any language, as according to any spiritually afforded promise, bearing ultimately, the Key Of Life. The One, who knows the All In All, is ever immersed in the bliss of the All, having perceived his own learned Word as a twisting of the understanding of the many, so as to seduce them all to obedience; first teaching them the wrong, then paying whatever the price, to make sure all men see it and are tempted by flesh eating!

For we have been made to believe "sin" is in our nature, an unstoppable force of disaster, certain to destroy the one not aquainted with the understanding of the All. But the understanding of the All affords the Great Destiny, by the pure faith of the pure heart; be it one of the variety of Angels, a Hybrid, a Human, a Giant or one of the manifold spirits, in sentient forms, across known, or unknown realms. We must assume the Almighty brings the Law to the faithful, across Creation; across the Universe! As for sin, it is that what is always wrong, deceptive, evil in context; as well as being a counterfeit form of the truth. The Truth as was originally brought forth by a true Master, One with the ALL.

We must understand, that so as man is part of God, it is GOD, moving in the intent of the All, above all. They are indissoluably One with that Source, forever considered Child, before the Light Of The All. IOUO is the All. The dialectic assertions of this name are revealing to say the least. For one who will sound out the spelling of the name Paul, will reveal Iouel, who is Llewel; two LL's creating the 'I'; binding Llewelyn to Iousef, as Father-Mother. (or Lucifer) For unto the Ancient Of Days, IOUEL was the first God and overcomer of Yaldabaoth, the Order what threw Adonai down to despair, seeking his destruction. But by the Key Of Life, He Pigeradamis did overcome, finding the Light Of Sophia in Evelyn. (Llewelyn)

For in as the Wicked exchanged the name of Iouel for EVIL, Evelyn bore the hiding of the name of Imanuel; God in Me, God in You! The One, bearing the Word, stands as Mirotheos, the God before men, with whom they wrestle to find the Light; that true LIGHT above the Avatar, the form of divinity inside all humans. That Avatar existing in the heart of every lifeform, is always used for the good. If we fall down from it, we take to the many concepts, as are foreign to expressing it's true nature, as the Formless, the Nameless, the All. It is You, it is Me, it is everyone! But when we lose hold of our station as a divinity, we will fall down, until we are able to stand again, by the Great Miracle. One who finds that Miracle in it's purest form, may quickly and suddenly find the subsequent Key Of Life. 

For all along, as he is being revealed truth, he knows it is contrary to what his spiritual teachers have allowed him to observe. He must leave that house creating a whoredom of truth, distracting men from the Key Of Life! For in finding that Key, one finds pure faith, what unravels the nagging pretext of the limited Word, as partially approved of the Infinite All. The devotees of these causes must be sincere to the point of cleansing away shame, dispute, waywardness, unkindness, or fear, what affords all kinds of personal disorders in the individual self; yet what Higher Self is real and vibrant in the thoughts and emotions of the manifold believers in their various universal formations. They have as much truth as they can reach for; and in the end awaits the Key Of Life, as promised from the beginning of time.

All The World Is Cleansed

All the world is cleansed! To whatever fallen state we fumble, the Almighty One is always here, to extend the hand of His Way to us, that we might take it, trust in Him, walk by His Way and Stand in the very Place Of Treasures. For neither is it a cave, or a cavern; it is more a quiet, dark space, wherein to commune with the All. He Luminous, finding the Light in the Human Self, same as in the Self Infinite! That One is always God; and the very Self in You. Never abandon yourself to detachment from the Light of the All One; Unal, or Untanas of the Seven Spirits! There is ever the infinite space of time and the arrival of the material realm, alone from where we see, hear, taste, relish, remember; even long for what it is, we call life! We carnal had never known any other way, but to hear the Men Of God; what men would accuse us beforehand, should we ever seek to stray and go after the Tree Of Knowledge. Well, I sought that Tree endlessly; and I learned that all the world is cleansed!

