The Need For New Wine

It's understandable, children of earth thinking the Word threatened by changes resulting from its proper interpretation; dealing with man, his sinfulness and his 'damage is already done' TRICKS! No matter what my age, where I was living, or how many years I'd been gone, my mother always asked me, over the phone, "where you going to church?", listening for only a reply in the affirmation of her convictions about sin, the blood of Jesus and being saved from my own HORRIBLE destruction. People who think that blood was offered for their sins, whether they realise it or not, they need fit for a straight jacket! The Message Of The Cross is about the Four Directions and our natural uprightness before God; the crucifixion has nothing to do with it. While the story and the many feelings associated with it, are strong and real, so are the ones associated with Old Yeller! It's just a story, the Bible has had over 70 books excluded from it's "Canon". People know this perfectly well, but have decided to be afraid of gay people, black people, mentally disabled people; and even Enoch. The original 1611 King James Version Of The Bible had over seventy other books; but the African Canon includes them all; shame, including Enoch!

With all the talk of human nature being only sin, how do I assert that man's natural state is upright? When a person extends the arms to the Light Of The Spiritual Sky and surrenders in faith to the one true Cause, (as they understand it) they are actually taking up their natural state; and since it is only our collective ignorance as keeps us from higher understanding, then this is all a misunderstanding and the Lord's Transcendent Wisdom is surging through the houses of faith, the world over. Yet if we will not endure to the end, finding the Word & Promise, then we have come up short. The Almighty promised eternal life from the beginning in Communion with His Spirit! It is that man has turned from his true state, to a state of loving flesh and living out existence in service to bloodlust.

We who walked closely to God will hold back the truth no longer. We know what we have been lied to about; the taking away books of Wisdom from before the sight of God Almighty. This will be the last time. They don't understand that when the Children put on the Key Of Life; as great as we ever were, we will come to the science of balance and master the Universe! There will be no more death, there will be no more sin; there will be only Providence, try to remember! For it was by faith we knew; yet from a space of a time before us, why? Because all the scriptures are actually a prophecy about the coming of the Atman; again and again! Why, because in our natural state, we must learn to truly honor the truth; and we need our motivations for why. Let your motivation be life eternal!