Life's Key

Listen O' Humankind and hear now the Wisdom! 
Hear the Word that will fill you up with Life! Hear the Word that banishes darkness; hear now the Voice that banished the Night! Mystery & Wisdom have I given to my children; knowledge and power, descended from olden time. Do you not know that all is opened unto us when we find the Oneness of all? One will we become with the Masters Of Mystery, Conquerors Of Death & Masters Of Life! You will learn of the Flowerthe Blossom Of Life what shines in The Halls Of Amenti. In Spirit shall you reach those Halls and bring back the Wisdom, which lives in the Light

Know always that the gateway to power is secret. Know that the gateway to life is through death. Yes, through death, but not death as you know it; rather a death that is Life and Fire and Light. Do you desire to know the deep, hidden secret? Look inside of your heart, where the knowledge is bound. Know that within you, the secret is hidden, even the source of all life and the source of all death! Listen now Humanity, while I tell you the Secret and reveal to you the many secrets of olden time. Deep in Earth's Heart lies the flower, the source of the Spirit that binds us all in its form. You should know that Earth is living embodied, as you are alive in your own form. The Blossom Of Life is even as thine own source of spirit and it streams through the Earth, (as yours does through you) giving life to the Earth and her children, renewing the Spirit, even from form to form. This is the Spirit that forms your body, shaping and moulding the fullness of it's design. Dear Human, your form is ever a suspended duality, balanced in polarity, while wholly fashioned into its veritable shape.

Know that even if Death quickly approaches, it is only because your balance is shaken. It is because one pole has been lost to it's place. Know that the secret to life in Amenti IS the secret of restoring full balance to ones poles. All that exists has form and is living now because of the Spirit of life in its poles. Can you not see, that in Earth's Heart lies the balance of all things that exist and have being upon its face? The source of your own Spirit is surely drawn from Earth's Heart; in your formation you are one with Earth. When you have learned to hold your own balance, then YOU shall draw on the balance of Earth. Then may you reside as long as the Earth does, changing only as the Earth changes, never tasting death! And finally being at one with the planet, you may hold your true form perfected, even until all things pass away!

Hear O' Humanity, whilst I give the secret, that you too may taste of no change. For an hour a day, lie with your head pointed toward the north pole; for another hour lie with your head pointed toward the south pole. Understand, while your head is placed toward the north, you may verily sense the lifeforce spreading from your sternum to your crown; and whilst your head is placed southward, surely will the lifeforce be dispersed liberally, even from your sternum to your feet! Therefore keep this practice firmly, attaining the fullness of balance every seven days; you will retain the whole of your strength! Yes, if you're old, your body will freshen and your strength will become as a youth's. This is the Secret known to the Masters, whereby they hold off the fingers of death. Do not neglect to follow this path I show, for when you have passed beyond a hundred years, to abandon it will mean the coming of Death. Hear now my words, and follow the pathway. Keep now your balance in life and live on!

Hear O' Human, listen to my voice; hear what Wisdom tells us about Death. When at the end of thine appointed works, you may desire to pass from this life, to the plane where the Suns of the Morning live and have being as Children Of Light. Pass without pain, without sorrow unto that plane, where there is eternal Light. First lie at rest, with your head eastward; fold your hands at the Source of life (the solar plexus). Place your consciousness in the life seat. Whirl it and divide it north and south. Send the one part out northward and the other, out towards the south. Relax these also of any hold upon your being. Then out forth from your form will the silver spark fly, upward and onward unto The Sun Of The Morning, blending with the Light, at one with its Source; and it shall flame there until desire is created once again.

Then you will return to a physical place, in a bodily form. Listen O' Human, thus pass the Great Souls, changing at will from life unto life. Thus ever passes the Avatar, willing his Death, even as he wills his own life; both are the same to him. He lives ever without fear, without doubt, without shame or despair. Listen Humanity, drink of my wisdom; learn the Secret, what is Master Of Time. Learn how those you call Masters are able to remember the lives of the past. Great is their secret yet easy to master, giving to YOU the mastery of time. If death fast approaches fear not and know YOU are the Master Of Death.

Relax your body, resisting not with tension. Place in your heart the flame of YOUR Soul. Swiftly then sweep it to the Seat Of The Triangle. Hold for a moment, then move to the Goal. This is thy goal, the place between thine eyebrows, the place where the memory of life holds sway. Hold your flame there in the brain-seat until the fingers of Death grasp Your Soul. Then as you pass through the state of transition, surely the memories of life shall pass too. Then shalt the past be as one with the present. Then shall the memory of all be retained. You will be free from all retrogression. The things of the past shall live on forever in Today!