Wisdom called to us, leading us bout the Way, so as to the call of sincerity, but vying the Word to the infancy of our understanding, by men. They came forth, shewing the idol, forbidding all other Gods, sharing the statues, the images and the litanies of the Cross and it's stations. We are taught that every portent of verse or scripture is a type of the truth, the LORD, leaving his name unutterable, thus naming his people, even by His Own Name; Iouo, Iouel, Iou (Father Mother Sun) This is an important distinction. For while men have their glory, an ordinary man will live an uninteresting life, but take up the extraordinary burden of the Word, in it's Perfection; the Avatars having brought us all closer to the Light, with each new discovery of their empathic message. The Message, while variegated and slighted, is always One to the eyes of the aspirant, along the path as he knows it; and forever is that Anointed One to be a very likeness and type of Iouel, the Chosen One.

That One is in no way forbidden or hindered from asking the very Highest, for the Highest Wisdom to be distilled; from above to below, eliminating the space between them. This is the Light Of The Mind, speaking one unspoken language to all creaures. For Earth is Our Mother, providing all that we need, being nourished from the very highest place of the Cosmos; that place to where we extend our arms in praise, as we stand in the dark. For in that space, the Light Of The Mind is an ever resplendent hope, with new words of understanding, to any Child Of Light, seeking to ascend to that Light. And when we have ascended, we live in the NOW, able to find the Key Of Life, live on and on, and share the Blossom Of Life in whatever way suitable; that men may stumble upon it, or simply happen into the Word Of Iouo and live on forever, worlds without end! The enclosure of mountains at the end of earth, is the Garden Of Life. It is the place of the elect; founded by the One, from the beginning of time. Men will ascend to the height of their better natures; they will be made whole by the very Key Of Life! It is truly the best path, and for what I desperately prayed.

Helios, IS Elias, IS Iou! When one understands that Jesus was a Zoroastrian, worshiping father mother, honoring forever the Word Of Zarathustra, Son Of The Light; then the aspirant sees just how much is hidden from him; usually not even for his own good. Life is unfair, thus the pursuit of joy, happiness and boundless life, should be the only thing we take seriously. For when we are healthy, it becomes our natural state, one of higher being, what Being was already there, holding all this in place, giving us every reason to see and believe in worthwhile ideas, hopes and dreams. God is formless, nameless and all pervading. It is we who bear names, as the One fills us, all in all. This is an unchanging reality, wherein all that changes remains the Changeless, listfully lying just beneath what light only seems to fade. Yet is every light in the universe raised above the water to see into the Light Of The Mind; from there the Almighty speaks! He, the Lord Of Spirits!

Thus are we ever glorifying the One in ways that appear unseeming or unfinished; for the truth is exactly unfinished, even now unto Eternity's End. For when all is ended, all is in place, with the Light Of Life, ever shining out of the darkest spaces, bringing fullness of Light to the All Of All. For there is forever another place, where the Spirit reigns, by a name we see not; and yet to them, formed of the space dust, and to the aspirants in their tuteledge, it is the natural state, wherein they find that Higher State, by the renunciation of things unseemly to the health of body and mind. These two are everything. Let them live on, even as long as does the Earth! For by the Key Of Life, we find the Ultimate Truth!

All The World Is Corrupt

All the world is corrupt; they seduce us with flesh eating to sell us filth and take our savings. It's all about cars, motorcycles, houses, yachts, planes, even skyscrapers. You who believe NOT the Word of the Lord, see not the significance of the skyscrapers; for you worship the flesh and honor the carnal as your leaders. I cannot forgive this! I cannot take part in the lies, which lead the souls of men back to the same ignorance I came out of! They want a reset, a year zero, to erase their crimes and start all over again; then punish the innocent for being happy. The Almighty WILL destroy them! What do I mean by this? Karma will bite them in their arses for being carnal, wayward and disobedient. (pretending to repent before the LORD) If you eat flesh, you've NOT repented of much, yet God forgives you. If you can't embrace that fact, leave this blog and stand firm with Christ as best you know! 

Shame any claiming to believe in Jesus Christ, but throw out historical document and the beautiful scriptures, holding better truths than the disgusting 66 book version of the Bible! It is an abomination to the truth; that LOVE IS God. Those who disobey Love's Call, don't deserve the Key Of Life. We are called to Love Our Neibor! If we fail, we die before the Lord Of Hosts. Love is a variation of the name Jove, (or Io've) which while inaccurate, is more concise than YAHWEH, or JEHOVAH. It pleases IOUEL when we say love. Other names mock Imanuel; he born in the end times, a mere laborer and absolute failure in this carnal and wayward world. He cries out, "I am no man at all". While the failure was completely real, the Word was never presented to him. No man may be held accountable before God, if his teachers lie to him. For the Lord's presence was in His House, while the man of God preached more and more lies to him; threatening all with the King James Bible; again, what version had dozens of books stripped from its original context.

