The Sinners Of This World

The sinners of this world are they who love money and rule from places of high principle. They appear to be as the congregation of God, but they are not; they are the disobedience of "Angels". For angels are not angels, they are the souls of men ascended, and of spirits who existed long before humanity. They work in unison, to gain power, wealth and strength over humanity. But they too are subject to the need for total faith, that they may see and follow God; they are no different than we are in this sense. They are all alone, without any REAL proof of God, for following God is NOT what's required; rather living uprightly and faithfully. Let the atheist supercede me in excellence and the androgynous prevail as thespians of the world. And let the man of any sphere BELIEVE in himself. Whoso lies, saying "God DOES care what religion you are", this one deserves hell and will certainly get it; we are not here to hate each other, but take up the Key!

We were put on this Earth to love knowledge and truth. We should honor, worship and praise Truth, as though it were God, because it is! The Word was always God, it is our responsibility to be filled with confidence courage, faith and willingness to find happiness and joy thereby. This is the only religion there is; it's called LIFE. And there is so much more about humanity that we do not know, because we refuse to educate ourselves. If we sought only the scriptures hidden from whatever religion we might be, we would find an outpouring of knowledge, to answer any the question of the heart. They took the truth away from other religions too, that they might make slaves of humanity. They are still seducing the world by way of the Dark Brotherhood. These bring shame and sin into the world, by way of drawing it up from beneath. 

They set a standard, then kill all who will not follow it. First they consider them dead in transgression, then harshly identify them, if they DON'T accept the idol on the Cross. Finally, like animals, they go to war with those who disagree with their denomination or sect. They refuse the truth, that the garden will supply all we need forever. For when we put away flesh, then there is no more sin in the earth. These sinners want us sinning, so they can make slaves of us and kill us, rather than bear us the Key Of Life! I'll not waste my time bantering on, I SHOW the Way. I listened to the Lord and FOUND the Way. The Word Of God cannot be argued with. It it is not found in a book, but the heart. It is not the scriptures we trust, rather it is the scriptures which give insubstantial description of what IOUO has said. They will fall down into the grave who hatefully judge others, by the testimonies of shortened scriptures.