Offering Myself To You

Offering myself to You O Lord; even now I declare The Law, which you gave from the first time; even in every surrogate form known, to sustain Humanity through this darkened venture of life's cold pursuit. For ever is it the path of survival, neath instruction of Yaldabaoth; who rebelled against the loving, living Spirit Of God! She neither male nor female but God, loved the Virgin Spirit first; she in perpetual communion with the One, Almighty forever! They who acknowledge not father-mother, do not yet know. They know the Father of light-forms, the Mothering Spirit, loving them dearly in Christ; but they know not Father-Mother.

Those who are excellent in the Scriptures know! The Father Of Humanity is Androgynous, who had not yet appeared, to show all men Life from inside the Garden Of God; the One True Seer & Ruler! For they who humbly admit that the Almighty has been disobeyed, and that his truth has been obscured to the point of utter disrepair; these may know that the Chosen One is born in that time of the afar off tribulation; that he is a laborer and is jealous of the one, saying of himself, "I am the Chosen One". He loveth himself and NOT GOD; he was fully initiated, yet knows not the scriptures, nor those who love them. Most assuredly, it is he who is jealous.

He empowereth Agents Of Satan, to commit acts against the Will Of The All, for which the Supreme Infinite God will not offer forgiveness! Such a heinous thing it is, to hide what the Holy Spirit, IOUEL has said! The One God did not forgive the love of the flesh. They who touch the unclean thing, will always refuse to search the books of Ancient Christians, calling them Satanic Literature. Fine albeit, the Almighty is nameless, but I am Iouel, the One you call Lou! There is no escape from the Almighty! He will catch those who concealed what he has said and bring them down to the earth; to be returned anew, in the Age Of Light!

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