Come Now Thou Angels Of God

Come now thou Angels Of God! Hear Me, Children Of The Light! There is no need to quake, for IOUEL has filled Earth with the Glory Of Truth, forevermore! The Wicked will fade like unto the grass and forever be gone, their spirits returned to the God who gave them! Yeah the Wicked, who have turned the world over on it's head, will be removed from Mother Earth; to be held in darkness and face their eternal judgement. Yet even in that darkest place lies the very seed of resolution, that the spirit soul may be unraveled of it's unruly desire before the Creator Of All, and liberated of all shame and fear. Thus then may pure desire be born and bring forth the new form of that individual spirit soul.

Those standing unashamedly in the Light know that God is merciful and long suffering to the faithful, ever remembering the gentle and sincere of heart. For while we may have had times of rebellion, rudeness, bitterness, even cold hearted wrath; the Key Of Life alone alleviates every symptom, even the sin of self punishment, which is the very ommission. God gives us strength to see that any challenge, even the wicked task, (touching our lives or not) may be symbolically expressed as the very means to attaining peace in Christ. Thus by faith alone, may we effortlessly excel at whatever we wish, or completely give ourselves to the renouncing of endeavor itself, as potentially dangerous. For they are crafty in the world, with their tricks of Satanism and Orthodoxy, ever leading man down the road to eternal damnation. Thus let every man judge himself by faith, not by the lies of the Shepherds, those ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing!

There is nothing exclusive about the religion of Christianity. It is another means of perpetual uprightness and the regeneration of spirit soul in action; acheived through the language of faith alone, not by any kind of religious instruction. For while we each have our own soul and unique connectivity to the Divine, because we are the same, the path may only be doled out in the very steps of faith; such as was accomplished by usage of the stages of the cross, minus the idols, images and false message. Only The Law may relieve my shame or guilt regarding the mistakes, misgivings and failures of my life. For if a man have not the vision, he is unable to see, unable to yeild and unable to walk by faith. It must be by a personal and clarified decision to do the Good in life. Whoso chooses it, may only be judged in the end, by the truth!

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