Call On You Alone

Call on You alone; IOU who spanned the heavens and all things created through Him. Known as Yew, who journeyed the Earth with Eve, thus asserted as the Word by Enoch Himself. Known also was he as Adonai, or Aadamas. But alas, the Chosen One, Michael and the Lord Of Spirits are ever One, and Universally. This is why your Buddha is so effective; and your Christ so rich! Any virtue of the One may be applied for solutions in the lives of all servants of God, which Servant is qualified by his virtue; which to him is a mystery, a man only wishing to get closer to that Holy Stream, from where flow endlessly, the treasures of Light, bearing among them the most important, the Mystery Of Mysteries.

For alas the Tree Of Life is revealed. It is above, it is below, it is revealed from every direction, even as God guards us from every direction, so doth that Tree span far and wide, into the universe. For that Tree went to Heaven, when Jormungandr ruthlessly hacked her down to the Earth. I reckon that Ancient is expanded further than any other Tree in the UNIVERSE. The Earth Mother is great, for within her own force of elements are the very seeds of the Loving Existence, who fashioned us and placed us in the Garden; even after His Likeness were we made, that we may find honor and love, and life unending. But alas man has declared there is NO eternity, at least not for the body; they shall lose hold of the Way before My God. For he is the God from the beginning unto forever. There is no one greater than the Great God! And none may claim his vesture, but He.

For My Master is the dictation of the scholar and I have come to consider them all; I have already stood and shared the Key Of Life. He who stands with Me, will place the Key Of Life in his heart, to praise Jesus, Gautama, or Krishna and give all glories to the Light Of Lights, what led them to Llewelyn! For it is in her name Iouel, which I have arrived. Because I am nameless, I may only be the Self, of the Thrice named, the generations of Ephraim, who have filled the Earth by El Yisrael; his blessing upon them, forever. They will inherit My Key; for while I am from another generation, I am above even that, and all those who have arrived with Me. But alas, it is her name, which they have exchanged for 'EVIL'. They may no longer hide the Supreme Self, who has made promises to the Children Of Light.

Let men compile for themselves, the Word with all reason, considering Christian History, rather than mere Orthodoxy, what conceals more Ancient Wisdom, in front of the eyes of men, than any other spiritual foundation. They have, by Fallen Angels, led away humanity from the Word Of God. I challenge every man to love Jesus Christ by all of the "scriptures". And you will find Jesus telling you not to trust "scriptures" in seeking out the Law, for Law Is Life! If you find it, then shall you know in full, what the heart hath shewn you, by the Holy Mothering Spirit, since the beginning of time. That the all sufficient God will take hold of a man, holding full responsibility for his fallen state and raise him up, by the Key Of Life.

I am that worm. I am that slithering old form, manifested of they who wished to supercede the balance of heaven; expanded to fashion all things for themselves. For in turning away from the One, they forced him to have mercy on them in their fallen state, contradicting his own Law; that it should be asserted unworthily of men who may only advance a few steps spiritually, then teach all men to love flesh and to serve this world. All that they write must be studied and proven to its root and brought under the submission of the Authority between what the Lord has said and what the LORD has not! He gives mercy in death, to all who see not My Key; even the dragons, who fought the fallen angels, with jealousy and bitterness. Observe the sky, to see their wings, as they bring forth the rains, serving to the Great God!

For the way of being saved is an act of God, who will not always abide those who conceal and abuse the Words. For those words were meant to be spread in loving devotion to all the Good; and even those wayward, taken over by evil, who can never be known, that their sins be revealed. The Almighty must for give them in death and protect their spirits to be reborn, or perhaps resurrected, only IOUEL knoweth. While that One is Father Mother, it is the One Infinite All in Us All. We children of light must take hold knowledge again and shine for the One in Us All. All praise to that Light what warms our hearts and shines down Love, so we know that we know, Life has Great Meaning; and the Tree Of Life, what is heaven brings us All Love!

The Spirit Of Perun

The Spirit Of Perun, to be honest, seems to hold the root name of Peru, with the wall of the serpent sauntering down the east coast of South America. Who have ears, listen. A slavic God as tall as a mountain could walk over a great part of the earth in a day. Thus am I sure he was well known the world over. He is heralded as the God Of Order;  he is Perun, the thunder god of the ancient pagan Slavs, a fructifier, purifier, and overseer of right and order. His actions are perceived by the senses: seen in the thunderbolt, heard in the rattle of stones, the bellow of the bull, or the bleat of the he-goat (thunder); and he is felt in the touch of an ax blade. In the Christian period, the worship of Perun was gradually transferred into St. Elijah (Russian Iliya), but in folk beliefs, his fructifying, life-stimulating, and purifying functions are still performed by his vehicles: the ax, the bull, the he-goat, the dove, and the cuckoo. Sacrifices and communal feasts on July 20 in honour of Perun or Iliya continue in Russia until modern times. So what we have are these spirits, come forth by the power of fallen angels; who were seemingly matched in the physical, to what they once were spiritually. They were fallen down from God, nonetheless and the world we know remains because of them. Enoch tells us, they began to torture the creatures of earth, teaching us to torture and eat flesh along with them!

