You are My Shepherd, I shall not want. You call me to lie down in green pastures, as you lead me beside the still waters. You restore My Soul and guide me in paths of righteousness, for your namesake! Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; You are with me, your rod and staff comfort Me. You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil and my cup runs over! Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life! I will dwell in the House Of Iouel forever! He is the Nameless, the All In Us All! Hold LOVE dearest of all; let it never wax cold and Love will lead you to everlasting life here on Earth. The God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob promised it to us. Take up the Key Of Life. One single name is not uttered in the world, the name which the Father gave the Son; the name above all things, the name of the Father. The Sun is not the Father, if he bears not His Name. Those who know this name, do not speak it; those who do not know it, see it not in front of them. It is You, it is Ioue, Loue.

O' IOUEL, You O God; there is NO other but You, the Spirit through whom YOU fashioned and formed all things in the Universe. All things through IOUE, for Iouel! O' Loue, always have you cared for the righteous ones, when they trusted in You Alone; then you engendered trust in all people. Touch your people once again, O' Great God. Forever O' Chief Angel, shall we Call Out to YOU alone, beckoning beckoning your will only. Let them accuse me of self glorification; it is Your Word what does that, YOU are forever the THE WORD, forever the LIGHT! Ask the Most High His Name with sincerity and honesty. Is it not the Holy Spirit, IOUEL, or Lewelyn, whom they conceal with the names, JEHOVAH or YAHWEH?! Are these two slanted names NOT covering up the Name Of Love in the Tetragrammaton? JAH, is Yaldabaoth, while IOUE is the One. Let that One forever be glorified.

For Yew IS Adam in the hidden texts of Zoroaster; and was the Valley Of Gehenna not the very place where they piled their dead, as according to the instructions of Zarathushtra? Is it NOT also a scriptural assertion, that in Israel, the House Of God was fashioned after the form, or shape of His Own Name?! I believe so, and it was for us! That we may uncover by name and fact, the same Great One; Iouo Almighty, even Lord Of Heliopolis! That Gaad is the same forevermore! It is we who needed an idol or book that was better than everyone else's; and a religion that was superior to other religions. We found struggle and gruesome enterprise, as is ever the very parts of what we didn't want to accept our religion to be; a dead and forgotten religion. Oh the sting of pride's long winded and willful death!

Please observe the science of this engineer, Kurt Niedenfuhr, about the phoenetic pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton. He makes a compelling argument about what he called Adamic Hebrew. Allow focus on his scientific assertion about the Hebrew spelling and pronunciation of The Name. Glory To Iouel!

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