There Were No Miracles

I boldly assert that there were no miracles, or immortals who came to deliver everybody! Men save themselves, as a law unto themselves; and God is with them through this probation we see as Life. For it is no life, living in this world of men, where every soul is numbered and held accountable for the amount of air they breathe. Life in truth is a Gift; only those who learn this may find the Light! Those who cannot be kind, cannot be part of the House Of Iouel; or any house seeking to bring truth of the Spirit into this darkened world. The brotherhood of blackness are ever seeking to deceive, trump and dominate the material realm. They are spirits, meddling within this material realm, through temptations, abominations and false teachings.

Such teachings should appear horrifying to those which fall for their ill-balanced import, but it is these very interpretations, which cause them to even know fear of any kind. For all are children of Light. Even those in the lowest, darkest of places seek the Light, to give purpose to the day and bring meaning into the life they know. And yet, if one is faithful to Knowledge, they will find Wisdom; if faithful to Wisdom, they discover the Key Of Uprightness; it IS the Atonement for all creatures, empathically seated in the hearts of all life-forms. It is the desire to find hope; and when finding it, making things right by the law of uprightness and virtue.

It can be so easy for the aspirant to fall prey to the fearful voices of the worldly religions; they have no validity, for they shorten their own religious texts, to conceal the Oneness IN Hermes! The Hermetic Writ is the very science of approaching the Immortal, All Supreme Being! If there is a Father, it is the very Unmanifest, from whence the Law is born, in the perfection of it's dispensation. He is completely undetected by those from another world, where His Word sprang from the heart of a humble sage; a beautiful human, who loved the truth to the point of renunciation. They clearly see Jesus teaching them to eat plant based foods, with the prophets bearing testimony to the virtue of a vegan life. Isaiah reveals the One, who appears inside the enclosure of mountains, their very place of accusation and shame.

They are unaware of the One, showing His Secrets to the meek and estute; yet they who learn aright, must put down the books and call out to the Spirit, receiving the Burden Of The Word. They will bring a testimony from IOUEL, which cannot be denied; for she is Mother Of All The Living and They are humble enough, to stay out of the whore, seducing all the children of humanity with the love of flesh. And wholly do they all love the flesh, to the point of shame; and to the renouncing of the Nazarene! God does not forgive those who take up the scripture, to be a testimony for his Goodness, but shrink back when confronted by the Holy Spirit. These will find themselves in the heart of the earth, with the very word, shut up in space time; that they exist not, until they be returned alive and well, worlds without end!