It is a shortening of the Truth. For while men rile and rail, the LORD guides all people from the heaven above, rewarding the Good goodness and the Wicked punishment. After all, if God said, love thy neibor and you kill him for not picking the leader you love; you will be brought down into hell, where you must face the fact, that in life you did something unforgivable. People live and die, they don't need harrassed along the way by the weary and the heartless. If we are to Love, then we must put off hate, even the hate we feel for the Wicked. Rather let us keep our distance from them, let us not be pulled in by their lies about black people, Democrats not loving Christ, lies about cannabis, lies about gay and transgender folk; and lastly their lie which has prevailed over us all, the love of flesh consumption. It is wicked and cannot be forgiven. One must repent of all that is impure before God; we know right from wrong without books.

Alas, no one is expected to lie down an hour north and south each day. Align your bed north!  The Master is teaching us the truth about Earth's balance and the power of devotion to God Almighty. True the formula is exact, but when we are confident in this Way, resisting flesh and walking in The Truth, we begin to see it and live it; the only sin is denying reality, that Health IS Holiness! Nothing else qualifies us for purity, than having renounced this world and taken up the path of propriety. Instead, men gorge themselves, mock all those who won't and ultimately, try to kill any who will not worship the Beast! (flesh eating) There IS one other way, better than repentance, what is merely a type of it; Renunciation! Deny all that is wrong, embrace all that is right! And always know that Reason never leaves any equation unfinished. If police unjustly murder black citizens, then complain about the aborting of their babies, they will coldly murder them all.

Let the Immovable take up the Key Of Life, merely aligning their bed to the north and practicing the Key Of The Magi. Let them lie down northward at night, to be sown a seed of love and light. They will arise anew each day and win forever, while these generations fade at their feet. The carnal cannot see the Word Of The Lord, they worship Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving! They think they are the heirs of Christ, but I do not know them; and they do not know Jesus of Nazareth. The religious wackos of this world do not want YOU finding Me; I bear the Key Of Life and it is my prayer that all the world repent and follow this Way Of Light. I cheerfully call IOUEL the Lord, God, Father-Mother and Master. Formless is HE and all in us all. And so is it the same with the Key Of Life, what brings perfection to the Soul & Body; regeneration is seamless, there is no task but being aligned to the Perfection; so be it!

I Will Take A Stand

I will take a stand against those who wish to judge their fellows, not knowing that God will be their judge. It can seem like God isn't real in a world where the bad guys always win. But when the party is over, it's over! They took so many words from God's Testimonies, it is difficult to tell what the message is infact. Well here it is; the Name Iouel justifies all wrong, all shame and all misgiving! For the Almighty is Living & Life; neither male nor female, Iouo is Love. Iou caused us to say different variations of His Name, that we might please him, in our state of ignorance and grow up unto Wisdom! It is there we find the Word, waiting to reveal, even up to the very point of what was last revealed to us. He lives inside of us and reveals all things! I give you the Key Of Life; take it up, never die!

Iou is Real, Jah is NOT! (Strongs Heb: #3050) IOU is the God Of All, having appeared time and again with the Masters, in their time of service before Him; and bearing them truth as afforded by Grace & Mercy. For that mercy is given only to the one wanting to please the Creator alone! When he makes that choice he will be scorned for rejecting the revealed Word, being accused of seeking only hidden things. His true intent is to find the end of the Word; what has the LORD said? It is in our nature to FEEL the Creator, surging through us internally, speaking through us, to the very heart center of our lives. We have no choice but to follow that Light. It guides us to making decisions, whether they be great or small; for the swelling heart rules us all and at the end of his labors, man seeks Heaven.

