Who Is The Chosen One

Who is the Chosen One? Along my journey of late, websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, presume me to be a self promoter, when it is exactly the opposite. The Thrice Named of the world are Chosen by God; even any who would pursue the Word & Faith with all their hearts. For though I be chosen I must believe, that God would want the same relationship with everyone I know, as he would with me. Humans freely live by faith and virtue, just in the day to day, having never known any God at all, it is their human right! They are chosen by God, in hope they will find Life's Key, taste of uprightness and put on the ancient perfection; only this time, unto all the peoples of Earth. For to the captives and little children alike, shall we dispense the Truth Of Uprightness; that you are a star, floating in infinite space; and while Earth is your Star, providing you with the uprightness you enjoy, by the light of the way you are eternal, without beginning, without end. For while our appearance here is but a temporary reflection of the Supreme, we too hold an everlastingness, what cannot be taken away; but that we may only be subjected to lose memory of it, and appear in separation from the Fire of destiny!

For a man with many passions, many failings, many weaknesses, many vices, many stumblings and many shortcomings; there is to him the Key Of The Magi, what removes sin and gives balance; absolute control over destiny of the Soul. It is the Message Of The Cross to the elect and chosen, the Key Of Magic. Stand up with Michael and bear the Key, hold fast the metaphysical stance. Call on the SEVEN and the One, either each by name; or in knowing that God has seven aspects, reflecting upon the seven centres of thy being. These run through your form, like unto the Seven in God, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine. They are they, what run through the entirety of Creation, the Seven Spirits Of God, the LORDS OF ARULU; within the All. For if I be a God, it is the god of falling down and getting up again, and again, making me the very least. FOR was it unto us that we should attain something difficult, what only we could boast in and not share with the Children Of Light? NO! We were to seek the Word and await the exact coming promise of Eternal Life, bearing our Cross unto the opening of the Flower Of Life. Thus must we continue in the Word and endure to the very end, with God!

Enoch tells us, "Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are One." Thus even as Jacob, with the coat of many colors was God's Chosen One, you who seek the Lord and have found him; you are the Chosen Ones and may your Mother, who loves you beam at the truth of your love for Humanity and the furtherance of the Work Of God in this Earth. Notice, your name may be of three; for as we have traversed the spaces of time, we have discovered the truth again and yet again, appearing at sundry times, in adverse spaces, without any guidance, direction, even leadership. Yet forever was Wisdom available to humanity, if they would reach up to the Light for it, rather than the depths, where often there is only the shadow of night and the pondering of much unbrideled iniquity. We must learn to put on confidence and carry out the good deeds that lead us to the path of eternal propriety. Such as those who do carry out these deeds will inherit the Earth, never again to offend the Spirit Of Virtue and to put on the perfection of all faith. When man is ready, he will live on in moderation and perfection forever and forever!