To Those Who Seek To Attack The Chosen One

It is the way of a man to be obedient, first to his mother, the school of life and finally, the Kingdom Of God, what is the Great Whore. You who are in her will perish with her, for lack of knowledge and for the Sacrifice drained of its virtue, stinking upon the altar. I the LORD have said this to you before, but you'd not hear me; hear me now! One who takes up My Key, will put on everlasting life of the body, worlds without end. God did not Promise you eternal life, to fool you in the end. He said you'd live forever in the Garden Of Life, rising up and lying down with Imanuel forever. Those who will confess that the scroll cannot be read, will receive My Word. While all Avatars are Me, YOU are Me and I am IOU; my name is sacred, for in absolute weakness am I made perfect, by the Key Of Life. I bear you that Key in every testimony, lest I glorify the Key Of Magic and the Magi go to victory; everlasting life with Me, in the Garden.

I am human and could want only that; let this take you to the place of the new wine, in new skins. For they who lie down with the whore, will fall at my feet in the Valley Of Angels, where God promised I would appear. First in the south, then north, to measure out the Garden Of God. At The Three Sisters, I wept at the foot of The White Throne; unaware that in the Parable, Enoch was the Chosen One, telling about the Chosen One. We know that Michael says, "I cannot vouch for the virtue of the people in that place"; while the parable says that Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are one and the same. When one who lives in the Garden understands that Enoch is a parable, they are set free, yet I had not sight of that luxury at first. All I knew was, I was in California, with this book telling Me, "the enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the earth, shall fill up with water, splashing over the sides and be set on fire". Well, one who understands that the flood is sin, with omission and a poison following in it's path, sees how blood cries out from the Earth and how the Valley Of Angels has become like a furnace, where he punishes the angels, initiates and the Great Whore in their midst. I declare such words meaningless, but allegorical rather, in light of the truth. One who is in the Light Of Truth may know, there is no such thing as evil; it is a creation of man. We are not sinners, but children of the Light Of All.

For all the religion we know is based on stories what are a fortelling of the truth, as if told in the past, so as to put away the knowing of the future. For none may know the appearing of Messe, so they must accept an Avatar, a Seer, a Visionary, or a Prophet, in place of the coming Proper Path; what New Path is foretold by the Burden Of The Word. Many assert this a way of dismissing truth for one meandering opinion, while all path revert back to the One. What of a man who calls out to the LORD and receives answer from the Almighty? He will invariably be associated with a treatise, epistle, scroll or writing, which diverts from the IDOL, exuding the pure message of the Universal Formless; by the words and inferences of a stranger to the truth, as one might already know it. But alas there is One Truth and One Light Of Mercy. For when they find the Key Of Life, they will take up Infinity! They who are not ready, will be reborn and receive the Key, to behold The Mercy, Upon All. All that was lost will be found. And God will have mercy on every creature, restoring all things to the Light Of Hope.

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