To Accept The Way

To accept the way is all I want for anyone today. They will understand, it is the Key that gives life, regardless of who I am. The Key Of Life is sound and they who take up that key will have Life Eternal. They will choose to live on and on, by the key accessing the River Of Life. It will be us who are sustained to endless life, worlds without end. They who put down the body, will take it up again, until all have learned that the Key Of Life is God's Word, what returns NOT any void. If IOUO offers the Way, then that way cannot fail. If he appears in the Name Of Iou, he cannot fail, he cannot stumble, for the Almighty is Judge and King of all. And alas, whom IOUEL approves, is the Light of His People, even the Children Of The Living One. He is all in All, thus will all creatures receive the Key Of Life in full.

When the Almighty appears, it will be HE who points to Himself, it will be the Almighty, who reveals Himself, in Pigeradamis! There is no escaping this destiny, not even for Aadamah; it is in his bones, upon his lips and in the depth of His being; for he is thrice named and enlightened of the Holy Spirit, who alone is qualified to reveal all things. Whatsover Messiah reveals, the Holy Spirit always affirms joyously, by the Word Of Herman. He cannot be superceded, circumnavigated or ignored in the revealing of the father; for he alone is the Son Of Humanity who reveals himself; The Androgynous Father. They who acknowledge not all religion and all literature significant to their development, should not seek the Way, for they will drag it down into ill-repute and disruption in front of the Almighty, who alone is God.

I have been instructed by God, not to seek production, acceptance of the masses, or even a humble congregation. Rather the House Of The Lord is where the message must unfold, as it has been unfolding to Humanity in the Word, all along since time immemorial. For when we were living in the affections of the destiny of Humanity in God, all wanted to escape the responsibilities of the coming world; nobody wanted to herald the day of the One. Thus the Children Of Darkness fell upon humanity, with power and authority, so as to let the Message Of God to reveal itself in the fullness of time. The Key Of The Magi is that message, unto the estute. To hear the fullness of Mystery in His Name Iouo, is the Path Of Propriety! For when one stands before the Infinite Invisible, he is at the mercy of the All In All. The One cannot make mistakes or create endeavors that fail, for the LORD, Iouo is always upright.