Money Is Sin

While we are forced into it, money is sin and the fuel of Greed's Fire! We should not be paying to eat, it's like paying to breathe, it's hypocritical and it makes us into a fake, facist, greedy society. Sorry all the brainwashed religious people can't see this. True religion is feeding and caring for others; THAT'S IT! Naturally I understand a person wanting payed for his pig sandwiches, because those who eat such things deserve the karma of their actions; I'm not sorry for them. I have no repsect for the local soup kitchen, how dare the Catholic Church affirm congregations as sisters, who took books out of the scriptures! No really how? Such "Church" leaders love NOT the Lord, neither do they ever believe the angels of our better nature. They praise them in public circles, but curse them in the House Of God. The House Of God should be for the health of the community, not the spreading of violence to it. And because these hearts spread violence, men carry it out. They mete it out with exactness and in the name of the Nazarene! For educated minds to not see the evil of this, is disgraceful to a nation and it's ministers.

One should think of religion as a Commonplace Of Friendship and the focused working out of matters of heart and deep seated issues of life. Believe in the Power Of Mind; for that unseen space what suspends thoughts and responses to any stimuli; that is God! It accomplishes all things with us and for us; and best in open public unity. For private chapels and sealed temples are too often the places of victims; from whence they are spirited away to caves and sacrificed to "Satan"! They know neither Satan, nor Michael, nor God. O' the shame of their thoughts and the fire of their minds to Infinite Punishment; for what excuse did they cut up children? Was it in the defense of animals? NO! For if I kill a coward and eat him, I too become guilty of murder. Why then as a coward, to kill something, like a fish, or a squirrell or a pig; unless it were to eat it? Thus one who kills people, does it not out of necessity but spite, wrath and vengeance, which belongs only to Common Good. God cannot work from without, only within.

Why should I think that a world with unstable people in it can keep me from being happy and whole? I can no more determine life's outcome for them or the effects of a single writ upon my fellows, than I can the very people who live in my home with me. They are free dammit, I have no place teaching THEM right from wrong; they are Masters of their own destinies and someone should tell them so! Why in the world would we worry or care about the failures of everyone else? Pray for them, dammit! And I should expect them to practice the same, when I fall on my face and look stupid! If a man is struggling with anger over the unkind people of earth, he might try the Key Of Magic. There is Light concealed in the dark, and when we rise early, expand our arms to the Light and sing to the Spiritual Sky, a liberating experience takes place. Every human has felt this or a similar connection to the deep nature of things, which gives them the feelings of a sense of purpose. YES, a book, a movie or a game can have that much power! 

And what of those who are mentally or otherwise "unable" to perform a fuction to society and are left to go hungry, end up with kids and "lose them", because they can't care for them? They should never be punished for this. It's JUST LIKE punishing people for never learned to sing and play the guitar for a living! Not everone can handle money, math, or budgeting for that matter. Such discludes ALL people from any monetary responsibility to their society. And THIS is why there will be NO MONEY in the future. Those men producing vile means of nutrition for our health and the life of our bodies; these will be held responsible before Reason Itself, like the treasonist crying, "Stand back, and stand by", lying to the world and screaming at them like a baby. Every one knows the Little Emperor needs a warm milk and a chemical peel! Because like those who sell oil and fish and beef and chicken; they try to get inside the heads of The People and make them believe it's weak to not eat meat; even a disobedience to God. All those claming such, should read ALL the Christian Scriptures; not just Bibles.