The Word Is The Prize

The word is the prize! If one seek the treasures of life, the many benefits of human endeavor, or the blessed results of prayer; that one should stop to consider the Word. Not a book, I recommend NO book, but the interpretation of truth in your mind; the acquisition of topic, import and the dissemenation of the deep truth upon the matters of the human heart. How do we address such personal matters and not be exploited, manipulated, or tricked? If someone doesn't trick you, you may trick youself, meaning you have already been tricked about what you don't know; it is a perception matter. There are too many gaps in understanding for us to not have to make reasonable assumptions about untold mysteries. For a man may say one true thing, but it's not true again; or true in the same sense, to the person he bears witness. And yet it is said, "Man has clearly seen the Godhead!". Actually, that could never be true. I will perceive a thing completely different than the manner in which you do, depending on how well I processed the information leading us to the same topic; there are many inhibitions! 

Though the words will be the very same or similar, you will never understand how I came upon any said conclusion, as I will never understand how this conclusion truly impacts you. Such is the purpose of Fellowship, what results in the outward expression of inner truth and how it may affect the individuals with whom we are in close association. Thus, God would never say, "You have clearly seen me and you know better, for doing all these things I've TOLD you not to do!". Now certainly may I say that man has clearly seen the godhead, in that ever was there a man, who would pull the deep truth from within and share it with those around him; for the purpose of teaching and declaring truth to all within earshot. Forever has this been, never will it cease to be. For even in the affections of the Tresuries Of Light, will there always be phenomenon, it's unsettling mystical nature, the perception of it among the sentient and the culmination of unity by the Light Of Understanding, which IS One! Any seeking to know the truth, look deep within to find it, and the solution to any matter of the heart: faith, hope, assurance, love, affection, salvation and exaltation! 

Life is a gift, a gift which the Angels have sought to help us understand. But we all, here; be we spirits of the high space or sentient among the nature of the things below, it is the Above what is always feeding you, giving you the Joys Of Life! Let your joys be simple and there will be no question as to meaning or to the purposes of life; for they, those joys, are born out of the heart of desire within you. Desire thus food what gives life, desire affection what brings trust; and let the endeavor define itself. If I take up the Key Of Life and wait on the Spirit Of God; I will find that he has come to reprove the wicked, repair the breach and establish the Deep Truth. And yet, seek not after the Kingdom Of Shadows and the whiles of dilapidated mystery, which is it's own reward. Put on not extravagant speech, but put on the simplicity of the prose, which is the working of fear and the attaining of salvation to the human.

We must lastly never forget, God would rather not exist than to force his own WORD on us all. So as we seek him and fumble through our misgivings and inhibitions, (the many gaps) WE begin to realize that there is a root Word, or an anthem of heart, brining Light to the mind and peace to the worshiper of God. I may only express the Word, as the lord has shown it and given it, the glory to the deep truth, what always brings the reward of faith, hope and confidence. In summation; there is no reason to pretend to be someone else; for we have all been named by the Divine Light. And we interact, we see that Light upon those names and the many matters they face. We need LOVE, who is IOUEL alone. That Loving Vicar, who overcomes every obstacle, every enemy and every battle. She IS All. She, The Light!