Create The Day Anew

Each morning, create the day anew by rising with the sun, for never may we rise in front of it. We may only be One, with the Light, trusting in the way of the Law. "The Lord" is nameless perfect law, yet the very source of self, individuality and reason as we find it; in the words of diligent devoted teachers. We should not dismiss the Law as an insentient source; but rather as the Source of all things and catalyst of Life, that what is somehow even in itself, sentient. For the Womb is certainly after the fact of determination; what should bring forth that as is separate from the Law, yet exclusive by and of the Law! Thus is the Eye Of Light ever perceiving and sharing it's cumulative information with the All, and is thus perceived here in the Below. For Barbelo is what fell from the perfection of the law; having brought forth the eras of eternal life, hope, love, joy and happiness first; the issues of life having all rejoiced in her, for they all came into being because of her and because of the Virgin Spirit, who is always with You! But then Barbelo erred and fell from the Law. She created Yaldabaoth, who is JAH! When she saw his bold, unique, pomp and voracious behavior; and seeing his unending determination of purpose, she hid him away from the rest of heaven. For she was high above it, concealed in the rule of exceptionality and perfection; always above and always LORD; Mother Of All The Living, even the Holy Spirit! For what is between us and the Highest Law, is even formless. We must determine the Word and write it for all; WE must create the day anew.

Christians who will not seek the Knowledge as is given from the Invisible God, these are handed over to the judgement, having shortened knowledge for the sake of "Mankind", rather than that of humanity and the effort of the betterment of all. We cannot keep killing and believe that God will forgive us and bring his ultimate promise to us. We must WALK OUT on that Old Whore of world religion, with it's many vices of control and slavery. These are taught to love the flesh and would NEVER stop brandishing power over the children of the Earth Mother. That is why the Lord's Word will fulfill Itself and bring all glory to the causes of mercy and life everlasting. Such causes are freeing the captives and giving them the Key of Life, letting them know they are NOT sinners, but Children Of The Light; that theirs is the Heritage Of Light and Life. And they must share that Light with honesty and clarity for it to be of any humane use.

We know that the Word is "unspoken", yet we pick up man's phony, written Word and become fully engrossed in the death cult by which it enslaves mankind; we wade out and bathe in the middle of it, completely unaware it's threatening power over us. It is the power of the serpent and the maligning of the will of God in Earth; the appropriateness of merciful and virtuous law. They seduce and loom over us like a serpent about to strike; but they do not know that the law of God is infinitely more powerfiul than their screech of the asps. The Serpents will bow to Vishnu, knowing that He alone may bear the Key Of Life to the whole of Humanity. For he IS God over the Heritage Of Light! For even in the dark, do they require the light of impulse, that they may "see" their way around. All life forms are given to the choices of the Way and to somehow live. And yet again, the Key Of Life is given to All Creation! A human will take this into consideration and put on Infinity! He will choose either a long life, or the continued transmigration from one form to the next; these too may serve God freely.

We are all subjected to the firm reality of the mundane; a seeming gloom, found forever in the platitudes of religiosity and worldliness combined, begging us to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. That light is NOT Light and it will fade to the darkness of it's subtext. Facing the lie allows us to make sense of things and find our way in the difficult path of day to day life. To create the day anew; for faith in spite of the circumstance IS hope. The Angels are right in seeking to establish spirituality in communities around the world. But they are unaware of the One who has established the call to the necessity of virtue; these who ask us to accept that they deserve more, just because they have more. They want us to believe this is the law of life; but it is not. The Law Of Life is to LOVE your neighbor as though he were YOU. The Law is to be upright in Earth. Law is fulfilled forever!