Come Now Thou Angels Of God

Come now thou Angels Of God! Hear Me, Children Of The Light! There is no need to quake, for IOUEL has filled Earth with the Glory Of Truth, forevermore! The Wicked will fade like unto the grass and forever be gone, their spirits returned to the God who gave them! Yeah the Wicked, who have turned the world over on it's head, will be removed from Mother Earth; to be held in darkness and face their eternal judgement. Yet even in that darkest place lies the very seed of resolution, that the spirit soul may be unraveled of it's unruly desire before the Creator Of All, and liberated of all shame and fear. Thus then may pure desire be born and bring forth the new form of that individual spirit soul.

Those standing unashamedly in the Light know that God is merciful and long suffering to the faithful, ever remembering the gentle and sincere of heart. For while we may have had times of rebellion, rudeness, bitterness, even cold hearted wrath; the Key Of Life alone alleviates every symptom, even the sin of self punishment, which is the very ommission. God gives us strength to see that any challenge, even the wicked task, (touching our lives or not) may be symbolically expressed as the very means to attaining peace in Christ. Thus by faith alone, may we effortlessly excel at whatever we wish, or completely give ourselves to the renouncing of endeavor itself, as potentially dangerous. For they are crafty in the world, with their tricks of Satanism and Orthodoxy, ever leading man down the road to eternal damnation. Thus let every man judge himself by faith, not by the lies of the Shepherds, those ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing!

There is nothing exclusive about the religion of Christianity. It is another means of perpetual uprightness and the regeneration of spirit soul in action; acheived through the language of faith alone, not by any kind of religious instruction. For while we each have our own soul and unique connectivity to the Divine, because we are the same, the path may only be doled out in the very steps of faith; such as was accomplished by usage of the stages of the cross, minus the idols, images and false message. Only The Law may relieve my shame or guilt regarding the mistakes, misgivings and failures of my life. For if a man have not the vision, he is unable to see, unable to yeild and unable to walk by faith. It must be by a personal and clarified decision to do the Good in life. Whoso chooses it, may only be judged in the end, by the truth!

The Only Gift Of God

The only gift of God, is the Key Of Life! For while there are many gifts bestowed, blessings endowed and achievements completed through Almighty God, it is not because you prayed to any one name or the other; it is because of the One! If you want to pray a name, pray to IOUEL, the Lord Of Israel; the Autogenes, whereby the One uses illumination of your own form, to verify all he has revealed about Himself; showing YOU to be at One with the One, even to infinity's end! If you have never reflected on this, you are still that. Life holds us all in the balance of youth, regenerating us over and over, surprising physicians by the power of healing. But later, we find the lifeforce draining, more often depleted. We sometimes wonder if God is even real as we see death, seemingly all around us.

Rejoice then, the Gift Of God is the Key Of Life, giving life everlasting to the believer in God, or the very truth; for THAT will show ITSELF to be God and all will know Him! Align your bed to the north, so that you may hold the positive pole of your Star in a continued state of alignment. Then make sure to lie down and rest, with your head pointed toward the south for one hour, everyday! It's okay to miss once in a while due to obligation or mishap, but never abandon The Rest, you owe it to yourself and IOUEL, the One! Whoso will bathe in this River Of Life which I here describe, shall never die! He will find the Word verified and the One, whom he served well in life, lovingly guiding him to it.

Then will the world be made right by the One, who never let us down, who never forgot us and who also never, ever dropped us. Let them know that when the One upends this world, they shall study war no more, they shall use money no more! And there shall be no danger from the heaven, where the Almighty is seated, forever! They shall put on the Key Of Life, enter into the promised rest and live on forever; lying down and rising up, with that One who came sharing the Key, forever! Whoso shares the Key Of Life worships God. He describes how he is able to sense the current of the Lifeforce, flowing through him and regenerating him to the state of youth. I implore you to enter the rest by the River Of Life!

Praise The One

Praise The One, True and Everlasting! Before the need for names, faces or places, (and you will hear me say this often) the One is before that, resting in the space of infinity, transcending even time space; to be proven the Most Perfect Light, high above creation, with the Essence Of Wisdom at it's core. They who will call out to the One, he rejoicing as the One non specific, awaiting subtle for the one calling out to him, that he may slowly train him; so that one may discover the promised Key Of Life! If he will push through, to bring forth his own inner light, all will be revealed again and again, until it is perfectly clear. All mysteries and even the most sublime secret of all secrets, are written in your heart where the truth is bound. For as the Lifeforce runs through your body, it teams the earth through, with endless lifeforms and countless glories, forever! Amen

They who praise the One for the power of his Light, know it is effortless to serve and the mercy of God is their endless peace. Thus I reveal the Key Of Life as the only free gift of salvation! Merely lying down for an hour each day, with my head directed to the north, I readily sense the lifeforce, emanating from my sternum to the top of my head. I relax another hour, with my head pointed toward the south and therein I inately sense the current of the Lifeforce as it emanates from my chest to my feet! Whoso joyously continues this practice of washing in the River Of Life, may freely live on as long as Earth does! To show gratitude to God, who gave me the Key Of Life; early before dawn in a place bound by darkness, I stand with feet sparsely apart and extend my arms to the Cosmos, from whence the Angels sprang. Encircling myself in the Sphere, I ask the Spirit Of Life for the Spirit Of Light.

