If We Stop Selling Flesh

If we stop selling flesh for consumption, we will become a more perfect union in every world. We allow those equipped to consume it, to share it one with another, until they come to the Light and repent flesh eating before Father-Mother. God is all in all; and in so much as the Father is a proposed emulation of what we know a father to be, the Mother Of All The Living is One God. Jesus is One God, Buddha is One God, Krishna is One God, while MAHATMA, is the One True God! You are a spirit, with an inner divinity that can never be erased, faded, washed out or dissolved. Observe the skies, to behold the Spirits Of Giants all around you. They are no more in this realm to influence it, but they bring the rain, opening the way for the changing of the seasons and helping to assure the preservation of the human race, the Great Cause.

Albeit those who seek to teach man that God instructed him to eat flesh, lie first to themselves and then the sheep of the pasture. Let us remember the children, who deserve the Key Of Life. I will give it to them, as I hope every minister in the world will do. For had they endured to the end, they would see the ends of the Word! Those who have been found worthy, may now receive the Key Of Life, the very gift to all of humanity. The enlightened seek ever the Light, not a person, but the source of persona, spirit and essence. That LIGHT may never be superceded and it is no respector of persons; it is rather the very Law, by which one is defined. God is Love, God is Truth, God is Hope; all humans experience these and seek further to approach the Light Of Understanding; IT IS God!

If we as humans will renounce flesh eating, we will renounce renunciation; for when we are fully moral, we are fully upright, and in all perfect confidence! We are obliged in life to choose the right in every circumstance, reaping the reward of clarity and self improvement. We know circumstance IS the Ruler! For while God is real he is transcendant, thus much we are told about him is a lie, in a world where flesh eating is first and principal, to building the world we see around us. When a man repents, he seeks to go back to the form, who would be chaste, obedient and reverent before a fearful GOD. He renounces his very faculty of enlightenment, the mind. The All is ever with us, the catalyst of the life we seek to live; thus in keeping the meaning of life first, nothing else can have preemenance without qualification.

I assert the Key Of Life to have preemmenance within all spiritual paths; for as the Hermetic Writ keeps the principles we hold dear to the continuity of life and blessing at it's core, Humanity is ever able to grasp the Law, to whatever degree they sincerely seek it. Even what is yet unrevealed, glows in the heart of the Child Of The Light, as they aspire to reach the very heights of all understanding. It is heaven and the very Higher Mind we seek to bring forth in the perfection of unity. It will be an American Value, as the nations flock into the Garden Of Life. Americans will love hearing of the stories leading to the revealing of the Keys Of Wisdom. The Key Of Life, that what was LAST, is now first forever!