All The World Is Corrupt

All the world is corrupt; they seduce us with flesh eating to sell us filth and take our savings. It's all about cars, motorcycles, houses, yachts, planes, even skyscrapers. You who believe NOT the Word of the Lord, see not the significance of the skyscrapers; for you worship the flesh and honor the carnal as your leaders. I cannot forgive this! I cannot take part in the lies, which lead the souls of men back to the same ignorance I came out of! They want a reset, a year zero, to erase their crimes and start all over again; then punish the innocent for being happy. The Almighty WILL destroy them! What do I mean by this? Karma will bite them in their arses for being carnal, wayward and disobedient. (pretending to repent before the LORD) If you eat flesh, you've NOT repented of much, yet God forgives you. If you can't embrace that fact, leave this blog and stand firm with Christ as best you know! 

Shame any claiming to believe in Jesus Christ, but throw out historical document and the beautiful scriptures, holding better truths than the disgusting 66 book version of the Bible! It is an abomination to the truth; that LOVE IS God. Those who disobey Love's Call, don't deserve the Key Of Life. We are called to Love Our Neibor! If we fail, we die before the Lord Of Hosts. Love is a variation of the name Jove, (or Io've) which while inaccurate, is more concise than YAHWEH, or JEHOVAH. It pleases IOUEL when we say love. Other names mock Imanuel; he born in the end times, a mere laborer and absolute failure in this carnal and wayward world. He cries out, "I am no man at all". While the failure was completely real, the Word was never presented to him. No man may be held accountable before God, if his teachers lie to him. For the Lord's presence was in His House, while the man of God preached more and more lies to him; threatening all with the King James Bible; again, what version had dozens of books stripped from its original context.

It is a shortening of the Truth. For while men rile and rail, the LORD guides all people from the heaven above, rewarding the Good goodness and the Wicked punishment. After all, if God said, love thy neibor and you kill him for not picking the leader you love; you will be brought down into hell, where you must face the fact, that in life you did something unforgivable. People live and die, they don't need harrassed along the way by the weary and the heartless. If we are to Love, then we must put off hate, even the hate we feel for the Wicked. Rather let us keep our distance from them, let us not be pulled in by their lies about black people, Democrats not loving Christ, lies about cannabis, lies about gay and transgender folk; and lastly their lie which has prevailed over us all, the love of flesh consumption. It is wicked and cannot be forgiven. One must repent of all that is impure before God; we know right from wrong without books.

Alas, no one is expected to lie down an hour north and south each day. Align your bed north!  The Master is teaching us the truth about Earth's balance and the power of devotion to God Almighty. True the formula is exact, but when we are confident in this Way, resisting flesh and walking in The Truth, we begin to see it and live it; the only sin is denying reality, that Health IS Holiness! Nothing else qualifies us for purity, than having renounced this world and taken up the path of propriety. Instead, men gorge themselves, mock all those who won't and ultimately, try to kill any who will not worship the Beast! (flesh eating) There IS one other way, better than repentance, what is merely a type of it; Renunciation! Deny all that is wrong, embrace all that is right! And always know that Reason never leaves any equation unfinished. If police unjustly murder black citizens, then complain about the aborting of their babies, they will coldly murder them all.

Let the Immovable take up the Key Of Life, merely aligning their bed to the north and practicing the Key Of The Magi. Let them lie down northward at night, to be sown a seed of love and light. They will arise anew each day and win forever, while these generations fade at their feet. The carnal cannot see the Word Of The Lord, they worship Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving! They think they are the heirs of Christ, but I do not know them; and they do not know Jesus of Nazareth. The religious wackos of this world do not want YOU finding Me; I bear the Key Of Life and it is my prayer that all the world repent and follow this Way Of Light. I cheerfully call IOUEL the Lord, God, Father-Mother and Master. Formless is HE and all in us all. And so is it the same with the Key Of Life, what brings perfection to the Soul & Body; regeneration is seamless, there is no task but being aligned to the Perfection; so be it!