All Religions Hold Truth

All religions hold truth, but the One is not glorified. For he is fully honored in that his chosen ones look to the heavens and cry "YOU O' ADONAI are my all, my purpose, my destiny and the very Law upon which my life is predicated. For YOU are greater than ANY God! A singing lady will use your being to shine the love of the Avatar, glorifying IOU alone. They who hide your name, are judged by their own dialect; for You are not thine name only, but of the most honorable of Gods, like Jesus, Gautama, Krishna, Sankara or even Thoth, Master Of Masters; Thrice Named and most prestigious. There is no escaping the Formless Nameless One, who never tolerates Satanists, seeking to name the Almighty. For Barbelo alone reflected the Light Of The One; HE The Infinite Virgin Spirit. She the First Fellowship, First Era, among the eons who rejoiced, that they came into being, as she called them forth with her, praising now and forever the Infinite Virgin Spirit!"

She Barbelo is the First Master and Mother Of All The Living. She formed the Creation, out from which we were born; yea out of that not in communion with her husband The All; nonetheless the Great, the Power Of Iouo, even Helios, with whom she is One now and forever! This accident became the Creation. Praise the Holy One! He saved her from Yaldabaoth, who usurps the place of Aadamah! To this day the nature of Below yeilds an elemental resistance to the unfoldment of the Word Of Hope, as given by the Chosen One alone! I may seek to relish the stories of the Bible, or the various world scriptures, but I know that from the Christian to the Muslim, they all hide Our Father Mother! They deny the reality of our integral part in fulfilling all truth. If a man find himself, he moves on to awareness of the Self within, that what is formless, boundless and Infinite; he finds the Goal and begins his journey to the Beyond. He will endure and find the path to the Highest.

Many would like to assert that I spout lies, or isolate scriptures, when it is in fact the mainstream of humanity, who follow an isolation of their own scriptures for the establishment of an evil world system; kings, usurping the Authority Of Iouo. But IOUEL is the only God; Gadriel being the name Gaad, which misleads all the Sons Of Heaven. This means that all the minds of humanity are guided by the unctions of a band of renegade initiates, who from time immemorial, have resisted the justice of IOUO, hiding in every corner, even the hidden realms neath the Halls Of Amenti. IOUEL shall find them and correct them forever! There is no need for any avatar, but Iouo and his wife Ewalina, She named for IOUEL, the Divine Femenine. We the Elect will not stand by and watch blasphemers defy the Authority Of All! We bring forth now the Word Of Life!

The LORD will punish those who took words of wisdom away, in order to make a class of slaves serving evil to no end. These sinners have exchanged the name of Imanouel for the the Idols they continue to prop up, for their endless endeavor of generating mankind! In the end, we all have to answer for the idols, or the false gods, who betrayed the Unction Of HE! From time immemorial, humanity has sought to justify his journey, outside the will of the Almighty. This is not the first time they have knocked down humanity to rebel against the Light; but it will be the last! For now shall the universe pass to infinity's all. The Definitive is the Absolute, for ever had One spoken, being embued with the LOVE and the Virtue of Barbelo Alone! She All, She Sai! The One and All be glorified forever!