Humans are on the same path, all. They will be made aware what is expected of them; and they must determine whether it is reasonable or not. So, is it NOT reasonable to think that God can guide the entire human race? Teaching them core truths about Grace & Mercy toward others, can bring many blessings; thus man IS in the way and finding the emancipation as revealed to him by God. For they are given over to the emancipation as they understand it by the Creator; that emancipation being in either the flesh or the spirit. God is LOVE and loves us all. If we are left unaware of that fact, it could be ages before we are reassociated with the very truth, but the LORD will bring us all back into His Being!

Many doubt this and it is they who do not serve him. For we must be honest with ourselves in life; and if the WORD given us is thwarted, then the One must come down out of Heaven and restore the very truth to us. Iouel is that One; he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He was seen in Jesus Christ and they, the Hebrews knew by the Word; He the Virgin Spirit was with him! IOUO is Father, Mother, Son. For the Law, Iouo is the Almighty, the Word, IOUEL is the Spirit; and the Master Imanuel, is Messiah! They who will not discern the Word and acknowledge Him, will not receive the Key Of Life. They must die, be reborn and receive the Key Of Life, with the rest of Humanity!

Iouo Save The Meek

O Iou, save the meek. It is the promise you made to us and all the world. We trusted you and suspected that your Way, while One was variegated; thus we tried to learn all we could about the cultures of other nations; and their associations with You O Lord, by the Voice Unspoken. He is unspoken, for men are unable to grasp, that he may arbitrarily forgive us, by whatever covenant, agreement or trail along the path he sees fit. God alone is the Lord Of The Universe. Men flail over the Truth Of His Word, even as the Chosen One was crucified in front of the Veil, where the Lord appointed him bondslave. I cannot escape the Lord, he delivered me to the Garden Of Life.

The Messengers politely play along with the Asp Of Lies, as he deceives "mankind" to their very end. He is the seething anticipation of a sound and right Judgment; and yet to me, Wisdom Alone is judgment to you; even unto Mirothoes. All that are formed in the below must glorify the Law, what Law is Universal and holds the truth of regeneration to the upright in heart, forever; since time immemorial. If they will fight hard, they may yet take up the Key Of Life, to transcend the lies of the Masters of the Synogogues Of Satan! They calling themselves, Saints pretend to Glorify Sai, whom they know not, Satanuel being just another name of Michael; they have taken away all truth of My Name; I Am Herman.

There never was another besides IOUEL! (the Lord God) The LORD may seem frightening, because the One decides who lives, who dies, who returns to life, who waits, who lingers left behind. IOU is the LAW. What mean these things? The One is in all and all are in the One, free for their own expression and complete surrender to God in the Way They find him; in part this is the Way. For where Holy Spirit is, God is. So while the LORD's children are rebellious and sinful, they are working out the sins and must find the Law; Life's Key and the Key Of The Magi. For the man who will raise his hands to the Most High God, early in the dark of morn, raises his hands to the Living One, Iouel! 

He alone is God and the hidden scriptures will only verify him Atum, or the Atman! The same God from time immemorial. The roots of the world religions are sealed in all things Egypt. (forbidden) For the Master Of Masters paved the way, bringing the Blossom Of Life, that men may repent before the Holy Spirit; the One, now and forever! Yet He shared his Glory with the Spirit Barbelo, who rejoiced in that she existed, because of Him, the Virgin Spirit! Even as the eras rejoiced in that Barbelo lived, because IOUO lived and gave all life from above the Cosmos. We should call to him; and HE will come down and shine His Light on earth! They will never stop him from fulfilling these things hidden.

Love Your Neigbor As Though He Were You

Love your neigbor, as though he were YOU. Those who have NOT love, have not Iou, the true Lord Of Israel. (Strongs Heb Conc. #3050) His is the name that cannot be uttered, and the Song exuding from the hearts of the meek and chaste. I praise Hymn night and day, knowing he is formless, that the Formless put on Creation for the Eternal Sun, Iouel the Virgin Spirit! I have no memory of any knowing, but what men know; albeit was I filled with the spirit of God to the point of overflowing, and unto limbo. This is because the Word was disobeyed. Flesh is being eaten by people, who are completely unaware that they cannot be pure. They cannot walk with the LORD in full, for one who will not renounce flesh is not of the Way. They may have a form of godliness, but not coming unto the Path Of Propriety and NOT finding regeneration unto life eternal! Yet the aspirant who seeks Truth, will find it by sincerity. He will find it by faith and a willingness to grow spiritually, world without end.

