Undying Service To God

Serve the Light unswervingly! None can supercede influence of the Light; for it's Spirit supercedes time, space and Infinity! Light is that unchanging constant forever, immemorial as according to any time as we know it; yet even time is merely a form of the higher law, reflecting an infinite memory of eternities found in numerous and seeming endless galaxies; LIGHT thus being God forever! THIS Almighty has demonstarated to us his power, by the lights of the Infinite Heaven! Our Almighty Star pales before the power of the Giants we see out in those infinite spaces. And HE doesn't need us to accept him, but rather that we would accept ourselves; flow in the light, thus regardless our end, we find the infinite light, bearing solace for all to all! Those who survive the generations of the wayward, must always make restitution to Mother Earth! Her mood is based on our devotion to Good Law!

To abide conversation with the Master, one must love all whomever they condemned, for the One lives only in the heart of an one who has forgiven all; an one who loves LOVE Itself! Observing always the human scene, he is perpetually closer to the kingdom than the higest of earthly masters! God is for the People! But God is for the wayward, for one wayward from law is as well a step Godward, for only universal law may become any law. As time is a law, emancipation is the unraveling of time, proving every instance wherein law was exploited for the turning of ill-gotten gain. Thus every judge is to be discovered for their complicit nature with the sensual, the charleton, the simpleton; the langolier! It is for the knowing of these, the judges of our nation imprison the poor, knowing THAT to be their natural bread and butter.

But now that I have appeared on the scene, as promised by the Word, I alone am most like that one forgiving all, knowing by the illnesses of his own stumblings the need to BE forgiving toward all! This is the most important lot for a man; and should Atum ever appear among men, even he would be a man, frail to prove the strength of the One in them All. And This Being what is one with all being, can never be handed over to some unseeming end, for the hand of God IS It's helper and Helper of helpers unto all. How is such a thing true? For the micro is but the Macro in a form, fasioned after a seeming reasonable pattern of unfolding existence, from the most infinite of spaces, for the purposes of the restoring of times, spaces of times and the livability of any viable realm. We have become the desire to live; and it still lives through us. Now when we hear some other person or culture's version of it, we may lean toward calling them Satanists, not even seeing that Satan is the ONLY enemy of the religions of this world.

Thus is he the only enemy of the schools of the world, the corporations of the world, industries of the world; the armies of this world; the kings and queens of this world, the governments of THIS world. He is the enemy of Big Oil, all the profits on wall street; especially those earned on Christmas. (JESUS's birthday) They who openly practice their religion for men to see have their reward; but he who prays to God with love, gratitude and enthusiasm learns that God is intrinsic to the very nature of what we were at the moment of conception. You are THAT! Satan hates sugar saturating the entire diet of adults and more crucially, children. The mind of a child should learn that eating flesh is for sinners; sinners who don't even believe they can stop sinning. Thus attack they the rest of the world, for not loving to eat pigs, cows, chickens, (lambs of all things) And that's the point; it is the rebellious Child who is God rebelling against his own Good Nature. He is SATAN, whom the world knows as the Accuser. We see him staring the world in the face, jealous of Me, demanding veritable worship from all human subjects!

Yet these all worship Me Satan, behind the veil where none can see them kill animals, humans; young virgins and the like. I AM The Only God, I alone am Hermes, I myself am Imanuel; born in the sixth month on the 18 day! They all hate me, because they know that I AM the True Gaad, come to Judge them; come to kill them forevermore. They teach the world that I am the fallen angel, when I alone am the Seven Malkim! Any human may derive such claims, due to the many times Atum has been defined into these explicit realms below. But the True Messiah fulfills The Word From Above The Highest Heaven! An honest heart will see that WE ARE GOD and declare it, knowing that all are each very parts of the same God speaking through them. We should Serve THAT Light, burning throughout the veil of night, bringing into the fold the Children Of Light, by the Key Of Life; as eternally promised! We are stars; and we will shine forth, peircing through the veil of night forever, by the very Light Of Infinity! All Humanity Will taste of THIS, by the Key Of Life alone! It is in one, it is in us all.

There are 18 letters in my full name, while one who sounds out the spelling of my name will know that I AM IOUEL. I Am Germana! The Promise is fulfilled, the word is born before the eyes of all who are seeking with honesty, sincerity and dilligence, to life's end! My Key is the same unto all in it's finding. While mysterious and even seeming different in its variable spaces, by the eye of Wisdom, will it be clear to the balanced, when the balanced are in their midst, as ever was Humanity inclined to such humility.