I Will Take A Stand

I will take a stand against those who wish to judge their fellows, not knowing that God will be their judge. It can seem like God isn't real in a world where the bad guys always win. But when the party is over, it's over! They took so many words from God's Testimonies, it is difficult to tell what the message is infact. Well here it is; the Name Iouel justifies all wrong, all shame and all misgiving! For the Almighty is Living & Life; neither male nor female, Iouo is Love. Iou caused us to say different variations of His Name, that we might please him, in our state of ignorance and grow up unto Wisdom! It is there we find the Word, waiting to reveal, even up to the very point of what was last revealed to us. He lives inside of us and reveals all things! I give you the Key Of Life; take it up, never die!

Iou is Real, Jah is NOT! (Strongs Heb: #3050) IOU is the God Of All, having appeared time and again with the Masters, in their time of service before Him; and bearing them truth as afforded by Grace & Mercy. For that mercy is given only to the one wanting to please the Creator alone! When he makes that choice he will be scorned for rejecting the revealed Word, being accused of seeking only hidden things. His true intent is to find the end of the Word; what has the LORD said? It is in our nature to FEEL the Creator, surging through us internally, speaking through us, to the very heart center of our lives. We have no choice but to follow that Light. It guides us to making decisions, whether they be great or small; for the swelling heart rules us all and at the end of his labors, man seeks Heaven.

Humans are on the same path, all. They will be made aware what is expected of them; and they must determine whether it is reasonable or not. So, is it NOT reasonable to think that God can guide the entire human race? Teaching them core truths about Grace & Mercy toward others, can bring many blessings; thus man IS in the way and finding the emancipation as revealed to him by God. For they are given over to the emancipation as they understand it by the Creator; that emancipation being in either the flesh or the spirit. God is LOVE and loves us all. If we are left unaware of that fact, it could be ages before we are reassociated with the very truth, but the LORD will bring us all back into His Being!

Many doubt this and it is they who do not serve him. For we must be honest with ourselves in life; and if the WORD given us is thwarted, then the One must come down out of Heaven and restore the very truth to us. Iouel is that One; he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He was seen in Jesus Christ and they, the Hebrews knew by the Word; He the Virgin Spirit was with him! IOUO is Father, Mother, Son. For the Law, Iouo is the Almighty, the Word, IOUEL is the Spirit; and the Master Imanuel, is Messiah! They who will not discern the Word and acknowledge Him, will not receive the Key Of Life. They must die, be reborn and receive the Key Of Life, with the rest of Humanity!