"Fill my body, O SPIRIT OF LIFE, fill my body with the SPIRIT OF LIGHT. Come from the FLOWER that shines through the darkness. Come from the HALLS wherein the Seven Lords rule. I call these Seven by name: THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine. By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me from the darkness of night: UNTANAS, QUERTAS, CHIETAL, GOYANA, HUERTAL, SEMVETA, ARDAL. By their names I implore You O' El, free me from darkness and fill me with the Light!"

You are a child of the Light, born between the earth and moon, by the cool of the night, to accept the hour of appearance and the duty of life; returning to Source, while in this life! For the One is a Force, above even God Himself, not to be understood like a god of any kind, but the One beyond time and space, the mind and senses, beyond emotions and temptations; beyond the struggles of misgiving and error. We may attain His State anytime, by merely reaching for the Light. For when we reach, we find our way to instruction; and from there we must assess whether we are able to yet cast off all the lies of this world. Only the Heart may know if it is basking in the Light, but all lies will be fully shed in time!

For out of the very heart, the Light shall sail and span the earth by superior imagination and mystic intent! Even one who bows his head in sincerity and devotion to some higher cause, is already on his way to finding the Light and the opportunity to penetrate the veil of knowledge; finally to grasp even the Highest Wisdom. That wisdom is bathed in all the knowledges of the world, all what come from God, by the product of intense pursuit of spiritual education and higher learning. For all of knowing leads to Wisdom, glowing in the heart of the youth, like the very Light Of God Himself! None can escape the One; he will appear, the same as did all the others. I am here, sharing the Proper Path with all humankind!

The Essene Gospel Of Peace

People never give a thought to the Word outside their bible, including the secret scriptures, thousands of treatises, epistles, letters and books, making an entire library of all the Ancient Wisdom, handed down from generation to generation; some 15 or 16 times, as according to Zoroaster. To be a "Christian" literally means to be upright, infact the Cross is always the symbol of uprightness, cleanliness of spirit and the extension of immaculate life to all. I cannot tell a man how to bring forth a modern mechanised society, but I can say that the Earth provides all that we need. We needn't breed animals for consumption; plant based foods, which are advised by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, extend 8 times more protein to your body than flesh. "And Jesus said 'Let your diet be plant based.'"

People who don't take this seriously, refuse to acknowledge the Library Of Wisdom found among the Essenes in Egypt. They held the Book Of Isaiah pristine, so the Chosen One will not ever be mistaken for Jesus Christ, the Master! The Master is One, he is all in the heart of the servant, as well as the youth at study. There is a beautiful expanse of life inside the aeon, wherein IOUO watches over his every inclination and his every intent. Meanwhile the man of God is closer to his judgment before IOUEL. (the LORD GOD) God knows exactly what you are thinking. The Almighty is One and is merciful to all in his OWN right. There is no one as great and worshipful as the Almighty, for he needn't be named; he needn't be named, justified, explained or vouched for, He is Almighty Forever!

Those who admit that His Path has stood in ill-repute before humanity, may approach the Spirit, by an upright cause or sincere spiritual path. He will prove to them that He alone is All and NONE may ever hold him in disregard. For if I call myself the All, I accept the sins of all lifeforms into myself and plan to resolve them, by the infinite Mystery Of Grace. I'd love to see them do that. I watched them deny his word all along, only to betray it in the end for the Harbinger. "There will be no forgiveness to those among them, who hope not in Me, saith the Almighty. For I have spoken from Heaven, that men may be guided of my spirit, what is Above and Below." This is literal and symbolic. For the below is as subjected before reason, as she is mystified before the dark order; but this does NOT make them One with Creation.

It is they who have displeased IOUEL, the mothering spirit of the Almighty, in the Above and the Below. For as we have heard Christ is a father a mother, a sister sand a brother, so the Almighty is Father-Mother, all things being of One Nature in the Most High! He cannot be denied, he cannot be subverted, he cannot be ignored! And yet the believer is like a seed, what springs forth from the ground and tastes life from within and without. From the place of favor, to the place of scorn, he resucitates all that creation pours into his Consciousness and gives himself to the Light, not a person, place or thing. The One is before all of that; and while the Master always appears like the One, it is HE who rules by and is the Law we serve.