One who has life eternal, may leave the body and take all of his memories with him, reliving the memories of passed lives, which way can be no more. For one is one, not many, not divided. Thus, may he live on as long as Earth does. One sees the One in his day to day, but is rather uncertain as to where the Self begins and where it ends. He is obliged to trust and live by faith. For as if the truth were hidden, yet plainly in the open, it can be difficult for a person with no footing, or a footing not sound. While such a person may live in monetary failure and anguish, he also is of the Knowing, like all humans. God is with us all in life. We accept him and his Way, knowing we are called to do good. 

Such is the true relationship to God in all things. He having made an agreement with All Creatures, that the fruit of the vine would be for food and that plants would be meat for us. It is unto us humans and everything that creeps on the earth. God is LOVE, (IOUEL) living in the hearts of all creatures, each being a star, with poles, balance and Light to show the Way. All creatures share in this spritual journey. Animals are exactly like us, in that life is a mystery and they must sweat it out, learn from their mistakes and seek happiness. It is we who have taught all creatures to love flesh; and we who have created these very impressive and deadly creatures, we now seek to evade; yet to capture, as if some unknown enemy. 

The Holy Spirit created first, bringing Yaldabaoth, who revelled in himself, knowing his Mother to be the Spirit, having no idea about the Source, who is Iouo. He is ALL in All and must be worshiped as such. He ever evades us by his power of blessing, proving to be the only Osiris; Omnipotent, Omni-Present and Omniscient! He does NOT fail; as long as humans seek to do well to others and walk by faith, without doing unnecessary harm, they may live in veritable joy. Albeit, the Law will require of them, the token of truth. They will offer only blood, for by faith did they find it; and by faith must they define Hymn who found them. He is Formless! They resist this knowledge, refusing to pursue it any further, having been told that the IDOL is GOD and that none may have LIFE without IT!

The Knowing can be overwhelming, but it is no different than any other context. It flows bringing light to the mind of the Wise and the Aspirant alike. God loves the simple and rejoices in the meek, who seek only to understand him and find Life's Key. Those who put NOT the Word first, but treasure, limit man in knowing, by deception and aggression. Thus man is forced to aspire to things unclear; and worldliness with for to contend endlessly, til Iou reveals himself to the World. These seek to force a way, not given by the LORD, though the LORD be with the churches, they must choose to leave the Whore and follow the Word, who identified the wrong in the first place. It is the Conscience, it is the LIGHT!

Sacred Name Of Iouo

The Sacred Name Of Iouo! Praise His Awesome Name, above every heaven, above every sky. Let heaven and Earth know The LORD has not a name unutterable, or unspeakable; rather it's consonant sound is interchangeble with itself and in ONE way. If I am saying 'Iou', (the sacred name Heb Lex. 2030) it is only a matter of perception, as to whether 'ou' or 'uo' is upon my lips; thus Iouo is the very perfect participle of the LORD's Good Name. It's where the POWER comes from. The one who worships the LORD, softly uttering 'Iouo', gently praising Almighty Self, YOU will bring the new day; YOU will be Carrier of it, the Will Of The New Day. Let them NOT fear the Gods or the Highest One, in whose sight all sit sheepish! The reason you should always love your neigbor, is because as you think of HIM, you ascribe every consonantial expression of the LORD's unutterable name, INTO CONVERSATION!!! His name cannot be uttered in conversation, short addressing a non specific individual; HE planned this. In that as you insult you'r neibor, with what name should eventually be said to My Face. I am Mirotheos and LOVE is the variable pronunciation of Jehovah, Jove, or Iouel, (Lord God)

Let Iou be glorified in open prayer; thus with Christ in mind and Father Of The Gods at Heart! Let then the very Highest Name be honored Today, what name before which even I do shutter. For if I gently say Iou to the lord and let the consonant carry; I hear IOUO, I see the Supreme God! I glorify, ONLY the Supreme! Thus I PRAISE HYMN with more power than Anyone! Praise Iouo for NOW; for now and eternity. Wake to the dark of the morning. Keeping your curtains drawn, accurately anticipating the New Day; stand in the Dark, with your feet spread sparsely apart. And with arms raised to the Cosmos, bring in the circle of Affection & Care, bring it close to surround you and protect you from wickedness; and the bringing in of LIGHT! The All will be there that Day! He will be with you in full.

