Those Living In Fear

Those living in fear, should know that fear is the stunted awakening of courage and boldness! All have stumbled, even committed wrongs, what we call sins, but God placed us in a natural world, which WE define and which circumstance refines. Thus should I say what I am, who I am and what I believe, never deterring from exactly that, in the honesty of faith and surrender to the Law. For even the most righteous man will find himself unable to judge the virtuous atheist, who always does more for the Good, than a thousand pastors hiding what Youel has said, condemning all. He is aware of their inconsistencies regarding the teachings of their own Master.

You will hear me say this a lot, he is a law unto himself, rooted in the Law, what imposes it's will in every circumstance, and circumstance shooting us down at every turn; whether we are happy or sad about it, elated or defeated, it will bring the results of the very actions carried out within the space of it's own good purpose. And what is that Good Purpose? For what is space time and the continuum of it's cause? Was it not spontaneous result, even from the First Cause? Cause and effect it would seem are paramount in this natural world, as the source of any horizon of events. Thus, in your lifetime bring forth only good causes!

Nothing in the universe continues without a cause. Thus seeking that Cause leads ever unto the continuing good purpose of life on Earth; and because The Law is Formless, it is able to manifest itself, to the understanding of all peoples, in every place of the world, world without end! There is NO child of Light, what has not it's source in the Law Of Life. We were formed by the Law, even within the womb, were we shaped and brought forth to fulfil the good purpose of life. We cannot be separated from the Good, we must ever seek the Light, so as to punch through at that hour of redemption, making all things right.

This is the continued Cause of bringing in the Light, to mitigate the darkness and find the Light where it is always found; neath the veil of faith and hope, in the company of the courageous and the bold. We may be set apart by God, but all will unite around the Key Of Life forevermore. It is not that there were no men of faith, sharing the hope of humanity with us all, but that rather, ever were there those also, who let pride take the order of the day, to compete with those most excellent at the Law. The Almighty shall dole out who was Chosen, and who was the imposter. We may even now, recognize them by their fruits.