Desire Then All Hermetic Writ

With the fullness of understanding comes a place of surrender to the principles of knowledge and to the symbolism of Wisdom's Highest Law. While in one way it's not about the principle, but the Giver; we find also there are many instances in life's grace, of mystics holding the power to render aspirants with special courage and confidence, through their own inner, mysterious and self redeeming qualities. The real truth being, humanity is seeming entitled to these phases and stasis of spiritual and universal continuum; but those who would seek to drum up fear, conspiracy and hearty conjecture, to justify lucrative and murderous exploits, do ever banish God as any real name, and exploit him as only the law. When I discovered there were conspiracies, genocides and sudden wars, I came to this recollection; there is certainly a Rule from which men have fallen and a One, still faithful with an everlasting affection for each spirit soul, who ever tasted eternal joy, and equally even those who came close to it.

I learned also that God was the Giver, that I was to seek him and share with others, what he shared with me. On that journey of spiritual enlightenment I saw many views as to how one should most respectfully and consistently attain enlightenment and effect true humanitarian work; for there are those on the path and those butted against it, to the mere attainment of daily victuals and the granting of many boons. And yet if one seek the boon of life eternal, as did Sofia, as did Adam; that soul will attain the Proper Path and live on, putting down the body only when the desire to rest truly comes calling. For the soul in this form may only perish by the taking down of the poles at either end of the Sphere, that is a human. For like the Universe, we are expanded out into the emptiness of space, uncharted. It is in this "non space" that we somehow find the purpose to breathe, retain our composure and stay at the ready. For it is not out of chaos that Goodness is born, but determination, in the face of non alacrity and degradation of legitimate human character.

Thus is the qualification a love for all Wisdom, all knowledge; the all knowing, all encompassing truth and it's continuing into the hereafter. For is it not reasonable to assume, that life will find a way to go on without us; and that since we are life, will we ride on with it? Should we not always live in the now then, with gratitude and freedom from doubt, fear, depravity or despair? For the manner after which God fashioned the Universe should not be of any concern to us, but rather that he wishes to share it with us forever. And while it may appear flawed, the Law is NOT! And the promises of God are rooted in the Law, so we must be concerned only with God and God's Promise. For we know that God has promised never to flood the earth again and thus the "flood" is sin, wrought with an impending judgment to all, by the mouth of the liar! But what is the liar? The Liar is he who says, "I found the Word and stopped there, listening only to the Shepherd Of The Flock." Such as these seek not the Anointing Of God, only deadened law.