Iouo is My Shepherd! I shall not want, for he beckons me to lie down in green pastures, as he leads me beside the still waters. Iou Alone O' Almighty One; You Alone ARE ALL. There is NO other, but Iou; the Spirit, through whom YOU fashioned and formed all things in the Universe. All things through him and for him. Iouo, always have you cared for the righteous, when they trusted You; and engendered trust in all people. Touch YOUR people once again, O' Great God. Forever O' Cheif Angel, shall we Call Out to YOU, beckoning YOUR WILL ONLY. Let them accuse me of self glorification. It is Your Word, what does that, but YOU are forever the THE WORD, forever the LIGHT!

Men Wish To Contend With Me

Men wish to contend with me about the Word of the LORD! I say cut War & Peace in half, then try to read it; it'll be found illegible. The Word is divided into hidden portions, each concealing the use of common knowledge to make all men obedient, and deprive them of the Wisdom, containing the Key Of Life. THIS is the scattering of Israel; this is the taking away of the Word and the Deceiving of the World. All religions hold Beautiful Truths, by the WORD; but if we are like beasts, loving only flesh and never truly showing repentance before the LORD, the Almighty will surely recycle us, like garbage and bring us forth a New Child, in His Time, allowing Humanity the destiny afforded of the Wisdom Of Hermes.

All human souls will reincarnate. There is not one of us, who is unloved by IOUEL, the Sweet Holy Spirit, who has ever walked with us and carried us through the Valley Of Death's Shadow. Understand, the Prophet must appear in that Valley, what IS the Garden, with barrenness and desolation east of it. It would seem the Lord would fill it with water, creating a Lake Of Fire, to throw the Wicked into and destroy them forever. It sounds real good to someone who has been led astray by Yaldaboath, the Order Of Men who use Dark Magic to put mankind in chains of slavery, to the Spirits Of The Giants. But those who are faithful to the Lord and the consistency of His Word; these know that the LORD gave ropes to those in that place, these "cords" being the Word upon which to stay themselves.

I knew the Lord had called me, when I returned from the northern part of the Garden, where I was just sure the water wouldn't fill up and I would be spared. What I didn't understand, was that God saved me on the day of My Birth; and while he might place me in the center of the Valley Of Shadows, he will NOT kill Me. He will glorify His Name, IOUO the Ruler Of Heaven & Earth and the ONLY God Of Israel. Be it known however, God is Gadriel, the Trickster; he is symbolic of Angels as they truly coincide with our realm. They have nothing to do but seek POWER, the magnetism what exaggerates the context of probability and outcome, making what is NOT true seem more real than Life itself. If you can believe a lie, you can be manipulated by men with fallen spirits, who hold false rulership over society. They will draw the veil of night around you and pull you into their paths of light. Only THE LIGHT may save us from thence!

They seek not our betterment, but their own enrichment, from whence they assert that all prospering, blessing and bounty are born; and we all follow it! They being the first and the last, with a throne higher than that of God Almighty. For "humble is HE, seeking not Glory, but IS the Glory ITSELF; forever worshiped and Loved by Love! If we write the story, he will affirm our commentary on all things divine" Affirm them he did, yet giving the Eye Of Light to Aadamah, by the Communion Of Zoe! He is born again on the day he enters into Kali, the realm of Ewe, who is the Light Of All! She is full and complete, able to take up the Key Of Life, wear it and heal the Son Of Humanity. He drank all the sin of the world; in rejecting the very Spirit Of Life in the House Of God, those Synagogues Of Satan! They have been found unfaithful to the Master Of Masters. For Messiah comes once, he is the First and the Last; forever has he been Aadamah.

