All The World Is Cleansed

All the world is cleansed! To whatever fallen state we fumble, the Almighty One is always here, to extend the hand of His Way to us, that we might take it, trust in Him, walk by His Way and Stand in the very Place Of Treasures. For neither is it a cave, or a cavern; it is more a quiet, dark space, wherein to commune with the All. He Luminous, finding the Light in the Human Self, same as in the Self Infinite! That One is always God; and the very Self in You. Never abandon yourself to detachment from the Light of the All One; Unal, or Untanas of the Seven Spirits! There is ever the infinite space of time and the arrival of the material realm, alone from where we see, hear, taste, relish, remember; even long for what it is, we call life! We carnal had never known any other way, but to hear the Men Of God; what men would accuse us beforehand, should we ever seek to stray and go after the Tree Of Knowledge. Well, I sought that Tree endlessly; and I learned that all the world is cleansed!

Wisdom called to us, leading us bout the Way, so as to the call of sincerity, but vying the Word to the infancy of our understanding, by men. They came forth, shewing the idol, forbidding all other Gods, sharing the statues, the images and the litanies of the Cross and it's stations. We are taught that every portent of verse or scripture is a type of the truth, the LORD, leaving his name unutterable, thus naming his people, even by His Own Name; Iouo, Iouel, Iou (Father Mother Sun) This is an important distinction. For while men have their glory, an ordinary man will live an uninteresting life, but take up the extraordinary burden of the Word, in it's Perfection; the Avatars having brought us all closer to the Light, with each new discovery of their empathic message. The Message, while variegated and slighted, is always One to the eyes of the aspirant, along the path as he knows it; and forever is that Anointed One to be a very likeness and type of Iouel, the Chosen One.

That One is in no way forbidden or hindered from asking the very Highest, for the Highest Wisdom to be distilled; from above to below, eliminating the space between them. This is the Light Of The Mind, speaking one unspoken language to all creaures. For Earth is Our Mother, providing all that we need, being nourished from the very highest place of the Cosmos; that place to where we extend our arms in praise, as we stand in the dark. For in that space, the Light Of The Mind is an ever resplendent hope, with new words of understanding, to any Child Of Light, seeking to ascend to that Light. And when we have ascended, we live in the NOW, able to find the Key Of Life, live on and on, and share the Blossom Of Life in whatever way suitable; that men may stumble upon it, or simply happen into the Word Of Iouo and live on forever, worlds without end! The enclosure of mountains at the end of earth, is the Garden Of Life. It is the place of the elect; founded by the One, from the beginning of time. Men will ascend to the height of their better natures; they will be made whole by the very Key Of Life! It is truly the best path, and for what I desperately prayed.

Helios, IS Elias, IS Iou! When one understands that Jesus was a Zoroastrian, worshiping father mother, honoring forever the Word Of Zarathustra, Son Of The Light; then the aspirant sees just how much is hidden from him; usually not even for his own good. Life is unfair, thus the pursuit of joy, happiness and boundless life, should be the only thing we take seriously. For when we are healthy, it becomes our natural state, one of higher being, what Being was already there, holding all this in place, giving us every reason to see and believe in worthwhile ideas, hopes and dreams. God is formless, nameless and all pervading. It is we who bear names, as the One fills us, all in all. This is an unchanging reality, wherein all that changes remains the Changeless, listfully lying just beneath what light only seems to fade. Yet is every light in the universe raised above the water to see into the Light Of The Mind; from there the Almighty speaks! He, the Lord Of Spirits!

Thus are we ever glorifying the One in ways that appear unseeming or unfinished; for the truth is exactly unfinished, even now unto Eternity's End. For when all is ended, all is in place, with the Light Of Life, ever shining out of the darkest spaces, bringing fullness of Light to the All Of All. For there is forever another place, where the Spirit reigns, by a name we see not; and yet to them, formed of the space dust, and to the aspirants in their tuteledge, it is the natural state, wherein they find that Higher State, by the renunciation of things unseemly to the health of body and mind. These two are everything. Let them live on, even as long as does the Earth! For by the Key Of Life, we find the Ultimate Truth!