Iouo Save The Meek

O Iou, save the meek. It is the promise you made to us and all the world. We trusted you and suspected that your Way, while One was variegated; thus we tried to learn all we could about the cultures of other nations; and their associations with You O Lord, by the Voice Unspoken. He is unspoken, for men are unable to grasp, that he may arbitrarily forgive us, by whatever covenant, agreement or trail along the path he sees fit. God alone is the Lord Of The Universe. Men flail over the Truth Of His Word, even as the Chosen One was crucified in front of the Veil, where the Lord appointed him bondslave. I cannot escape the Lord, he delivered me to the Garden Of Life.

The Messengers politely play along with the Asp Of Lies, as he deceives "mankind" to their very end. He is the seething anticipation of a sound and right Judgment; and yet to me, Wisdom Alone is judgment to you; even unto Mirothoes. All that are formed in the below must glorify the Law, what Law is Universal and holds the truth of regeneration to the upright in heart, forever; since time immemorial. If they will fight hard, they may yet take up the Key Of Life, to transcend the lies of the Masters of the Synogogues Of Satan! They calling themselves, Saints pretend to Glorify Sai, whom they know not, Satanuel being just another name of Michael; they have taken away all truth of My Name; I Am Herman.

There never was another besides IOUEL! (the Lord God) The LORD may seem frightening, because the One decides who lives, who dies, who returns to life, who waits, who lingers left behind. IOU is the LAW. What mean these things? The One is in all and all are in the One, free for their own expression and complete surrender to God in the Way They find him; in part this is the Way. For where Holy Spirit is, God is. So while the LORD's children are rebellious and sinful, they are working out the sins and must find the Law; Life's Key and the Key Of The Magi. For the man who will raise his hands to the Most High God, early in the dark of morn, raises his hands to the Living One, Iouel! 

He alone is God and the hidden scriptures will only verify him Atum, or the Atman! The same God from time immemorial. The roots of the world religions are sealed in all things Egypt. (forbidden) For the Master Of Masters paved the way, bringing the Blossom Of Life, that men may repent before the Holy Spirit; the One, now and forever! Yet He shared his Glory with the Spirit Barbelo, who rejoiced in that she existed, because of Him, the Virgin Spirit! Even as the eras rejoiced in that Barbelo lived, because IOUO lived and gave all life from above the Cosmos. We should call to him; and HE will come down and shine His Light on earth! They will never stop him from fulfilling these things hidden.