Sing To The Lord: A New Song

I will sing a new song of the hidden things, yet plainly in the open. For all that is hidden will be brought into the Light of the Law, what is equally greater than We All! I am at the mercy of the Law above and below, but he who surrenders unto the Law Above, will overcome all of what conceals his own goodness, HE the ruler & law! It is He who has given us every path, in which we have walked, and it is He to whom we owe All Praise, for his mercy, for his love and his grace. But alas, have they made many images of the law and also of the 'Gods' of this world, with the hidden misgivings of the fallen worlds of ancient giants, even the Great Ones! All is revealed of them by the Earth Mother!

Had they been faithful to the Word from it's beginning, they'd have seen it as one, for the Almighty Himself buries My Hermetic Oracles in every scripture, so none may deny that the Almighty is the Compiler and the Dissemenator of All Truth to the worlds. That some Superman would come from the sky and save everybody is ludacris and blasphemous; for the LORD is praised the nations awide! No idol may be brought before him in the heaven above or the earth beneath; that is the Law! It is the hidden things, holding the treasures of Light which makes clear, that as Yeshu was Muslim, they being our brothers neath deceptions of the spirits of giants, even now as for us, is there only the symbolism, bearing the promise in full, so as to bring forth the Word at length.

Also, that only the name of Baul, who is Paut Neteru may be glorified and not some silly bird, who is not My Form. I don't mind contending with book salesmen, who were not Chosen to bear the Key Of Life to the little children of the world. All will believe, the world will be made new. There is only one message, that God will give everlasting life to the world, in his garden by the communions with the angels of Father Mother, who are One God; the Androgynous Virgin Spirit Of Iouel, who is Mother Of All The Living, even as according to John in his hidden writings. Lastly, observe My Communions; only thereby may the Temple Of God be perfected, in Wisdom, Power & Love. 

You may know of a surety that I Am Phanuel, Angel Of Eternal Life; and I bring Llewelyn, the Angel Of Earth. That the sacred name of IOUE is forever sealed upon the lips of the children of light; may that be the destiny of the Angel Of Earth. She is all; the first and the last, the One, one with the One. Her disposition is ever inclined toward the strengthening of the King. To all the world, she is Mother and healer. They will not know her, but they who are in her proximity will see her plainly. It is God who brings his infinite meassage to our ears, that all may read the scroll together and receive the worshipable Seven Spirits Of God.

Be One With God

If you believe God has given you a life task, which will please him and bring a lasting reward, you should put that first; but your love for the LORD should be first, first. Understand the One is nameless and none other but HE is able to hear you. So pray only to the One, with whom we have found much favor in this life. I get a lot of flack from idolaters and their beef gripe; lovers of flesh and a bloody idol of Jesus Christ. The Cross is uprightness before the Almighty, by his perfect Law! Whoso violates the Law sends his curse generations beyond him. Ignorance is a curse before Iouel, the Lawgiver! Those who taught men to love the flesh cannot be saved, while the saved rejoice seeing it when they finally pay for their monumental greed. God happily saves flesh eaters, teaching them about their smallness and His Greatness; they can feel his love to the very core of their being, celebrating the holidays with affection and joy; work being tasked to prove their virtue.

Yet be it understood there is a great falling away, as has spanned thousands of years, the brine of greed's necessity, deceitfully embued the tools of redemption; man failing even further, from world to world, forever that serpent sign east of the Garden Of God, as according to Enoch 60. And today man ascends entirely by faith, from the very beginning of his quest for the truth of God; but as he expands his vision, he gets the sense there is something inhibiting him finding the fullness of vision and pleasing the One, who is calling him even now. So allow the falling away the right to afford grace and grasp this; all that is written 'today' is a description of now, not before, not later, but right now. For they have generated man to the heights; so that his sins have reached and offended the highest heaven. None could ever forgive or undo the sins of their omission. The smell of their offense rose to the nostrils of the LORD.

They must now pay Jesus Christ for teaching man to love the flesh, in his Name. They must admit they struck down the word of all knowledge and fashioned an idol, even calling it the living word. This IDOL has destroyed knowledge all these generations. "They" the Angels wishing to tempt man, are hiding the higher Wisdom, as dispensed of those reaching the heights; first to bless man, then ascend to the Father Of Lights. There the beginning, the middle and the end are glorified as one, to praise the Chosen One forever and ever; HE bringing the Key Of Life in humility and lowliness before the nations of the world, he but a worm to men. And yet they can never bring a gripe before him, Iouel is One and Sophia stands victorious over all the enemies of that Virgin Spirit; no longer have they any power over him.

Glorify Love Everyday

In the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, the Master instructs we make love the beginning, the middle part and very completetion of any endeavor; to it's very end, letting love be the only object. Those who serve the Light with dignity and self respect are the very salt of this earth. Llewelyn is Bela, since the defamation of the name IOUEL, exchangung Iouel for evil; she one with the Virgin Spirit. As they pushed their demonic 66 book Bible, they sought to frighten humanity into obedience. But I have appeared now, with the Key Of Life and Fourteen Communions, for the enrichment of life and the gift of eternity. People wise enough to open and read all Christian Scripture, will find that California is the enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the earth, with a Great Serpent Corpse, just east of it, the Garden Of God, from whence I now bear this Key. I will use the very stones of the rivers edge, to build this bridge to the Angels, by the Fourteen Communions, in my mouth, in my thoughts and in my actions. Herein lies the gift of life everlasting, to the Elect. And the Wisdom is unto all creatures.

Whoso cries blasphemy, refuses to acknowledge the glorious roots of their own Christian Heritage, worshiping powdered white statues of Jesus, dying and suffering, betrayed to a barrage of idolotrous lies, by the same slight of man upon the religious texts, the world over. These are the works of the angels, who have pridefully sought to find their way back to the height of heights with the ALL; him who is All in all. Their pride has undone the world, from world to world. We must emulate Christ in our deeds; so expect Father Adamas to wed Eve, who was always Bela, there was none before. The Father Of Nature, Paut Neteru is the father of all. There are those who seek to supercede the word by demonic spirits, but are not honest with themselves about the sufferings of the Anointed One, who bears the Key.

Perhaps in their need to suffer, they throw their lives away, having not the affirmation from the One, by the Scriptures. Why would I show them what only I can pen; with the white fire, I blaze across the bosom of the night sky, lit ever by the Angel Of The Sun, giving pure romance to fill the night of love. For me it was no trifle a matter, standing in the Valley Of Angels, seeming place of punishment, west at the ends of the earth. Thus I left, going north, obseving the mountains spanning along the edge of the garden and that Serpent, whom I will never forget; his bones span all the way through the Bearing Strait. The ensign to the nations of the world is certainly the Garden Of Life, where the plant of righteousness is seeded and grown forever and ever. Let the nations flow unto it; we will die no more, there will be no death.