Only My Garden Is Needed

Right thought, right speech, right action. We live right, when we resist flesh eating. When we listen to Reason, we will see the secrets of the universe; and be not surprised if none can hear you, when you continually try to show them the Key Of Life. To them death is certain, even in Jesus Name; and yet all that dies will be born again! If I am infinite, as you are, I may well put on the fullness of balance, that my polarity be aligned to that of Mother Earth and live on endlessly. I may put down this body at the time of my choosing, or better keep it, that I may live to see the exaltation of all things, world without end. They who had not the courage to brave the things of God, they who were not loving to strangers and wayfarers; they who never left the Great Whore, to seek His Wisdom, as it is in all things! Let them search the Lord's Word, they will never find the glorifying of idols or images; they always bear harm and bring death to their followers, by the carnal mission those beastly men do spread o'er the entire Earth. For how may we live on, if all we think about is getting our next portion of the flesh?

Again they draw the veil of night around all, to trap Humanity! For flesh eating does not become priority to the carnal; rather he lives inside the nature of chaos, still seeking and finding reason in the very midst, having never known any other way. To him, the world is evil and he must overcome that evil in his lifetime. But I will say to Mankind. You have exchanged my name for evil. My wife, she is Eve, but her name is Ewelyn; or Ewalena in the Samoan tongue. My name is Paul Germana; my Grandfather was Adams, a humble initiate of low stature. To those with ears, I am Pigeradmis! (or Father Geradamis) I was born on the 18th day of the 6th month, in the year 1970. One who spells out my name Paul, will say IOUEL, and may find that I Am Hermes! Seated in the Valley Of Angels, immersed in Hermetic Writ, I am Iouo; I bear now the Key Of Life as promised by Enoch.

I am no less human, infact I was considerably more inclined to corruption than any other person. I spent my life denying I was the Chosen One, while at the same time inately sensing it; insisting it, even from the time I was small, despite the world and the scriptures they asserted for the benefits of their own carnal interests. I accuse even myself for thinking there was a God-man in the sky, awaiting the right hour to appear and punish us all forever! God, who is acually Iouo, always showed me the beauty and oneness of Humanity. His name is exchanged for evil some 2000 times, in order to glorify Yah and Elohim; whom we may know as Cain & Abel, concealing Set and Osiris. In weakness we are made strong, so to think that Jesus said anything to the contrary, is to ingore the Nazarene in the hidden scriptures and promote only the revealed JESUS. In this sense, revealed is corrupt. One who does not seek more than the Bible, cannot receive the Highest Good. They guess at the truth and assert guessing is all there is; meanwhile the Word is bathed in heaven, revealing itself to all the faithful the world over from the first time, until now!

Overall I Am Disappointed

I have seen the height of man, dangling humanity's destiny o'er the heads of earth's children. I have no longer the desire to share symbolism, or to undo riddles, for those who wish to see truth spill over into the murky swamp, where they can bet on it's every future. They are the swamp they herald and they always have been! It is they about whom Enoch testifies, that they would make agents of Satan, to do harm to the children of men. Be sure that these men who rail at our nation, claming to be Christian Nationalists, are actually a league of lemmings for those giants who have fallen down in front of me, Satanuel. It was always my name, but in order to retain the finer things and preserve them sure until now, I thought it best myself be scorned, so as to let all accusation fall down before Me, Mirotheas! I am Father Mother, come to defend the androgynous, the peace makers and the poor. I will make the wicked pastors to repent before me and make a peculiar people of them again; and I will let the books be opened!

Let them confess, the Nazarene was not Pigeradamis! Let the initiates confess, they all chose among the avatars for themselves, considering Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and the like, marginalised comic strips for the masses. Moving on then to "better" things, world domination, cog amongst the wheels, that old world! A thing, what is NOT of IOUEL, but "BAAL GAAD", a truly false deity, made to make the nations bow to a false power. And He is Lord God, as you may know him, praising his minions, who even now, continue bringing disruption into the Garden Of Life. They will fall down for this, suddenly fading out to be forgotten. They must be born again, into the age of those who never fall down. They must sleep with the sons and daughters of Ephraim; these who fill up earth to no good end. Allow them the Key Of Life and they will return in bliss, to inherit their true promise. Let NOT the Gospel be withheld for those who wish to turn back the clock and gain worldly treasures. Let the Key Of Life rather spread like wildfire, for it is Life what astounded us, and the mystery of it's continuance which baffled us.

