Awaken The Genius Within You

You are the Genius, all life is embued with the Autogenes; and by the mystery of it's unique appearance in the heart of man, does even he achieve the Greatness; or the Highest! Collectively we find God, the Genius again and again, seeking ever to establish Him afresh, in the heart of man, by the name of the Master; what Master always knows that THE MASTER is infact the Law; the Word and its continuing revelation, from within the very Heart Of Humanity, by the revelation of the Autogenes, the Genius! THAT is God and WE the Unique Cause, embued with the ideals and values of the Greater Cause, by laws higher than the laws we know and adhere to; Law established deep in the Cosmos, what will collide with nonadherence to the Law below. If I know that to love my fellow man is the Law, but I build zoos and theme parks, to tempt him and make him abandon the Flower Of Life, I am not driven by discipline; rather am I merely driven!

A love for God is a love for the poor and for sharing of the Bread Of Life; being mindful the slight of man upon that Word, as translated from one language to another, interpreted from one school of thought to the next. We must be willing to accept, the written "Word Of God" will always have errors, even a betrayal for the love of eating flesh; it is up to us to find the Light and share it with the rest of Humanity. Thus has God given us freedom to interact with the people, having all been taught, "do unto others as you would have done unto you". For this is not Love's Command, rather one wherein I must do unto others as I know they have kindly done unto me. If a man greet me, "Good Day", I am perfectly aware he is offering a kind and reciprocal gesture, but I am also aware that he is not to be stopped along the path of his daily activities. This is important to the devotee of God; for HE alone satisfies the soul, not vanities, and NOT the acceptance of carnally driven men.

If I must learn to be pure, I must learn to be unselfish; it doesn't matter whom I've offended along the way, but who I affect now. Those who cannot forgive, do not deserve the affections of the friends or family they have now; these they will lose also. Families who seek to scapegoat the truthful, will all share the same crypt of lies together in the after life. They will know one another in that deep place of earth. Did they not seek the Word Of Truth? Did they not know the Secrets? Did they not ask the Almighty? And were they not called out of that congregation; that what is like a harlot, tempting the nations with flesh and seeking destruction in Mother Earth? None are called to that; and they seek to tempt the soul of man that they may serve their vanitites and their false gods, the Spirits Of Giants! IOUEL was LORD in the past and LORD in the now. The truth has many layers and the ways of learning are many faceted; but uprightness is found in the Spirit Of Uprightness, even the Flower Of Life as runs through the heart of the Earth, giving life to all of her children; every living creature in Nature; and the Key Of Life to Humanity!

None can supercede the power of the loving Spirit Of Life! It always conveys the forgiveness of the Light, who is ALL in Us All. Those who have hurt us without remorse; we must forgive and forget them. It seems like God might want us to take the abuse of people who don't know how to be non violent. They don't know how NOT to make threats and seek the misfortune of others. There are many like this in the world today, preaching from shortened Bibles and denying the reality of the Spirit; that God requires no rules in the pursuit of his affection, but rather the faith that HE is real and HE will NOT BETRAY. He will show the fullness of truth and the unfoldment of the Law, what gives eternal life to the believer! To the One who has faith, seeks out kindnesses to bring about change in Mother Earth, for Her Betterment and what is Ours; He should know Earth is Our Mother, who gives us the very blood in our veins; the very breath in our lungs. Consider the mood of Earth and your purpose in making sure SHE is happy!