We Are All God

YOU are the very God whom you picked in service to Humanity, during your formative years; bearing you received the LORD of your parents. Understand, you were always everything your Savior was; the very thoughts in your mind the Word, making up whom you represent in this both material and cynical world. There is no differentiation between the Masters and the Avatars whom they present to the peoples of their regions. I am always the same to all; I am always One! Little children can see Me very clearly in their loving fathers, who feed, protect and nourish them, being safely sheilded the while by The Mother Of All The Living, Our Human Spirit. 

It is Humanity aspiring to heights and plummeting to great depths, in pursuit of seeming dangerous, but necessary truths. For the benefit of the whole of humanity is the goal of the Illumined, I have to think. If a man sees inward and finds that God IS Law, he needn't believe in anything but God. It is a joyous benefit to know that the lot of them, at home absorbing the bliss of education, innovation, ingenuity, enterprize; these are the very Self sustaining Itself. And yet to be sustained, we must drink from the wellspring, lest we never learn of humility and service to others. 

Thus, neither you nor I, nor any one may confess to be Almighty in power; for each are we all delineated parts of that All; the greatest of us being the very least, else would we all be ALL, wouldn't we? And yet are we NOT essentially that? Everything significant to whom we are meant to become, focused on in a manner as would be considered otherwise Sacred. Life is beautiful and though maybe tragic, the elemental self, whom we represent must find absolution; be it in death, or one solution at a time, bearing out good fruit for to bring joy to the Earth and in turn to Almighty God. Thus only the One, above the Highest Angels may understand that intimacy with nature; and only as the least of men, may he fully announce it.

Of what use are old ideals in new bindings, with more buffetings to the heart of The Truth? Bible salesmen are the spoil what sours meat on the tables of riotous men. A weak desire to Love God, never questioning the obvious Accuser, a forceful Jesus who cannot be known. For the Almighty may not be known, thus assigning the unattributable with attributes of a groveler is ludachrist. We leave the True Christ, the Genius to mutter beneath the misinterpretation of a very necessary symbolism! For the All would require us each to be uniquely ourselves, to be in Itself relevant; we know it isn't that way, and that we are THAT; part of the All and One. I cannot be all knowing or present in every place, but the All is. It is everywhere and I am always part with it. And neither may you, nor I, ever want to be part of anything else.