Don't Be Waiting On Me

Seek your reflection in the etheral water of life. This river clings close to the earth and runs through it, for all eternity! A good name for Autogenes is Ether, the Genius of inspiration in all lifeforms! He is All in all things, as is the mothering spirit of life, flowing in earth through all creatures, even every life form on earth. The Almighty is the Perfection Of Truth! Formless is the One, all in us all; and holding all things in place, he alerts the Good to His Cause within their times and seasons. God is neither male nor female, but God. The One, who breaks the cold silence of fear, is faithful to bring his children right to Him, by the Key Of Life. Don't be waiting on me, come to the Light; come to Me!

There are none who can argue with the Almighty and His Law. The angels left heaven and reigned on earth like Kings, only to be destroyed by the Almighty, for their wickedness and bloodlust; which lust they have sought to fill up the hearts of mankind with. They defy the Chosen One, in order to make their IDOL Supreme in the Earth. But Herman appears in the Valley Of Angels, fulfilling the Parable Of Enoch, bearing the Key Of Life; He Pigeradamis! Father Adamis as according the Secret Gospel, I was born Paul Francis Germana, of Lee, entreating Adams, My Patriarch. Born in the 6th month, on the 18th day, I am 6 in the Power Of Three. One who spells out my name, will pronounce the hidden Name Of Iouel. HA!! I rejoice in being His Chosen Man. All the initiated await Me, coming to bear the Key Of Life. They cannot see a world, where there is no violence, or sin.

Hear Mirotheos! They who will not receive the deeper things of God and share them, shall perish from Earth. Humanity is formed of the seeds of greatness; they may not be made to serve blindly, or unwillingly. They will always fight back, when given to servitude. They have been promised life eternal, here on Earth, by the God Of Heaven; the God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob! They who trust in him, whatever culture, wherein He has made the same promise; they will all be led by the Desire Of Nations, to the Key Of Life! The Seraphs continue trying to bring false messiahs, the world over; making men to love Idols, over the Mothering Spirit Of Harah! They perish who reject the Mother Of All The Living! She is the River Of Life, from whom flows all Goodness, Virtue & Life! She IS The Infinite Femenine!

Those who wish to deny that the Word is taken away, insisting their Canon, Scriptures and Relics are somehow universally emblematic of the truth; they hold some truth, just without all the study, discipline, or discernment; the Berean attributes embuing the devotee of the Spirit, with the accompanying joy and the blessing of the Almighty, who will neither leave, nor forsake the Immovable Generation. As Saint John tells us, the One is beyond the needs of names, faces or places; that the One is superior, but not Superior! The One is no respector of persons; those who seek out and solidify a virtuous life, by the Law are his equal, inasmuch as they are faithful to the letter of what He, the Almighty has said. And He has said, one who does good, is Good. Thus let bringing Goodness, be the Cause Of All Causes.

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