World Religion Knows Not God

The world religions know NOT God's Fullness. For to know God, is to Love God, and only LOVE others; thus world religions telling me I'm going to Hell for not believing in them, are unbelievers in Me. It is I who appeared in the Valley, bearing even now, the Key Of Life, then bowing before the mountain shaped like a throne. My prayer froze the Atmospheric River. (Leviathan) The shepherds have denied My God from the beginning! Their word 'believe' contains the word "belie". In my opinion, an unseen spirit in their wicked hearts wants credit for being the lie that fooled them all; "GAAD". They have no honor, never ever! They are like Donald Trump, who never even beat Hilary Clinton in the first election; he will never relish the joy of having been an American President, he was a liar from the beginning! Iouo will destroy these wicked soon. 

They who cannot see that Trump is Anti Christ, did not allow the Holy Spirit to tell them the truth of God. That he is merciful to all, even the Wicked; that He is LOVE, even in the heart of the most profane sinner. God is LOVE and forgiveness; for after someone is dead, is it not ok to forgive them? Is it not okay for them to live in the heart of Earth and work out their garbled karma, to again be born of pure desire into a better time, a better age? That Age cannot be avoided if we are to press forward with this human endeavor. Our Earth holds many great surprises in the future; we cannot possibly see it. But what we can see is the Spirit. It is Love and we all know that Love is Real, so God IS a real and beautifully transcendant Law, beyond comprehension of these minds we seem to possess. 

If I hold too tightly, worried about every little rule, imposed by the Cruel God, (their lesser law) I will not see the Spirit, what has no concern for my shame, only that the Law Of Promise be fulfilled for me. There are many certainties with the pursuit of spirituality; one must be honest and face reality, without any reservation, for it to be of REAL value. Nonetheless, few will come out of it, seeing as their death cult tells them they can only live to be 120 years in age. They continue to be disappointed as we dig up Giants and their histories, telling of their ancient dominion and the Key Of Life, whereby they prolonged their years beyond reckoning. I give Infinity Of All to the Children Of Mother Earth. If they see not Our Earth Mother, they have not sought diligently for the Word Of Christ.

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