Why Repent Flesh Eating

Why repent flesh eating IS the question, which Jesus sufficiently answers. Eat your unfertilised eggs and enjoy the milk of cows, but never take the life of any sentient, living entity. For the conscientious Trees in the Garden Of God, serve him alone, bearing us fruit, twigs and limbs, desiring the heaven above nourish Earth beneath, that she feed all of earth's children, allowing the renewal of the Long Standing Ones, to be unending. For whosoever is one with the One, is ever one with All, rejoicing always in the Victory Of Humanity over the corrupted ones, who seek to spread their versions scriptures, as handed to them and the Great Whore, by the Spirits Of Giants; hiding what they hid, to solidify force over man afresh. The Great Flood destroyed them and their creatures, which Sophia made, what Wisdom Herself hid until now, that the Almighty Allah, who is Father-Mother may be glorified unto the exaltation of the little ones, the small children of the Earth Mother, finally shall the children be saved!

Christ taught us, a lion will devour the body of man, that he might overcome him and shew that he is The Greatest of god's creations; becoming the vicar and ascendant. So as you seek ever to indulge the beasts of burden, who were made to give milk to little children and till the Earth Mother, you shall be one with the Bull Of Amenti, an idol; and cast down by Hara shall you be, to the heart of earth, praying God give ye another chance at living, lest ye be sent to outer darkness! There must they wallow in lonliness eternal, with the hounds of hell and the ancient creatures of nightmares. It is what sorrow the Builders emulate, by their craftsmanship of prison houses, what are also against God's Word. For never was man taught to sin, or receive a paper documenting his Association To Iouel; the Infinite Infinitesimal! HE is the Lightbearer, He is the One in your dreams, awakening you to the garden of the morning; although you feel quite certain that his Seven Spirits exist not; neither the seven centeres in You.

For how are the words of the heathen, the words of God? how indeed, for they who love to eat flesh are heathen sure. While unaware what the Nazarene is, they conceal history what proves god made us all! Neither bloodlines, nor the masters of men, but the very telling of Iouel; the Autogenes within you, reveals ALL! Whom you may know as Krishna Yadava, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, or Caitanya Mahaprabhu, these reveal all they conceal. When I found these Masters, I was sure that Krishna was Vishnu, was Buddha, was Shiva; but the bloodlines were surrendered they, all to their own marketed versions of scripture, whereby they forever weilded the power of government, worshiping the world serpent, who wanted not worship, but to destroy forever, the gods; even all who dominated and desecrated My Garden!

Masons Initiates And Masters

Masons, initiates and masters, why have you defied the Almighty and the Word of his power? You resist the Angel Of Power, The Angel Of Peace, The Angel Of Joy and the Angel Of Eternal Life, who is Phanuel, Penume, even Pigeradamis; named of the Almighty and embued with the Key Of Life, the only gospel and good news! It was the Ebionites who held fast to the Testimony Of Enoch, acknowledging the Chosen One being born in the far away time of tribulation. Yet still you push your idol, enriching the sinners, who serve man the flesh and make him a sinner too. You are fallen who bear not the Key, preaching NOT life eternal, you consign the children of earth to their graves.

The Law alone is the Ruling Principle, embued of the Self and the variations of it's appearance in this material world. For man is the Law; he must seek within himself to bring Light to the darkness, exposing the devil, who sends his lies to make unbelievers of Humanity. They willfully love eating flesh and turning away from the Gospel, forever! Those who cannot acknowledge what the Word has said and that the oracles of God are the very Source of ANY written Message, always fall down. Let them continue seeking the face of the Almighty, hearing his prediction, rather than men who slight the word, to serve man flesh and kill him with it.

They must pursue Enoch, the Master! For all those who fell below never even knew the Key Of Life in heaven; thus in this below they sought to bring about good by the Law; but JUST LIKE Samael, they refused to acknowledge the Almighty as the all knowing, all seeing, all perceiving and all convincing One. It is he who glorifies the virtue, seen by the heathen in his own tattered remnants of scripture. It is as obvious as the nose on the face, those who follow scattered remnants of scripture, as though they are flawless; all the while, the scripture itself confessing to the travesty against Itself, the very truth! For we know that God is Love and HE will prevail over wicked liars!

They will perish in front of him who hide the Word Of God, who seek to conceal the Chosen One by calling an idol God and a devil His Chosen One. No scripture verifies Donald John Trump as Chosen, else they'd have held it high for the world to see; kind of like I am doing? Those who take up My Key will never die, neither will they choose to put down the body. For the Mother Of All The Living receives the Glory Of Love forever! Even the secret name of love, may it forever be glorified and the thought of God guide them closer to the Word Of Life. Glory remains forever, here in My Garden.