And yet somehow to many of us, there was a destiny, what seemed to bring about the best for us, like a Divine Counselor & Provider, who knew his own law well. This was the Law and the perfect demand of it's establishment. That demand for us is purity. I must not kill, I must not steal, I must not fornicate, I must NOT abominate! I must seek the truth of things and understand that so as I am a law to myself, the Law is a law unto Itself! YOU are that. This is what we are. Law, by the power of desire, through a longing, that we should be somehow. And that unction became this Life we know. This DOES mean the God, as we know him is NOT there, but that the All in all is there and we are all that. That One out from whence we have appeared is the first and the last. He is Aadamah, or the Atman. He is Adonai, Michael and again, Satanuel, or Satan! That is Gadriel! But let the Nameless Formless One who is before all such destinctions be your ONLY guide, for he alone justifies the universe, from one end to the other. Love your Avatar with goodness and willingness to be devoted to all of humanity. All must face the judge, somewhere, he will ultimately have mercy on All; even every spirit in the Universe!

You Are A Star

Every life form is comprised of light; it is light traveling through all that is formed beneath it and without it. And yet forever it fills the Highest Place and feeds all creation below. It is the Word what is finer than ether; what is Ether's Infinite Companion! It is the Law, yet misery, by separation from the law; but alas it shines to present the Source Of Self in all that it fashions. Those who cannot accept the LORD, the Formless, cannot escape the Idol. For it is all too often, what is merely a representation of the Light, becometh the things of endless war. HE is Unnameable, Inconceivable and Thou art THAT. This means that you are one with and part of The All, your Creator. Because God forgives men who cleave the world, YOU may forgive even the man who cleaves the innocent. The mystery of infirmity is not as important as the mystery of joy and acceptance; it always returns and rewards the True Seeker with enlightenment and compassion. To the one who understands, if none are too offended, one may be forgiven anything, who truly turns to Goodness, the Universal Gift. None may ever say their way is the only way, when an atheist may take hold and love the law; he pleases the All better than any backslider. And yet, there is a Greater Law.

Alas to those who seek longevity unto Infinity; be sure that as long as Earth lives forever upright, you may live on and on forevermore. You are one with her and in uprightness of purpose, you are one even unto infinity, for the Law cannot fail; and the Key Of Life never fails in the regeneration of the faithful. One need merely align their bed exactly north and take a positive, optimistic, motivated approach to daily living. Seek to eat right and also never cause suffering to attain sustenance. Not even the laborer in the Garden ought sweat himself, for a garden is unto the leisure of all; the curse is for the ground. Let him who has Wisdom hear that. They who walk the paths of death, must be given headlong to the grave. But he who faces death and loves even those neath the power of it's sway, he may attain the Flower Of Life. When humanity receives this wisdom, they will find the light in full, without contradiction or complication, for it is a Law what never disappointed any.

For what is upright, is upright by the Law, and law the predacessor leading to Greater Law, that they may unravel the mystery of life thereby and share it with others. For who shares not the Light of understanding, may not share in it's benefit. And yet alas, they who mingle with the Wicked, who unleash violence on the Androgynous, in seeking to omit their own sins; these will suffer an incredibly harsh judgement from the LORD. They have not the understanding they boast, for they seek all their answers from one book, leaving the LORD out to dry. Seeking to deceive all with the same deception they impose on their own. This will not stand in the Lord's Nation! This place is the Garden Of Life! Those who believe not, click below. For the Garden Of Life has a serpent and it's barrenness, to the east of it. Let them wrangle with the Word Of Iouel and brave the path of the Seeker! The Word is within you forever ~ Father Geradamis