Something Important About God

Something important about God; everyone is wrong in front of him, even the Great Seer! For this below, what is provided it's sustenance from high above, languishes for the fulfillment of the Law; and so doth all of creation with her. She is this life, the Solemn Below, where the bittersweet is tasted and Law, presented in its various forms, is used of mankind to collectively approach the Almighty. We were taught that the Angels, sent below for disobeying the Most High, were tasked with the preservation of the Arcane Wisdom. Therefore, I assume, that upon the appearance of the Chosen One and His Key, all was forgiven, allowing them to finally ascend back to Godhead, destroying the Way Of The Wicked! They will no more tempt mankind. Now Humanity, You spread My Keys to the World; I Am Metatron!

The lame harbinger threatens Me and tempts Humanity with the love of flesh, to glorify himself and the greed of HIS fallen agents! These have disobeyed Almighty God, concealing so much more than what is Canon, but rather a Great Literature, verifying the fullness of Christian Literature as the Wisdom Of The Ages! For they who glorified God once, glorified him again and again, til the promise of Christ be fulfilled. And they knew that an anointed was another anointed, being each the qualifier of the next; that the Lightbearer may finally appear! The Anti-Christ, who according Missaticum Biblia says, "I am the Chosen One", knoweth NOT the Key Of Life; he knows not the Word Of Iouel, the Holy One! Thus is he NOT the Chosen One! For Iouel alone lives forever and ever, Amen.

We who loved Christ; loving the One in Christ, knew that His Word was in disrepute before all mankind. We held the responsibility of living joyously, shamelessly and courageously! For we knew, the Good will always bring more Good to the human race. There will be no destruction of His Creation; He the Ruler and the Master Of The Universe! They who collude with the fallen, will find themselves with them, in the heart of the Earth Mother. There's no shame in this, but they who turned from the Whore, should never have returned. Rather should they have sought the Word in exile, kept themselves unspotted by greed and violence, to be prepared for the world to come. And now IOUEL, the Holy Spirit grants us life eternal.

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