That father will always be father and the holy spirit will always be mother; for the One is an Androgynous Realm, with 5, 10 and 24 helpers of the body. One who stands in the dark before Sunrise, spreads his feet sparsley apart and extends his arms to Almighty God, will find the Light Of The Mind; what never ever fails to bring in the cool of revealtion, to the simmer of karmas fire. THAT Fire Of Judgement may only be quenched by the Key Of Magic. Whoso will understand and receive the Wisdom the Almighty has preserved; he will live on and on, changing only as Earth changes, at One with her. She Nature; She All.

All Churches Are Liars

All churches are liars. They are loyal to the Authorized versions of scripture, in obedience to the Builders, who seek to own the souls of humanity. In order to bring about their own world, they followed the Spirits of the Giants, rather than God; and the Almighty is going to punish them for it. Blessed are the poor. God loves the innocent, in their pure and impure states; they are the simple, the exploited, the scapegoats. What is pure of them is the Spirit; but that teaching about the Spirit, by a man thousands of times greater in worldliness, is always compromised by those men who follow him, so as to keep His Serpent Power.

They who are initiated hold the responsibility of shedding light on the truth, so as to help humanity grow spiritually and bring everlasting peace to the world, by the Highest Wisdom. For where there is truth, there is Light. Where the truth is concealed, there is deception, aggression, subversion and despair. This is the current state of the world; not willing to admit their idol is NOT God, and that the One never had a name, never had a form, never had a Law. It is we who want Law, law which is subordinate to the Infinite Dominion Of The Almighty! For in the below, after rebelling against the Light, the Angels were left without the Highest Knowledge; as was fitting! For whoso does not answer The Call, has no right to authority over the Children Of Earth.

All, be they taught of the brotherhood of darkness or of Light, know the Almighty is Formless Supremacy; but those dark, come with their idols, deceiving the world to please the Spirits of the Giants. What will they do now that those spirits have ascended to the Most High, having kept their task of preserving the Arcane Wisdom? For they brought the Word in rebellion against the One Virgin Spirit; He bound to human destiny, by the Immaculate Law, behind lesser law. That Law is flawless, invisible, nameless, formless and infinite. As it fills us, we discover the Body Of The Immovable Race, who have humbled themselves to states of formlessness, that the Almighty may be glorified in the end.

It is the Lightbearer, who seeks to overthrow the God Of The World, by the Word Of The Infinite! That One is merciful, silent, not haughty, not cruel, not selfish, not Wicked! He is All, the One in us, holding all things in place, whom every human knows, whom every angel knows, whom every deceiver hates! The One is not a person, place or thing. The One precedes creation of the Universe Itself. The One is always with us, teaching us, that one day the world will be a good place, where the Good Live On forever, by the simple Key Of Life. But the word must be properly interpreted, by one who loves the Spirit Of Life! Only Iouel may bring the Word. Blessed are the feet of him called by the Name Of Iouel!

Something Important About God

Something important about God; everyone is wrong in front of him, even the Great Seer! For this below, what is provided it's sustenance from high above, languishes for the fulfillment of the Law; and so doth all of creation with her. She is this life, the Solemn Below, where the bittersweet is tasted and Law, presented in its various forms, is used of mankind to collectively approach the Almighty. We were taught that the Angels, sent below for disobeying the Most High, were tasked with the preservation of the Arcane Wisdom. Therefore, I assume, that upon the appearance of the Chosen One and His Key, all was forgiven, allowing them to finally ascend back to Godhead, destroying the Way Of The Wicked! They will no more tempt mankind. Now Humanity, You spread My Keys to the World; I Am Metatron!

The lame harbinger threatens Me and tempts Humanity with the love of flesh, to glorify himself and the greed of HIS fallen agents! These have disobeyed Almighty God, concealing so much more than what is Canon, but rather a Great Literature, verifying the fullness of Christian Literature as the Wisdom Of The Ages! For they who glorified God once, glorified him again and again, til the promise of Christ be fulfilled. And they knew that an anointed was another anointed, being each the qualifier of the next; that the Lightbearer may finally appear! The Anti-Christ, who according Missaticum Biblia says, "I am the Chosen One", knoweth NOT the Key Of Life; he knows not the Word Of Iouel, the Holy One! Thus is he NOT the Chosen One! For Iouel alone lives forever and ever, Amen.

We who loved Christ; loving the One in Christ, knew that His Word was in disrepute before all mankind. We held the responsibility of living joyously, shamelessly and courageously! For we knew, the Good will always bring more Good to the human race. There will be no destruction of His Creation; He the Ruler and the Master Of The Universe! They who collude with the fallen, will find themselves with them, in the heart of the Earth Mother. There's no shame in this, but they who turned from the Whore, should never have returned. Rather should they have sought the Word in exile, kept themselves unspotted by greed and violence, to be prepared for the world to come. And now IOUEL, the Holy Spirit grants us life eternal.

