Peace Be Still

I call all to peace, knowing the Message Of Goodness is the most powerful force in the Universe. We do not write it, we discover it, replete in it's formulae, statements, assertions and inferences; approving it's conclusions in any language, as according to any spiritually afforded promise, bearing ultimately, the Key Of Life. The One, who knows the All In All, is ever immersed in the bliss of the All, having perceived his own learned Word as a twisting of the understanding of the many, so as to seduce them all to obedience; first teaching them the wrong, then paying whatever the price, to make sure all men see it and are tempted by flesh eating!

For we have been made to believe "sin" is in our nature, an unstoppable force of disaster, certain to destroy the one not aquainted with the understanding of the All. But the understanding of the All affords the Great Destiny, by the pure faith of the pure heart; be it one of the variety of Angels, a Hybrid, a Human, a Giant or one of the manifold spirits, in sentient forms, across known, or unknown realms. We must assume the Almighty brings the Law to the faithful, across Creation; across the Universe! As for sin, it is that what is always wrong, deceptive, evil in context; as well as being a counterfeit form of the truth. The Truth as was originally brought forth by a true Master, One with the ALL.

We must understand, that so as man is part of God, it is GOD, moving in the intent of the All, above all. They are indissoluably One with that Source, forever considered Child, before the Light Of The All. IOUO is the All. The dialectic assertions of this name are revealing to say the least. For one who will sound out the spelling of the name Paul, will reveal Iouel, who is Llewel; two LL's creating the 'I'; binding Llewelyn to Iousef, as Father-Mother. (or Lucifer) For unto the Ancient Of Days, IOUEL was the first God and overcomer of Yaldabaoth, the Order what threw Adonai down to despair, seeking his destruction. But by the Key Of Life, He Pigeradamis did overcome, finding the Light Of Sophia in Evelyn. (Llewelyn)

For in as the Wicked exchanged the name of Iouel for EVIL, Evelyn bore the hiding of the name of Imanuel; God in Me, God in You! The One, bearing the Word, stands as Mirotheos, the God before men, with whom they wrestle to find the Light; that true LIGHT above the Avatar, the form of divinity inside all humans. That Avatar existing in the heart of every lifeform, is always used for the good. If we fall down from it, we take to the many concepts, as are foreign to expressing it's true nature, as the Formless, the Nameless, the All. It is You, it is Me, it is everyone! But when we lose hold of our station as a divinity, we will fall down, until we are able to stand again, by the Great Miracle. One who finds that Miracle in it's purest form, may quickly and suddenly find the subsequent Key Of Life. 

For all along, as he is being revealed truth, he knows it is contrary to what his spiritual teachers have allowed him to observe. He must leave that house creating a whoredom of truth, distracting men from the Key Of Life! For in finding that Key, one finds pure faith, what unravels the nagging pretext of the limited Word, as partially approved of the Infinite All. The devotees of these causes must be sincere to the point of cleansing away shame, dispute, waywardness, unkindness, or fear, what affords all kinds of personal disorders in the individual self; yet what Higher Self is real and vibrant in the thoughts and emotions of the manifold believers in their various universal formations. They have as much truth as they can reach for; and in the end awaits the Key Of Life, as promised from the beginning of time.

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