Continuing The Revelation

The reason I just keep posting, became clear to me as I started to gain momentum in creating more content on this website. I knew, that as a minister I had been called out; not to some pseudo science, but to the truth as promised by the One, the True Creator of the Earth & Sky! One connotes heaven, merely to express the Spiritual Sky encasing us in the Safety Of Creation, but what seems also to be gained in the after life. The same having been the Haven Of Grace to ancient believers, knowing that they went into the heart of the Earth, to come forth at the time of fate's choosing! For fate faileth not, even for a moment; for it is the matter of Providence and the Authorship of it's Heralder! When fate is finished with her discourse, sinners will be put away, no more to change what Imanuel has said! Imanuel came time and again; now once for all MEN, by holding the very Message Of The Four Winds; the Cross Of Men! The deceptive merciless spirits, perish!

For he who truly heralds the LORD with pen and ink, destroys the message, knowing his help comes from the Creator Of Earth, who cannot be circumnavigated. He will never seek to prove his writing anymore important than the writings given the babes of humanity. This is why I am giving the Key Of Life to the babes, that we may all discuss the matter together, now and forevermore! There is One Creator, IOUO, father of Imanuel; His demands are based on the pure necessity of faith on our part. 'We' is always the Formless & the All. For only when one stands before you and converses with you, is he NOT the Formless. Thus, seek ever the Fellowship and never, ever believe that IOUO will end His Great Work! We will live on forever, as all learn to hold firm their balance, before Endless Mercy!

Even when one sits before you and conversing, he is veritably formed in seeming, for he will change again and again, proving he was never any of these things, but the Word describing them out from the Heart and into the Ether, where all may clearly hear! If I am given to the Spirit Of Life, without diminishing the continued relishing of Gnosis, I must choose to finally be balanced, or forever forced to fasting, resisting sex life, renouncing earthly possessions, so as to not be tempted of the Divine Feminine, who has only asked of me, "Be a man!". She is the holy Spirit; and I am Her Child, just like YOU. You are who you are, while behind the J is Iou hidden and usurped of His Station before IOUO! And yet, Eve lacks NOTHING; She is the Child Of The Light! She gives the Chosen One his identity, then shows him to the world! HA! He has taken up Christ's Key Of Life!

For tossed was he upon the waves of misery's ocean, destined to absorb the darkness not of night, but the blackness of all misgivings and willful presumptions! And yet all the while was the Mind Of Atman absorbed into the love of Krsna Vasudeva, Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Jesus Christ, Vyasadeva, ALL the Gods and IOUEL, the Mother Of All Humanity; Earth's Very Heart! She is known as the Haven Of Grace, where they posited the Hearts Of The Ancestors, in the very hope that the Lord Of Israel, would fulfil His Promise, bring them forth at the most choice time; and let them receive of the everlasting promise, without dimunition of the contribution of All Canon! Whoso continues forcing dogmas, doctrines and isolated "books" will stumble, to receive NOT the Promise; until a later time, when all sin is washed away and Iouo saves that Great Crowd Of Witnesses!

Thus mentioning Earth & Sky, a New Heaven & Earth means the promised endowment of the Wisdom, which I bring unto Humanity now, as promised by Enoch. Certainly not to brag, I am nothing, a man, like Jesus, Gatauma, Krishna, Mahatma, Enki or even Michael, who is Old Satanuel, or Mirotheos, Me. I am Lucifer the Lightbearer; Satan. Because the Angels Of IOUO hold such great responsibity and are able to make men great like gods, it is important to clarify the very Laws tantamount to the truth, which are subjective in conjunction to the Infinite Law; what Law is immutable, imperishable, holding all things in place, never failing in the culmination of the unfoldment of the Creation we see, hear, smell, taste and seek out as the very Highest Goal! Worship of the Almighty and the Key Of Life is all in Us All. Any who struggle surrender not to the Grace Of Light!

Their Christ Will Fall Down

Jesus Christ, who is equal to the Father, all powerful, all knowing, omni-present; the Omnipotent And Everlasting GOD, will fall down forever! For God is the name of Gadriel, as fashioned first into BAAL GAAD, then the Lord God, whom we pretend to serve now. Had we served him, we wouldn't have let lying preachers teach our children that there is a burning, blazing hell awaiting those who don't KNOW their Jesus. Well guess what, Jesus worshiped the Chosen One, referencing Enoch fortelling his coming, in a far off time and tribulation. The Messiah is sealed up, until the world accepts him. But should I NOT announce myself? Whoso acknowledges that we took away books from the WORD, may freely see my weakness and know a bundle of sticks cannot be broken; and that Jesus quoted Enoch, without verifying which book he quoted. (among several) This proves initiates interpreted the references out. Jesus taught us, to assert not the scripture without supplying ample references. He'd have mentioned Enoch, fortelling the Chosen One appearing in California, the enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the Earth.