Offering Myself To You

Offering myself to You O Lord; even now I declare The Law, which you gave from the first time; even in every surrogate form known, to sustain Humanity through this darkened venture of life's cold pursuit. For ever is it the path of survival, neath instruction of Yaldabaoth; who rebelled against the loving, living Spirit Of God! She neither male nor female but God, loved the Virgin Spirit first; she in perpetual communion with the One, Almighty forever! They who acknowledge not father-mother, do not yet know. They know the Father of light-forms, the Mothering Spirit, loving them dearly in Christ; but they know not Father-Mother.

Those who are excellent in the Scriptures know! The Father Of Humanity is Androgynous, who had not yet appeared, to show all men Life from inside the Garden Of God; the One True Seer & Ruler! For they who humbly admit that the Almighty has been disobeyed, and that his truth has been obscured to the point of utter disrepair; these may know that the Chosen One is born in that time of the afar off tribulation; that he is a laborer and is jealous of the one, saying of himself, "I am the Chosen One". He loveth himself and NOT GOD; he was fully initiated, yet knows not the scriptures, nor those who love them. Most assuredly, it is he who is jealous.

He empowereth Agents Of Satan, to commit acts against the Will Of The All, for which the Supreme Infinite God will not offer forgiveness! Such a heinous thing it is, to hide what the Holy Spirit, IOUEL has said! The One God did not forgive the love of the flesh. They who touch the unclean thing, will always refuse to search the books of Ancient Christians, calling them Satanic Literature. Fine albeit, the Almighty is nameless, but I am Iouel, the One you call Lou! There is no escape from the Almighty! He will catch those who concealed what he has said and bring them down to the earth; to be returned anew, in the Age Of Light!

Don't Be Waiting On Me

Seek your reflection in the etheral water of life. This river clings close to the earth and runs through it, for all eternity! A good name for Autogenes is Ether, the Genius of inspiration in all lifeforms! He is All in all things, as is the mothering spirit of life, flowing in earth through all creatures, even every life form on earth. The Almighty is the Perfection Of Truth! Formless is the One, all in us all; and holding all things in place, he alerts the Good to His Cause within their times and seasons. God is neither male nor female, but God. The One, who breaks the cold silence of fear, is faithful to bring his children right to Him, by the Key Of Life. Don't be waiting on me, come to the Light; come to Me!

There are none who can argue with the Almighty and His Law. The angels left heaven and reigned on earth like Kings, only to be destroyed by the Almighty, for their wickedness and bloodlust; which lust they have sought to fill up the hearts of mankind with. They defy the Chosen One, in order to make their IDOL Supreme in the Earth. But Herman appears in the Valley Of Angels, fulfilling the Parable Of Enoch, bearing the Key Of Life; He Pigeradamis! Father Adamis as according the Secret Gospel, I was born Paul Francis Germana, of Lee, entreating Adams, My Patriarch. Born in the 6th month, on the 18th day, I am 6 in the Power Of Three. One who spells out my name, will pronounce the hidden Name Of Iouel. HA!! I rejoice in being His Chosen Man. All the initiated await Me, coming to bear the Key Of Life. They cannot see a world, where there is no violence, or sin.

Hear Mirotheos! They who will not receive the deeper things of God and share them, shall perish from Earth. Humanity is formed of the seeds of greatness; they may not be made to serve blindly, or unwillingly. They will always fight back, when given to servitude. They have been promised life eternal, here on Earth, by the God Of Heaven; the God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob! They who trust in him, whatever culture, wherein He has made the same promise; they will all be led by the Desire Of Nations, to the Key Of Life! The Seraphs continue trying to bring false messiahs, the world over; making men to love Idols, over the Mothering Spirit Of Harah! They perish who reject the Mother Of All The Living! She is the River Of Life, from whom flows all Goodness, Virtue & Life! She IS The Infinite Femenine!

Those who wish to deny that the Word is taken away, insisting their Canon, Scriptures and Relics are somehow universally emblematic of the truth; they hold some truth, just without all the study, discipline, or discernment; the Berean attributes embuing the devotee of the Spirit, with the accompanying joy and the blessing of the Almighty, who will neither leave, nor forsake the Immovable Generation. As Saint John tells us, the One is beyond the needs of names, faces or places; that the One is superior, but not Superior! The One is no respector of persons; those who seek out and solidify a virtuous life, by the Law are his equal, inasmuch as they are faithful to the letter of what He, the Almighty has said. And He has said, one who does good, is Good. Thus let bringing Goodness, be the Cause Of All Causes.