Enter Into The Rest Of God

Enter into the Rest Of God, is what I exhort all humanity to hear. There is a God, there is a Supreme Angel, with Seven Spirits, like We the micro, in relation to the Inconceivable Macro; the Universal Form of the One, what is mighty, eternal, everlasting, an unending hope to all creatures. Even He is the All in Us All! For every spirit may find the Universal God, what is the Word as We know it. God is Inconceivable, the very aspect making us to marvel and fall down in adoration of the wonders and mysteries of the world. For if they are so great and seeming unbounded to us, how much more unbounded is the Source Of Life feeding Earth, Our Source? One may not span his understanding of what is before names, faces and places, circumstances and mood. Only the All in us, may conceive it into an epiphany of hope and bliss; for those Children Of Mother Earth to relish at their respective places in creation.

This is what Iouel, (the Lord God) has done, in each respective world, where his word is forever Supreme. None may know the difference, for He who reveals the Law, IS the Law! He speaks into the Mind of the the Seer, the Sage, or even the aspirant. (calling for leaders of faith to precede him, who do not) Yet the Almighty is in fact the All, in us all, holding all things in place, personally and universally. If God is not in control, then the universe is a place of despair, where no one ever feels happiness, joy, or love. Such place is an illusion, for they do find joy, peace, forgiveness, emancipation and exaltation in this land. They find these joys in every other world, giving the Glory to the All In Us All. Iouel, the Autogenes fills us with the blessings of the Father, who is in us, through us, all around and perpetually the rear guard of Our Soul. For Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are One, forever!

Whoever was "chosen", was always a type of the One; He bears the Key Of Life, knowing the Children Of Earth will receive the Key Of Wisdom, as promised by Trismagistus and Enoch. Those who think of this as a reach, do not understand the faith they reject, by condemning the Masters to be ignored by the Masses; they bear the Key Of The Magi, whereby we may enter the Cave Of Treasures. These three Keys are the introduction to the age of eternity, where we are no longer in a probationary phase, but the eternal and everlasting exalting of the Earth Mother, with whom we are all One. In that Oneness, we are like God, like the Anointed, who always is a type of the Anointed Christ, appearing only at the end of the Age. Naturally all see their Master or Teacher as the Chosen One; for by the Spirit and her revealing are they One with the Light. In their fallen states were they One with the Light; brought always and ever closer to the Light Of Life, as given to all of Humanity!