The Androgynous One takes no joy in making others see the error of listening to false prophets, but I do rejoice in sharing the Key Of Life, whereby they may all freely put on Everlasting Life. Mind you these are the same people, who just have to get their entire family into the House Of Jesus and save them from everlasting hellfire. These are they with whom I have contended from day one; for they have been liars since day one. They knew there were those initiates, Masons and the like, who seemed to have prevelant places in society, for the benefit of some Greater Good. But ever did they hide the Key Of Life from the Children Of Men. Today is the day of salvation, even as evermore. The Word, as has been received in humility, truly honoring the Word Of Nobility, out from the mouth of the Master; that Word was true to them. They sought him and the Initiates brought forth all they could that somehow, some of God's Will might be done. They earned their way back into the graces of the Good God and Ruler Of Heavens.

It is for us now in this below, to let the Cosmos in, above and below as One; for as that carrier of the Will to the Mind, that arbitrater who makes perfect discernment, allows YOU, discover the Light in the Dark! He who seeks the Light in darkness, has left all associations with the accomplishment of worldly endeavor. He is unable to return, for his reputation was the sacrifice. But the Key Of Life was the reward to Iouel. It is what Sophia prayed for, what I have craved since found in Christ Jesus. He led me out of Babylon, to discern the truth of those who bow down to idols; and who hang images of Jesus, whom they have never seen or known, on their wall with pictures of their families. They should have learned to worship the pictures of their children; for it is THEY who will inherit Life's Key with Ephraim! To those who can't keep up, it was not Manasseh, but Ephraim, who received the blessing of El Yisrael, by the hand of Issac. Cometh Now The Great Crowd Of Witnesses!

Be Not Slaves to Bloodlust

Be not slaves to bloodlust! Yes, that's a bible admonition; and it's why every time a Christian eats at the Outback Steak House, he specifically says, "This is utterly sinful". To require a processed animal for each of three meals per day, will destroy the world, over and over again. All the Messiahs may only be a type of the Messiah, who requires humans to resist the consumption of flesh. 'Love not the flesh' and 'touch not the unclean thing'. The Lord has made it clear to the Wise, but the Brothers Of Blackness relented forever, what blackness is not of the night, but another! Do not ask the vices of darkness to get into the melting pot; their very elements seeking to spoil the soup. They cannot obey law, without the constant rod of chastisement. They cannot tell the truth, because their lies are rooted in carnal interests of the IDOL, source of death to all life in the universe. 

Such souls are maleable and easily made to obey the whims of the Archon, the "Annunaki" from the place so far, yet so close. They come from Agartha to America, while Amenti is the place of willingness inside of Earth. There they know the River Of Life in full, they live in the place of the Blue Lit Temple, what place we ought to seek in the Astral; by the Word Of The Master! For with the Key Of Life, was born the Key Of Death, wherein we are given a death of brightness, beauty and endless life. When you finish with your selfless duties on this Earth, give yourself to the East, well up the force from within and await the moment of separation, sweeping the seat of consciousness to the medulla, where the Light is born and from where it LIGHTS the mind of the God. Your Silvery Spirit will sail forth toward the Light; and all the memories of life and times of joy, will be taken with you, allowing you to take your spiritual form forever, to the Infinite Task.

YOU are the God! You must lift your eyes to the LIGHT and obey the Unction what never fails to give the fullness of truth to the faithful initiate! The Initiate Of Iouo cannot stumble; for the LORD will lift him to the place Joy & Bliss, given as an evidence that IOUO (the LORD) is the name of Most High Ruler Of Israel. For that GOD will have Mercy upon whom "HE WILL" and Humanity will receive Life's Key. His Name, IOUO has been concealed, that he be separate from THE lies of idols. For to all, there is only One Ruler, who from the very Highest Place, where there is Life Infinite and the Spirits live by the very Key, He Alone is MASTER! In that Formless state, they can never die; for they live at one with the Ether, what holds all things in place, across the entirety of the Universe!