What Is Known About A King

One thing is always known about a King; proof of life is the only authenticator of his station as Ruler. No one may question him, it was foreknown he is heir to the throne; that's that. Thus, the Heavenly King, manifest from above is Authenticator & Proof; HE can never be denied. The Testimony clearly foretells his appearing, where and to what end. One thing will be determined about the Ruler Of The World; He rules from His Seat, without any need for the approval of the leaders of this dark place, or the initiates behind the Black Veil! HE alone rules every breath on earth! All things desire the appearance of His Countenence and yearn for the Day Of His Rule! He alone is Ra! He alone, Osiris The Scribe; He Thoth-Ra, for HE bears the Key Of Life, living thereby from age to age, in the heart of the Avatar, yet truly appearing only now; He alone was able to read the scroll. Thus is HE alone the Bandaged One and bearer of The Keys! They bore him, Helios bore their infirmities, to thus come forth himself and bear the Key Of Life in the End! He alone fulfils the Hebrew Scriptures and now carries out the desire of IOUEL; Mother God, Our Spirit!

They who will take up Emerald Tablet 13 and place their faith in it, and trust as well, in the Chosen One, who is Herman; they will put on Infinity, living from life to life freely and as long as they wish it forever. For now death is balanced of life and life weathered of death, waning the two into one; that a man will live and choose the very hour of his passing, to take the very memory and thought with him beyond the grave, beyond the solar system, beyond the galaxy if he would. But the Key Of Life is the final solution, as I see it. Take The Key and give it to the children, teach them to love their neighbors and always eat the fruit of the Garden with gratitude; and by the Power Of The Flower, teach them to Live On! She Regenerates Us; SHE ALL in Us! We are that; a microcosmic expression of the MACRO, the All! Life is beautiful; and YOU are THAT! Live in IT, the Word as you have seen it. There is no place of error in surrender to the Light. We put on faith and know the words will come. It IS forever spiritual absolution for all humanity.

We who walked out of that Great Whore of religiosity and walked with the Mothering Spirit Of God, are faithful children of the Light. We live by the laws of the Light and cannot be bound by man's laws. Only that Our Law is so great it encompasses every law in the below, to afford boundless providence in Earth and the endless coming forth of life, forever! That is now! There will never be fear of death; for one will only choose it, that he may serve the One elsewhere in the Universe. We who see him die, will astral project, visit with him and be in eternal agreement for his living on, by the Key Of Death. All will know ALL; it is even at hand now, by the Glorious Endeavor of faith in Mother Earth. Live it my Children! In so doing, you obey Me and see the Garden Glorified before the Great One; HELIOS, the All!