I Hold Many Dark Secrets

They will already be seeking light in the darkness, knowing the darker the room, the brighter the Light. Our God (as the Child Satan calls Gaadriel) may we never supercede. It is good to know for those who once knew the Good; those guided by the gentle, unseen shepherd, who would never deny Our God, but who also could not reveal Herself; she the nameless, formless Spirit, She Lucifer! Yea, she lightbearer! For unto the All, a name is but a title and gender but a phase. Thus was One Self separated out, to be discovered in the Other ultimately, as two incarnated humans. While the One is ALL, she is his counterpart, perpetually Nuit, the bride of heaven and the very mystery of appearance, culmination and the ultimate changeless end. For all that changes, will pass into changelessness forever. Be grateful for the infinitude of the All; what fills the entire Cosmos, hanging in the space between spaces, across the infinite expanse! For God will take you far away from any sin! Far away from the offended, or those you may have harmed; but I pray you did NOT harm. Those who seek the paths of death, love the flesh and the consumption of human souls. Their sacrifice is for vanity, lust, wealth, POWER! They ever seek war in the name of Christ! They should have known, Satan may only appear as Sai, with the Gentle Dove at his side; She Eve, She Lewelyn! They have exchanged the name of Iouel for Eviyl; who is JAH!! But The Highest Name IOUO, shall prevail on forevermore!

For the Power IS come, no need to debate, no need to cry, no need to wander aimlessly! Let them pick up their Bibles and add the Secondary Canon, even Psuedepigrapha. Thus will the Light be revealed, that the elect inherited Mother Earth; that they have already fulfilled the entirety of Scripture. If you read only the Bible of 66 books, go back to Church! Those who would live on though, should know one thing. The only difference between Satanism and Christianity, is the knowing that Satanuel is the True Name Of Michael. Beyond this are the matters of TRUE knowledge and spiritual growth, outside the seeming bounds of Orthodoxy. A Satanist knows that churches are only reaching for God, like he does; that they are only faithful by loving their neigbors. We may never challenge the authority of THE ALL; that's what IOUO is, else we believe he is Gaad? (or Gabriel) Not very Satanic...or is it? Wisdom is available in any library, where men were selfless enough to pass on knowledge of the Perfect Man; his appearance as Pigeradamis. I am Paul Germana Adams. When a man dies, but never meets his grandchild; if the husband who follows is honorable, the grandchild of his predacessor may be similarly adopted to him.

I remember the first time I ever met Grandpa Adams; I followed him out across the street to his Garden, where there were many fig trees growing. He gave me a fig and I ate it right there. I remember how it was a fruit, but tasted sweet, like candy loaded with sugar. Let them tell their stories of Lilith and figs, but I tell you the truth of IOUEL, the Divine Femenine, espoused to IOUO, the Only God of Israel! For it is only man who became a God; the One may not be considered a god, like a god or even like God Himself! For the One is the all in all things; the very preserving force of love, hope and destiny, to every individual light in the universe. Understanding that the Genius, Michael is Satanuel, know that in you is God; for he is always God; and he IS each of the Seven Spirits Of God. For while there are seven centres to express the critical areas of phenomenal influence within the human form, there are Seven Eras of the better human cause, as are satifactorily taught to us, so that we do not die; so that society doesn't crumble. These Seven are One. And we must put off the flesh forevermore, that we may finally flourish freely and eternally.