The Genius Of The Word

The Burden itself is the Genius of The Word. That Genius, the True Messiah; not by some new age teaching, but by the followers of The Nazarene! They sought the same mystical scripture we do today, books what preceed all of the Bible by 5000 years; like the Book Of Enoch does. It's important to emphasize that bible books being older than the authorized Bible, is proof that it has been shortened and it's historical context is not to be trusted at all. I find it interesting, the Bible along with Egypt is twice her projected age.

They are hiding the name of the Spirit, the Word, the Water it is washed in. She is All in All. Forever is she communing with Iouo, the One, Helios. He the Virgin Spirit; HE the ALL!! Any wishing to challenge Me, walk my path. If you think there be anything more than favor before God, claim the claims I have and fulfil the word of the Lord, so that the Key Of Life may be for all. After all, we can't have the revelation fall from the lips of a worshiper, now can we? We can't have people CHANGING what God has said, now can we? NO! We cannot DECIDE what it says; but what God HAS said, must be adhered to. One must be willing to pray, in order to be at one with the One. If he doesn't pray, he must ponder and bow before the truth. If he will not bow before the truth, he must do good deeds and please Mother Earth with humanitarian efforts and endeavors.

And when the man reaches the height of his endeavors, benefitting the nation in full, he must then, finally, be yeilded before the LORD, that all may see it and worship the One. For as we are the One, it is only collectively with the All and it must be acknowledged; leaving full awareness of our own finiteness and limited abilities, which abilities are only of ANY use to the common good. So what good is man, but to help his fellow man? Let those who have all, give all, that all may be blessed, all may be free; that none will be homeless and that none should ever be hungry on Mother Earth. For we should honor her, in whom we live and move and have our being. Earth is named for YAH, the Order and it's subjects, who are but stewards like you and me. The People must learn all over again, that no matter who we are, we may pursue the heart of Wisdom and find it in the Heart Of The Flame! The very flame of consciousness surging through your being and giving you real light, whereby to see in front of you. See by the Eye Of Light and never let anything else be your guide. You will meet me in the end; you will find the Master and he will lead you to the All.