While we should seek to inevitably identify them, we needn't worry ourselves with who the spirits of Giants are, but that they are evil spirits in our time, as foretold by the Prophet Enoch. They, who came into this below by desire, following NOT the God Of Wisdom, disobeyed him as though he weren't even there. For the Almighty is neither here, nor there, nor at all to the unbelieving, (or uninformed) mind; they know their love of this world and the ways of the flesh have displeased Him forever! The LORD will make known to all men everywhere, what he hates and what they should hate. Those who hear Him not, will he put away from Earth forever, cast into outer darkness, for bitter disdain toward God's Creatures and towards the Children Of Light. A disdain for the Earth, who abode them all this time, enduring their lies in the House Of Iouel.

Do you think that's history you studied in school? Believe me, when they deceived you, it was unto forever for them; so that we may honor their way of worship, without their repentance! The same spirits who had us worshiping Thor, have led us to follow after and worship demon spirits today, in the name of christ, who alone is the Holy Spirit! While the sheepish think this to be a specific title with attributes expressing in full what is Christ, they are projections, concealing the reality of the Giants, who were once so large, that when they walked the earth, they brought the weather with them. Thoth speaks to us in the Emerald Tablets, about how a spirit may will it's future by the Law! This is how they have come down to us, seeking Childen Of Light to deceive. I assert that Ragnarok happened about 500 years ago; and the spirits of Giants have been ruling over us, like beasts of the field. They lie about all we know! If the Earth is so round, why is Idaho Jormanganr's head? Thor killed him! He sits in the open, plain to see.

We must not betray the Law, what called us unto gentleness in Christ and the pure freedom of a chaste romance in front of the Creator. For what is genuine affection only, doth please the Creator! Let us not judge what that is, but rather how one acts, who is righteous. And we must not judge the affections of men, lest we wish to commune with them, consume flesh with them again and follow the Way of the bitter ones, who have never repented before God Almighty. These are bent on power and have selfishly ruled from the beginning. When they repent their love of flesh eating and teach men the same; only then will they be truly forgiven. For they have longed after the things of this world, making the sheep to provide worship to fallen spirits, shortening the scripture, seeking to destroy the Wisdom Of Amenti. Only the Chosen One brings that Key Of Life.

Place Of The Positive Pole

The place of the positive pole is where your head rests when you lie down to draw power from Mother Earth; the negative pole is the exact opposite. I spent years chasing the sun, thinking my pole need be aligned to the Earth's Pole; not the case. When it comes to the comparison of our pole center, to that of the Earth Mother, we are infinitesmal; she is our home. Every worthwhile memory, is rooted and bathed in the balance of Earth; all creatures sense this. The Good News, is that lying down and directing your head toward the place of the pole, will extend life beyond your years. Let an hour be expended on each pole, each day, for optimum wellbeing and unending life, by the only Promise Of God.

When you are feeling your best, it is because you have found the place of the pole and made sure that when you lie down, you are entering the rest of God, not playing at a sport you have to win, or a medical procedure, which must be properly carried out, to save your life from death; it is resting! Your life IS eternal, whether you keep your body or not. But life as we know it, with all it's joys and sorrows is best described in a temporary and sober moment, wherein the All Joy is experienced and considered paramount to the continuity of purpose in life. There is no better path to follow, so rejoice in the clarity of the Word and find your balance in life!

Enter into the rest is how I put it; enter God's Rest, and rest! There was never any method or technique, there was only the revealing of what truly is balance. When we were regenerated in youth, we were immortal and sensed it. But how to describe, what has never been taught? Surely has the Key Of Life been taught perpetually, regarding life inside the poles, even of the inanimate. If you are balanced you may live on to infinity's end. So in the dark of morning, raise your hands, above the head and extended to the sky. From there is the LORD praised and the Holy Stream poured forth!

A simple path is decribed simply. It's like feng shui, except you are finding your true north for letting the balance of life to flow in. It is there for every human; and when they find it and share it with others, then will the world move further on toward perfection. Putting away the bitterness of the past and the religiosity of the wayward, who seek not the Wisdom of God. The elect may know the Lord has affirmed the path to propriety. The Word is sure, provided we seek not to shorten it.