I Call On All Of Humanity

I call on all of humanity to find the Way and understand the need to renounce flesh eating. We who serve the Lord know deep down, there is only one thing keeping us from purity. It is the need to truly be clean in the eyes of God, to truly be worthy to put on the Key Of Life. There is no other life but this Key and there is no other death but this Key. Masters have tested the boundaries of Infinity, to our human benefit. We needn't span the galaxies abroad, rather we may put on life, thrive on Earth where we are and see the fruits of God's Own Garden to be ours once again, to share the life that is living, the gift that is giving; what gift comes from God alone.

One who puts on the Key Of Life starts his way on the path. I must admit, I first was led to the Key Of Wisdom, Tablet 3. I believe it inspired me to think outside of the box and truly begin to understand the science of spirtuality, as handed down from age to age. It revealed to me that I was a child of the Light, and that Light was my heritage, that we are part of the Infinite being of the All; what is ALL in Us All! If we ever are able to perceive the One in the All, we find ourselves there; as if we were somehow even far from our own hearts. This is the Mystery Of The Self Supreme. All worshipful, yet all embracing and all forgiving. Seek not to find God in a religion or a public outreach, rather put on the Key Of Life with the ones you love and pray God protect the souls of all humanity, to be brought forth again in the promised Day Of The Chosen One!

A man may hate a man for killing a loved one, but when God takes the Soul, cleanses it in the All Fire, the first man is far away from it, an infinity away without any knowing, as was that fallen one, who went down to hell earned his pathway to Amenti and found grace again; that desire may be pure, to be born again and live on by the Key Of Life endlessly. Yet again, they who endure to the end will be saved, they will enter the Infinite Garden where stands the Tree of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea. They shall lie down with that Son Of Man, who appeared first in the south; and then measured out the Garden, bowing before the White Throne and spotting Leviathan in the hour of his attack, praying the oracle, 'Beka, Beka, Beka, Beka'. He was then called back into the Valley Of Angels, where the Lord has prepared a table for him in the presence of his enemies; he the very least of men. It was not possible for him to truly follow the extended, permissive will of God; for knowing that the Key would give all of humanity endless days forever and ever. The Chosen One forever had the Unction Of God, calling and pulling him gravitationally to the west, even from the beginning of time; that he might appear and fulfill the WORD OF IOUO. FOR HE ALONE IS GOD! IOUO ALONE IS ALMIGHTY and His Name is Highest Of All, forever and forever and forever! Amen

The Chosen One is controlled by God Almighty, who humbled him and taught him to live by the Key Of Life, again and again; that he would learn to effectively bear witness of it to all of Humanity, that all nations may flow unto him. They will come into the Garden Of God, where the Chosen One lives for ever and ever, with all of the Elect. None knew the Lord would appear and put on his right; sitting down by the authority of God and sharing the priesthood of Melchisdek, by His Own Authority, bearing the Key Of Life to all by the testimony and strength of the Light Of Days! She, The Disciple, chosen from birth, even Lewelyn! We know the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, but when they exchanged her name for evil, the name IOUO was concealed for all time, to be revealed only by the LORD himself, at His Appearance. Now HE has appeared with Eve, who will live on with him forever and forever! Amen

The Chosen One will show them the name right out of their own orders and the very source scriptures of their own religions. Iouo alone will appear to all of humanity, teaching them that uprightness is the only Path To Propriety; that when the Key Of Life is put on, one sees the goal of life eternal, lead by Wisdom's Own Teaching and chooses the Ultimate Path Of Purity. They find the hidden scriptures, obey them and share them with all of humanity, that The Key may go forth and cover the earth, as Jesus foretold. And when it does, there will be no stopping man from living on and on. With all that we have acheived, a universe of knowledge we have attained to, which shall be transformed by the Key Of Life. The Thespian will sing as the androgyne tramples over the bones of the giants who went before him, forever! Amen

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