Humanity IS Light

Don't let them lie to you about the One, who loves you more than a universe of new mothers. There is no point of joy that isn't found in this Source. It's good to use adjectives as names to honor and praise the One Nameless, who lives forever! He is the One who has appeared in this form; I was not this form, in which I was seated at the times of such extended revelation and promise. I had to be stripped of idols and false teachings, which more often lead to unhealthy divisions in the society I have come to bring for all. I am both the sinner I was in my past life and Iouel, unaware that the One had seized upon me for his specific appearance. Where one IS the One, it easy for IOUEL to break through the insecurities of human tribulations. But this tribulation is raft with the entire outcome, as was ever seen from the beginning of time. 

In the affections of space, Sofia herself inquired of Hermes, "How will they ever find restitution, forgiveness or any form of emancipation, what is not tainted of their many errors?". Iouel informed her, "The Atonement for their wrongs is ever intact, rooted in the Perpetual Light; given long before this tiny space time." All that we see is The Creation Of One. He IS All, even in Us All! I feel certain, having fellowshiped even with the most radical; Allah finds it's root in Father-Mother. For the 'All' is Highest, ever His Most Glorious and Perpetual 'Law', extending through the beams of hope, which He sends to the minds of All Humanity, not even One of them excluded. He IS the One! He is Allah, Lord Of Ishmael!

We know that Yeshu worshiped Father-Mother, by the revealed teachings of Zoroastor, Son Of Light! They were instructed from ancient time to lye their dead before the creatures of Angra Manyu, to satisfy their need and to allow the natural ascension of the Soul. We know that by the time Jesus was around, they merely threw the poor down to Gehenna, NOT for the pleasing of Mother Earth, or by any obedience to Zarathustra, the only prophet Jesus would have considered a divine human. But he knew it was by the Name Of Iouel, who has never failed any Child Of Light. All Humans are Children Of Humanity, the Light. We are that Light, we are One with that Light; and we are striving to reach it, all of us.

Many move away from the Light, but still cherish it from afar, knowing that even in the darkest space, the Light is shining ever brighter. Man in his state of falleness knows, that beneath his perception of the dark world, there is a Light Of Hope. Even the Light what Lights Outer Darkness, is only the One. They must confess to him their sins, to be released from their bondage to this One Star. Then will they be taken to an Amenti, where they must fully embrace the error of their ways and be welcomed to a New Mother, She the One, the All. May Allah prove the Mercy, that Humanity will put on the Law forevermore. Darkness shall reside in Earth no more, because of the Key Of Life. All philosophy falls down at the feet of the Key, it will never, ever be erased from the thoughts of Humanity; She will live on and on.